Sunday, November 1, 2015


The very first thing you have to do to get ready for Halloween is to carve the pumpkins!

 Guess Who's?

Last of all David's
Yes, Ben is picking his nose.

This was my spooky picture.  Joel moved it made him look like a ghost.  Cool huh?  Very Halloweeny.
 The second thing you must always do is attend THRILLER out at Tuacahn for Kyle birthday.  This year I knew 4 of the zombies so we really had them have fun with Kyle.  He hated it.  It was awesome.  This is Chip Roa.  He's done this for years.  He has worked with Tuacahn in the costume department since Sophie was in Annie.
This is Sarah Handcock.  She's om the swim team with Sophie and Josh.  She's also on the PVHS dance team.

This is Marco Perez.  He lived by us for a little while.  He ans Sophie are good friends.  He is also the Captain of PVHS dance team and student body president.
This is Ellie.  Her grandpa is Frank Habibian.  We see her at work every once in awhile.  It was fun to be able to yell out their names and have them come over.  They did a great job.
This girls was just creepy and our all time favorite person to see on stage once again graced our presence.  Tino Smith!  We love him.  He's just like family.  He was captain hook along with some amazing other characters.
Third thing is to have Halloween dinner with the ward.  Then you are ready to Trunk or Treat and get some candy.  We always go to Wells' after we are done with our trunk or treat so the kids can actually go door to door and have some fun with the cousins. 
Ben and David wanted to go SUPER simple this year so we wrote BOOK on Ben's face so he could be Facebook and David wore a huge quarter on his back and carried around a football and went as a quarterback.  Get it?  Josh just wore his batman shirt and then when we got to George's house he put on a gorilla mask so he could scare people.  Here he is with Olive.  She was scared of her parents so he and I and Sophie took turns holding her until it got dark enough that she couldn't see her parents, only hear them.  We had a great turn out for the ward dinner.
This was us.  We go to dress up like this on Friday and Saturday because we had a big party at school on Friday.  It was a lot of fun.  We clearly won best costumes. My hair was so high that I had to sit way down and put the seat back in the van to drive.
Sophie turned up with this SUPER cute outfit that she had MADE all by herself.  Amazing!  I had no idea.  She sewed it and everything.  It was adorable.  Bro and Sister Lewis came over and said hi to everyone.  They were adorable.
 Here's our traditional spiders den.  It was so incredibly hot.  We were all so glad when the sun went down.
Shayne did this awesome make-up for her costume.  She had to lifeguard and told all the lifeguaurds to dress up but still be able to wear their swim suits so this is what she wore and this is what Sophie wore.
 Then off to Wells'.  We handed out candy under their black light so JoEllen could go out with Matty.  It was fun.
This is George and Josh in the masks and Sophie's white teeth under the blue light.

The Shelton family dressed up as the Frog Prince story.  They were adorable.  Adam showed up after he got back from his water polo match up in Kearns and just happened to match Sophie.  Interesting huh?  They met up later with the rest of the Snow Canyon group who were doing their Sadies that night.  Coincident?
We compared Joel to JoEllen's Frankie and he was only a couple inches shorter.  It was pretty funny.
Here is the candy aftermath every year.  Time to trade!  Luckily Traci's son Scotty was there who loved Almond Joy so my kids got rid of all of those.  It was fun.  Another great memory in the books.