Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day!

In our house it is very hard to keep the kids from peeking upstairs to see what Santa left. So I wrap the stairs and banister and it still doesn't work. They'll always find a way. They all got new p.j.'s from the Shelton grandparents so they wouldn't look like ragamuffins for these pictures. Joel and Shayne both got new jackets. (I like Shayne's better) Sophie got a karaoke machine because she's ALWAYS singing, Josh got a couple air guns, Ben got a BIG FOOT and David got a Leapster Explorer so he can do some educational games and feel grown up like his big brothers and sisters. And I got my blog made into a hard bound book. It was awesome! The cat even got all the boxes she could jump in. All we needed was some snow and it would have been a perfect morning.

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Ashley said...

Such fun! I love that you wrap the balcony so the kids can't see! Brad was just telling me how you guys used to wait at the bottom of the stairs and sing Christmas songs. I love it!