Friday, April 24, 2009

Annie Update

O.K. so, originally Sophie did not make it into ANNIE. She was fine with it and life went on. But a couple of days ago Brad told me that in a meeting they had the director said that one of the orphans dropped out and that they needed a kid wrangler(someone who makes sure that the kids go on and off and are quiet and out of the way).
So, Brad said what about Sophie and Penny? They immediately pulled Sophie's resume and headshot out and put it on top of the pile. Well, the next day Brad called me to see if they had called because he heard that they were going to ask us. But we never heard anything. So, today I had a meeting with Jan and when we were done I went over to the office in hopes of "running into" someone. Just as planned I was called into the office and asked if Sophie and I would be interested in being in ANNIE! Whoo Hoo!

You should have seen Sophie's face when I told her. I know that she'll be great. She's a really hard worker. So, our Summer starts May 4th and gets over Oct 16th. Yikes! Please don't count on me for anything this summer. I can't do it. I wish I could but this summer belongs to Sophie and making it one she'll never forget. Please come watch her if you can. It runs every Mon, Wed and Fri.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why do boys hate flowers?

I feel bad for whomever marries David. No matter how many times I yell at him he still stomps on or picks off my flowers. He doesn't pick them the cute way and bring them to me and say "here Mommy I picked this for you!" Oh, no, he tears the heads off of them and chucks them across the yard. My Daffodils where the first to show up and they seemed to go untouched because I showed him my pretty flowers and asked him not to touch them. But, as soon as they left the tulips were out and I think he thought that they were free to destroy because they weren't the same as the daffodils. Today my snapdragons had a footprint on them and where completely broken in two. Then an hour later Ben came running in yelling, "David's pickin' your flowers again Mom!" I ran out there and sure enough he had pulled the heads off of some of my Iris' that where just about to bloom. Dang Kid! Pick the Dandelions! I have a ton of those! We've been in this house exactly 1 year and I love it especially my flowers. I may have to sell the kid. One things for sure whomever he married will never get flowers.