Monday, October 10, 2011

Shoe Drive

Shayne is the Exec. Council Service Coordinator for Pine View High School. That means any service projects that the school does, starts with Shayne. She decided to try to do a service project every month starting with October and a Shoe Drive for the Soles 4 Souls organization who take shoes all over the world to people who have none. It's an amazing organization. She figured it would be easy to collect shoes if it was the same time as the marathon. So we went to the St. George City person over the marathon, she said that it would be great and that she would put it in her emails that went out to the 7,400 runners that would be here. We got the OK to put up 3 booths at the Fitness Expo the day before the marathon and a booth in the park the day of the marathon. The Fitness Expo is free to everyone and ALL marathon runners had to pick up their bag and running number to run inside the Expo. So a booth was set up at each door and runners dropped of shoes on their way inside. Here is Lexi from Exec. Council helping out at the Expo.

It worked great. We had a lot of people say they forgot their shoes and would bring them to the park the next day or that they would give the shoes they ran in to Shayne after the race. The problem with that is that our booth was way to far away from the end of the marathon. It was a great spot but bad location.

So we set up a table right where the runners exit the recovery station but there were so many people standing around that you couldn't see the table at all. We also didn't get the publicity and support that we thought we would from the newspaper and radio stations. If we had then I'm sure that even the locals would have brought shoes. As it was Shayne collected over 300 pairs of shoes. Here they are trying to separate them and tie the shoes together.

Shayne's goal was 5,000 pairs thinking that if 7,400 runners would each bring one old pair that she would achieve that goal easily. Oh well, 300 people will have shoes now because of her. That is amazing! I am very proud of her and her hard work.

Next month is the food drive and December is the toy drive. I'm sure they will both be a huge success.

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