Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yep it's true. Snow in Washington on Dec 30th. It started around 10pm last night and at 10:30 I had to go out to the storage shed to find the tote with the snow clothes in it so they could go out and play. It was AWESOME! This morning it snowed a little more and Josh was able to make a little snowman. I bet we got about 2 inches in the backyard where the little kids didn't run all over. I LOVE the snow. LOVE IT! I wish Washington got more of it but we are truly lucky to get it to stick like this. It always snows at least once. But that means falling from the sky and melting as soon as it hits. Very rarely do we get a snowman out of it. Even if he is only a foot tall.

David and his first fillings

Today I took David back to see Mason to get 2 of his cavities filled. He wasn't excited but about 15 minutes into it he fell asleep. Not just a little bit asleep. Dead Asleep! Mason had to use a bite wedge to keep his mouth open because he kept closing his mouth and biting him. It was pretty funny. After he was completely done Mason even carried David out to my van for me. It was awesome! The best part is that he now LOVES the dentist because he has an appointment next week to fill the other 2 cavities.

Sophie's Hair

Another blog about hair. This time there are bangs involved! Oooooh.

We decided to change Sophie's hair and cut some bangs and about 5 inches off the back just for something new. I think it looks great. We did it the night before Christmas Eve and when we went over to Mike and Elaine's for Christmas Eve Elaine didn't recognize her and thought she was someone else. It was pretty funny. Then for Christmas we got some Curlformers and tried them out. They worked great! Here are pictures of Sophie but we even used them for Shayne and all of her hair was curly! That's a little miracle because she has a TON of hair just like JoEllen. (My hands cramp up when I braid their hair it's so thick.) The curl even stayed and it was so cute. The curlers didn't hurt their head at night and they made gorgeous smooth curls. My Dad always loved ringlets and now they are making a comeback. He'll be so happy.

Sullivan Home Run Derby 2010

Every Christmas Day at 11am the Sullivan cousins all get together to have a Home Run Derby. We get to tag along because the Wells' are Sullivan's. So it ends up being Kyle, Mason, Spencer if he's in town and all of their cousins on Jillyn's side plus our family. This year's winner was Kyle! Joel and Mason struggled this year but their cousin Eric rocked it! He had 10 in one round. But Kyle made a come back to take the coveted baseball bat. The kids always have fun shaggin' balls and climbing up onto the scoreboard. The sun is always shining and fun and memories are always made every Christmas in Dixie. Feel free to click on any picture to see it closer. My favorite is Kyle. His face tells it all.

Christmas Day!

In our house it is very hard to keep the kids from peeking upstairs to see what Santa left. So I wrap the stairs and banister and it still doesn't work. They'll always find a way. They all got new p.j.'s from the Shelton grandparents so they wouldn't look like ragamuffins for these pictures. Joel and Shayne both got new jackets. (I like Shayne's better) Sophie got a karaoke machine because she's ALWAYS singing, Josh got a couple air guns, Ben got a BIG FOOT and David got a Leapster Explorer so he can do some educational games and feel grown up like his big brothers and sisters. And I got my blog made into a hard bound book. It was awesome! The cat even got all the boxes she could jump in. All we needed was some snow and it would have been a perfect morning.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is always spent doing a puzzle, eating a big dinner and with the little kids reenacting the nativity. Whether we are with the Shelton's or Beckstrand's it is always the same. The same story with the same songs but I guess with little kids it can never really be the same. Different Wisemen bringing different gifts (candle, soap, a can of tuna, etc... this year it was a pencil box, cologne and a star ornament). Different Shepherds with different towels and robes. Different doll used as baby Jesus but same sweet spirit that we love to feel.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sesame Street:'s Song "What I Am"

This my new favorite music video! Sesame Street and from the Black Eyed Peas. I am going to have my kids learn this song so they can sing it whenever they want to.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cactus

For as long as I can remember my Mom has had a Christmas Cactus. If you've never seen one they are a regular cactus that blooms at Christmas and Easter. It should be called a Christian Cactus. Most of them are red or white and occasionally you'll find a pink one.

7 years ago my parents gave us a Christmas Cactus as a house warming gift when we moved out to Hurricane. It was gorgeous! It had bright pink flowers and always had a million blooms. I would call my mom every Christmas and brag about how gorgeous it was. When we moved into our house in Washington 2 years ago it decided not to like the new place. In our other house it had the perfect window to get sun from. This house is turned differently and has 3 huge trees that block the sunlight. So my beautiful Cactus hasn't bloomed since we've lived here. So, before we went up north for Thanksgiving I put it outside to get some sun and then accidentally forgot about it and it actually froze down here in southern Utah and killed my cactus. It was so sad.

So the other day when I was in Lowe's I saw this cute little red and white cactus looking up at me just begging me to take it home. So here it is in my kitchen with a ton of blooms. I hope it likes it here and I hope I can keep this one alive.


We found the best house in Washington County for Christmas lights:
It was amazing! They must save up all year long to pay there utility bill. There was a huge line of cars driving by and on the lawn there was a sign that said: Sorry some of our lights do not like the rain. Which means they had more lights than what you could even see. WOW! Josh said that when he gets older his house will be better than that one. I hope so, that'd be cool. But we'll see when he figures out what a utility bill is if he changes his mind.

December Dentist

For some reason we always go to the dentist in December. We have the worlds best dentist: MASON WELLS! If you are looking for a dentist go to him. Your kids will love him. Anyway, none of us had cavities EXCEPT David. The little stinker had 4! So we are going back for his first fillings next week. I wish my boys would have gotten Joel's teeth. But they got mine. The girls got Joel's nice hard healthy teeth. Sophie and Shayne do not have a single filling in their mouth and Joel only had 3 little ones. I have numerous caps and enough silver fillings to choke a horse. I hope that doesn't mean that the boys will inherit all of my health problems. Yuck.