Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday!

Dixie College celebrated it's 100th year with an amazing Homecoming week. They had reunions and all kinds of programs throughout the week and on Friday night they had the Midnight 5K. John, Joel, JoEllen and I ran it last year and it was a lot of fun but this year JoEllen and I hadn't prepared so we helped out instead. It was much funner this year. We directed traffic and joked about how are arms were getting tired. Daniel & Katie Cluff and Sarah Miller ran it too. Along with John, Brian, Mason, Spencer and Laynee. It was quite a family occasion.
Here are some pre-race pictures. Notice how helpful JoEllen is:

Here they all are running except my camera was dying and the picture that I took of Spencer and Laynee said it was invalid so I'm trying to see if I can fix it. It was the best running picture of the night. It was so dark that I was basically just shooting at moving objects hoping something would show up. So here's what I got. I wish they were better and when I get Spencer's picture fixed I'll add it on.

The next morning, at 8am, Dixie had a breakfast in the Town Center and since we had to be to the p-raid by 9 we decided to do breakfast too. Here was the line and a cool picture I took through the fountain:

Then we went to the p-raid. Here we are keeping ourselves entertained by making paper hats, cranes and airplanes out of newspaper I brought. Mason, Mandi and kids showed up right after we took this picture.

Right before it started Shayne got a call from Enrique saying that their flag holders didn't show up and they wondered if Josh and George wanted to do it. So they ran down to the start and got shirts on and looked like they were meant to be there.

Sophie was in the Pine View Middle School Band and was so proud of herself for keeping a straight face while we were screaming her name.

Here is Uncle Alton being recognized by being one of the past Presidents of the college.

This Lamborgini was in the parade too and Josh wanted to make sure that I blogged about how cool it was.

After the parade we went to the Alumni House where Kyle was b-b-qing for the tailgate party. It was so much fun for the kids. They got to play in a bounce house, slide down the massive slide and rock climb.

There was a college girl there spraying everyone's hair red and the kids loved it. They were also passing out necklaces and we teased Jack about what he did to get all of his.

It was a busy but super fun day.

42 pounds later...

A couple months ago Joel's work started a Biggest Loser competition. Well Joel had been meaning to loose 20 pounds before the marathon and so he signed up and thought that it would be good motivation. Well, the entry fee was $20 and over 40 people joined in. His boss also said that he would throw $500 on top of what ever money was in the pot. So with new motivation Joel now wanted to WIN it. Now keep in mind that he was only looking to loose 20 pounds at first. His weigh in weight was 235. It was a 10 week competition and he had 8 weeks until the marathon. Joel always signs up for the marathon in the weight class division so he doesn't have to compete with John and other little guys who run a million miles a minute. So the day before the marathon he weighed in at 203 and needed to be over 200 to stay in the weight class. So he ate a lot and wore heavy shoes to weigh in with. His goal was 20 pounds before the marathon and he had already dropped 32! You'd think he'd stop, but no. He dropped another 10 pounds in the 2 weeks after the marathon. His final weigh in was 193. 42Pounds total! It ended up being 17.8% of his body fat and his main competition was this short plump lady who had lost 44 pounds which was 26% of her body fat. Joel would have had to loose another 20 pounds to catch her and I wasn't going to let that happen. 2nd place is good enough. Joel looks amazing at 200 pounds. He said that he plans on staying slim and would like to gain that 7 pounds back in muscle. I didn't think he had 42 pounds to loose so I went back to look at some old photos.
Here he is in July at our family reunion:

And this is him this weekend at the Midnight 5 K.

Quite a bit of difference. He also has to stay 200 lbs. or less to fit into his 2 new suits for church. He has another relay race with his Dad and brothers coming up in December so he is keeping up with his running, which will help. I guess I need to get on it and loose some weight too so we don't have the Jack Sprat thing going on.
Good Job Joel! I love you!

Monday, October 17, 2011

1 week down 260 more to go!

So far so good. Week one as a bishop's wife was actually the best week I've had in a long time. A regular week with us is: Mon - Fri Joel leaves to work around 7 or 8am and gets home from the BLVD around 9 or 10pm. Saturday he works from 7 until 6 or 7. Then we go out to dinner and a movie. Sunday we go to church and then take a nap.
That's it. The week that we've played over and over for the last 19 years. It's worked. This week went like this:
Mon - Joel got home around 5:30 and we went to his parents for FHE.
Tues - Shayne's Birthday - she worked and we didn't do much. Joel got home at 7 and Ben wanted to go to the Halloween Store but I thought it was to scary. So we went to Walmart and bought Luigi and Waluigi costumes for David and Ben.
Wed - Joel was home by 4 because his first meeting was at 4:30 which was Josh getting his interview to get a temple baptism recommend. Then we had Mutual and then a co-ed softball game together.
Thurs - HOWARD JONES Concert!
Fri - Got Family pictures taken by Jalee in the morning and then Joel was home by 7 so we went to dinner and a movie.
Sat - While Joel was at work, we made 4 dozen cupcakes and 6 dozen cookies to start up the annual "Phantom Ghost". It's a cute poem and picture of a ghost that you leave treats with and it tells them to do the same to 2 other people. You of course doorbell ditch them so they don't know who they're from. We've started it every year for as long as I can remember no matter where we've lived. The kids look forward to it every October. This year Joel was home in time to be the getaway driver. Usually it's me. It's always a blast.
Sun - He had meetings in the morning but was done with everything by 2pm and then took a nap.

Pretty good week. We spent more time together than we had in a long time. If the the other 260 weeks are as good as this one then this will be cake! I know I just jinxed myself but it really was a great week.

Joel's first Sunday conducting went flawless. It was also Josh's first time passing the sacrament. Big day for the men in our family. I was extremely proud of my priesthood members yesterday.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Last night Joel and I went to the Howard Jones concert. This is my 3rd time seeing him and he never lets me down. The only disappointing thing was that the Wells' and Hunsakers couldn't be with us. Well, Kyle snuck in half way through but last year when we were all together was awesome! I have loved Howard since I was about 15 years old. He was one of my very first concerts. My dad gave me 2 tickets to see him for my 16th birthday and I took Lori Hinckley because she could drive and it was up in Park City. It was AWESOME!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

18 years already?

18 years ago Shayne and her big head broke my tailbone and came into the world. All 8 pounds 4 ounces of her. She was and still is beautiful. I look back and wonder where the time went. Click here to see old pictures of her. After this school year she will be going off to college (place yet to be determined). I hope that I've taught her everything she needs to be safe and righteous. She is amazing and stubborn just like me and I love it! I'm not worried. I'm just sad that my good friend is moving away. I will save the rest of this for May when she graduates. Until then...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAYNE!!! I love you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Weekend for Bishop Beckstrand

So Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent up in Cedar City with a quick jaunt home and back for the baptism. Sunday continued the madness. We had 51 visitors in our congregation just from the Beckstrand's and Shelton's. Everyone knew it was because Josh was being ordained a deacon. Or at least they thought. Bishop Haley got up and took care of ward business by calling Josh up and congratulating him from graduating from Primary and presented him to the congregation to be made a deacon. It was great. Then the bishop called on his own grandson, Josh Haley, to been ordained to a teacher. What an amazing occasion.

I feel I have a lot of my parents gift to take in strangers and help them. Josh Haley was one of those kids. I loved him immediately. I knew his Dad had problems and that his mom had died when he was 4. I could just see that all he needed was some love and attention. Good attention. He needed someone to tell him that he was a good and decent person and then he knew he could be. He is now living with his grandparents and getting good grades and trying out for the basketball team this season. The fact that he even plays basketball attracted Joel to him like bees to honey. They have gotten along since day one. It's been great to see him grow. He used to sit with us in church but now he sits with his grandma and now he can sit with his grandpa too because after Bishop Haley was done conducting he turned the time over to the Stake President who released him and his counselors and put in Joel as the new Bishop with John Howells, Madi's Dad, as his 1st counselor and Chris Wilson as his 2nd. It was a surprise to pretty much all of the ward members. Half of the people weren't even there.

I wish I had taken a picture of everyone who was there but it was so crazy that day that I totally forgot. Here is a list:
My parents, Jandy, Steve & Juanelle and family, Joel brought Katie down from the Shakespeare competition on his bus and JoEllen and Kyle went up to see the Utah football game in Salt Lake City and stopped by Paula's house to pick up Abby and they brought her down with them. Then we had Eric and Courtney too. Then from the Beckstrand's we had Joel's parents with Jen, James & Daniel, Aunt CarolNan & Wes Hess with Edie and her daughter Taylor. Aunt Boydine & Uncle Larry, Aunt Diana & Uncle Alton and Ron Wade. Jared & Angey and their 3 kids, Kristal brought her kids and Holly brought hers. It was amazing and my heart was so full because of their good love and support for us. We'd be lost without family.

After they sustained them they asked the new bishopric to take the stand and asked the old bishopric to bear their testimonies. It was fast Sunday so it worked out well. Then he asked Bro & Sis Howells and Bro & Sis Wilson to bear theirs. Then I thought we'd be out of time and they wouldn't call on me but they did. I got up and said who knows what. All I remember is telling them all how incredibly wonderful Joel is and that he will be an amazing Bishop. Then they gave Joel the last 5 minutes to talk and then it was over.

Right after we all went into the stake presidents office and Joel was made a High Priest and then confirmed the new Bishop of the Washington 5th Ward. It was really neat. His Dad made him a High Priest and my Dad, Bro. Howells, Uncle Alton and Ron and the stake presidency all stood in. Then just the stake presidency and Mike stood in to make him a bishop.

After it was all over we had about 15 minutes until Priesthood opening exercises were over and the boys and Joel all came in to set apart Josh Haley and my Josh. In my Josh's circle was both grandpa's, Josh Scott, Mike Allen, Joel, Steve, Sloan, Andy, Jared, Jaden and Daniel and Eric. I can't express the love I feel for all those worthy men. I appreciate them all and their good example to me and my family.

Ordaining Josh was one of the best things Joel has ever done. His first son and his first ordaining as a bishop. Pretty Cool. We all left after that and went to our house for lunch. At 2:30 we had a meeting with the Stake Presidency. I had no idea it would all start so quickly. It was a marriage counseling session for the bishopric and their wives. It was an eye opener. He told us that we needed to have things that we liked to do in common. Well, the only thing we have in common is the kids and the president said that that was just common ground and didn't count. Well, we have NOTHING in common. That's why we work so well. We like to go to the movies together where we can just sit and relax or we love to take a nap when we can. But those didn't pass either. So we are going to work on finding something. Apparently we will have these meetings regularly so I need to make a list of things we can do fast. The president also told us that we needed to stay healthy so I got up with Joel at 5am and went to the rec center. Now I need a nap.
Our meeting went until 3:30 and we went into his office for a little while until his first appointment showed up. We had our first Stake High Priest meeting at 5 and he was supposed to be done. So I went home and when I came back it was 5 and he still had 1 more person to meet with. I was getting mad already. The stake president told the congregation about Joel and I and I was sitting in the foyer like an idiot. 15 minutes later I was still sitting in the foyer and Joel got done and sat down next to me. I know that he'll have meetings and I will be fine with it. My problem is when it conflicts with my schedule. Had I known he was going to be 15 minutes late I would have went in and sat with friends and let everyone know that he was in a meeting. But I hate to look like I was late or being a flake. I have never had a problem going to things alone. If I waited for Joel for everything then life would pass me and my kids by. We have gone on vacation before without Joel. I'm pretty sure that we won't have a problem with not seeing him. But our lives can't stop either. So I have learned a him a seat. This will be an interesting 6 or so years. I'm learning things already.

Taye Joseph Beckstrand

Saturday was Taye's baptism. We were up in Cedar and were able to get all the Tuacahn kids to were they needed to be and then took of to St. George as fast as we legally could. We got home in just enough time to change and head to Brian's stake center. It was really fun to see one of the little cousins get baptized. Alex was the last one and it was almost 3 years ago. Ben is the next to be baptized in Feb and then Kali in March. It was great to see Brian baptize and confirm his son. I'm so glad we were able to go.

Shayne and I aren't in the photo because Shayne had to leave right after for Varsity Swim tryout's and I was taking the picture. But right after we got home and changed we drove back up to Cedar so Joel could bring the bus back home.

The Feast!

The 1st Saturday in October we have a family tradition. It usually starts with a trip up to Pine Valley the night before the marathon to drop the runners off, then the marathon the next morning. Then later that night the Shelton/Wells men all go out to eat Chinese before they attend the Priesthood session of conference. It was a tradition that Scott Wells started and luckily they have carried it along. The women decided that since they were going out to eat that we would too. The last 4 years we have gone out to Tuacahn because Jan has The Kings Feast that weekend. Her drama kids are just getting ready for the Shakespeare competition that SUU puts on in October and Jan does a big dinner Renaissance utensils. The setting is in the Royal Court and Andy is always the King.

We have salad and rolls while the kids do a couple scenes that they have prepared. Then dinner which is usually chicken, thank goodness, potatoes and a veggie. If you want salt you have to call for the Mistress of the salt or the Lord of the salt and then give them a kiss on the cheek as payment. This is Shayne getting some "salt".

While you eat beggars (students) try to get money from you and to get rid of them you throw some change across the room. There is always one that tries to sell you a fork but if the Kings catches you then you go in the stocks. You can also pay to have someone put in the stocks. This time the students solicited money to put the King in the stocks.

He was not happy. But did it anyway and while he was in there JoEllen took the thrown. All the money raised helps to get the kids to the competition.

Then more monologues and scenes and songs. Then we have desert and go into the auditorium to see the 10 minute ensemble act that they are taking to compete with. This year it was Richard the III and they took 1st place with it. It was awesome! They also won a couple 1sts and 2nds in different categories. Overall they ended up winning sweepstakes! They competed against 31 other schools from all over the western states. They did a great job and should be proud of their accomplishments. We were able to go up and stay a couple days because Jan needed Joel to drive the bus. So I came up later and stayed as a chaperon. It was a good needed break for things to come.

While we were up there we were able to see Katie compete in the Tech Olympics. Another part of this whole competition. She and her partner were in charge of hair and makeup. They were told what to do and where timed and judged on how well they did.

She didn't win but it was a lot of fun to watch. The judge told her that her pin curl was perfect.

We had a lot of fun with Jandy and the kids. It was good to get away.

Shoe Drive

Shayne is the Exec. Council Service Coordinator for Pine View High School. That means any service projects that the school does, starts with Shayne. She decided to try to do a service project every month starting with October and a Shoe Drive for the Soles 4 Souls organization who take shoes all over the world to people who have none. It's an amazing organization. She figured it would be easy to collect shoes if it was the same time as the marathon. So we went to the St. George City person over the marathon, she said that it would be great and that she would put it in her emails that went out to the 7,400 runners that would be here. We got the OK to put up 3 booths at the Fitness Expo the day before the marathon and a booth in the park the day of the marathon. The Fitness Expo is free to everyone and ALL marathon runners had to pick up their bag and running number to run inside the Expo. So a booth was set up at each door and runners dropped of shoes on their way inside. Here is Lexi from Exec. Council helping out at the Expo.

It worked great. We had a lot of people say they forgot their shoes and would bring them to the park the next day or that they would give the shoes they ran in to Shayne after the race. The problem with that is that our booth was way to far away from the end of the marathon. It was a great spot but bad location.

So we set up a table right where the runners exit the recovery station but there were so many people standing around that you couldn't see the table at all. We also didn't get the publicity and support that we thought we would from the newspaper and radio stations. If we had then I'm sure that even the locals would have brought shoes. As it was Shayne collected over 300 pairs of shoes. Here they are trying to separate them and tie the shoes together.

Shayne's goal was 5,000 pairs thinking that if 7,400 runners would each bring one old pair that she would achieve that goal easily. Oh well, 300 people will have shoes now because of her. That is amazing! I am very proud of her and her hard work.

Next month is the food drive and December is the toy drive. I'm sure they will both be a huge success.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Joel is the man! He has trained like no other this year and wanted to go under 4 hours and beat his best time of 3:56. Well, he started out of the gate to fast and by the time he got into town with 2 miles left he died. Not literally! He's still alive and kickin'. Well, not kickin'. Maybe shuffling. I am very proud of him and of his dedication. Right before he reached us at the finish line my camera battery died, literally. I always carry an extra battery but didn't put it in in time so, I don't have any actual running photos but I do have after photos:

Matty trying to help Kyle out.

Joel catching his breath with a finish time of 4:20.37. His 2nd best time!

John & Kristal doing great!

Wells Family Photo

Beckstrand Family Photo