Monday, June 30, 2014

Youth Conference 2014 Gardner's Cabins

So this year we went back up to Gardner's cabins for Youth Conference.  It was awesome.  Josh got to come this year.  It was Joel, Sophie, Josh and me so we had to bring David and Ben too.  We couldn't just leave them at home for 3 days.  I called Mason and asked if we could sleep at the Wells' cabin at night since we'd be with everyone else for the most part.  The only time I took the boys over there was when we had a guest speaker come up to talk to the youth.  When we first got there we started right in to our service project helping fix the deck and raking up the yard.  It was good.  The kids all helped out and it didn't take long at all.  In fact we were just finishing up right in time for dinner and as our first speakers arrived, Brother and Sister Lewis.  It also just happened to be their 30th anniversary.  We were lucky that they wanted to spend it with us.  The theme of conference was "Stop It" based off of President Uchtdorf's talk in General Conference 2012.   Each speaker was asked to talk on this talk and each speaker said something different that  pertained to the kids.
This is the oldest cabin in Pine Valley.  We love it.  It has the best tire swing I know of.  I twisted Ben up and spun him around until he was dizzy.  We are so grateful  to the Gardners.  They have been a great example and influence to the youth of our ward.

 The deck on the other cabin was a little worn from the weather so we scraped, nailed and replaced some of the boards to make it safer.  David was a good little helper.  Ben just climbed up in the tree and tried to stay out of the way. 

Sister Robinson came up as our cook.  She did a great job.  No one was ever hungry and she even helped us out with the deck.  We love her and wish that she was in Young Women with us instead of being the Relief Society President.  

Here's Riley trying to look like he's working.

The next day we had both Heidi Gilmore come up and talk and then President Anderson, a former mission president, spoke before lunch.  So the boys and I came down for Breakfast and then went back to the Wells cabin until lunch.  After that we took a tour of the Pine Valley Chapel and then came back for games and the slip and slide (everyone's favorite).   



 After games we ate dinner and then we ran down to get some ice cream before we retired back up to Wells cabin because the youth were having our traditional dating panel.  Every time we bring 2 or 3 couples as well as any new leaders ant their spouses and place them in front of the teenage firing squad of questions about dating and how they dated before they got married. 

This is Sarge.  Sarge belongs to the Gardner's cousin that are 2 cabins down the street.  He comes to visit us every time we're there.

We have needed 2 new tires a awhile now and before we went up to Lehi for Mother's Day I prayed that they would hold up until we got back.  We didn't have the money to replace them and I was trying to save up and get them for my birthday.  Unbeknownst to me, Joel had a different kind of Mother's Day/ Birthday present in mind for me.  He and Brain poured cement and made a carport for his motorcycle on the side of the house.  it is really nice but I wish we had talked about out needs first.  So...while we were up at Youth Conference one of the preisthood holders told me that I couldn't drive off the mountain with the one tire as bad as it was.  It was fraying and they were sure that it'd blow out as I headed home.  So they changed it out for the spare and Saturday morning I headed home and went straight to get 2 new tires. 

 Traditionally we take a group picture on the bridge before everyone leaves but I had to run back up to the Wells' cabin and missed half the group leaving.  So here are the ones that stayed.  We had a great time and are so thankful for the love of our ward members and the leaders of the youth who take time out of their lives to love and teach them the way to return to their Father in Heaven.