Monday, October 16, 2017

Elder Kaden Lewis

I just have to say that I love this young man.  I just barely met him but his testimony is amazing and the spirit that he exudes is incredible.   This is Elder Kaden Lewis.  Joel has know his parents since high school and was, and is still, good friends with his uncle Lonny Heaton.  We had the privileged to go to his homecoming today and hear his talk.  What an upstanding person he is.  So well spoken and confident.  I teared up once during his talk but really thought that I would have cried more.  Afterwards, Joel and I walked up to say hi to him and he shook Joel's hand and I stuck my hand out and he reached over and gave me the biggest hug ever.  Then I started to cry.  He squeezed the tears right out of me.  The spirit was so strong.  He was so happy to see us there and told us how awesome Sophie was.  He told us how when Sophie got there they automatically knew who to put her with. He said that he really likes her companion and that Sister Bingham is a great missionary.  We talked a for couple minutes more but I could tell that he needed to talk to a million more people.  We told him that we had to go and he said, "Hey, lets take a picture so that you can send it to Sister Beckstrand."  I was so glad because I wanted to do that but thought that he might think I was weird.  We handed the camera to his bishop and he got right between us and put his arm right around me.  I think he felt that I just needed a hug from Florida.  It was so awesome.  What an incredible kid.  I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord and for the wonderful missionaries and their families that are now a part of my life because Sophie chose to serve a mission.  I am indeed blessed.
This picture below is of Sophie's very first minutes in Florida.  Kaden picked her up from the airport.  He was the Assistant to the President so he got to drive the van.  You can barely see Sophie behind the other Elder's head.  SOOO GREAT!

Tailgate and DSU Football

 We finally went to a tailgate party this year.  It was different. They have changed it so it is no longer a fun place where the students come before the game to eat and hangout.  They changed it all around and took down the fence on the Elementary lawn and put everything over there so nothing is in the road.  They only do hotdogs now and it's really pathetic.  The only people that show up are the old people and the people who feel obligated to support it.  Otherwise we wouldn't go at all.  But the boys do love the climbing wall and now that no one comes that has little kids there wasn't a line to wait in for the wall.  They were trying all sorts of fun things.  Like going one handed as far as they could.  There was a kid next to them the was trying to do it blindfolded.  It was pretty funny.  These fisrt ones of Ben are of him doing it one handed.  He has a split on his hand from The Grip so he was trying to not use his left hand.  He didn't pretty good until he started to fall away from the wall and had to use his other hand to keep himself from drifting off.

 Here is the guy with the blindfold on next to Josh.  He did pretty good.  It took awhile but it was fun to watch.
 Ben went again and wanted Joel to time him.  He did it in 18 seconds.
 David, Matty and Evan showed up a minute later and Matty was crying because she crashed on her bike.   So, I got her all fixed up and then she was ready to climb.

 For some reason I didn't get David climbing, But here is Evan.
 Then they drove their bikes back to the Wells' and Joel, Kyle and I went to the football game.  JoEllen showed up a couple minutes later.  We are supposed to have a nice new facility for the visiting team and bleachers for their fans to sit on so that they aren't by us anymore, but it isn't done yet.  You can see the tractors in the back of that picture. Hopefully it'll be done by next year.   We lost this game to Colorado Mesa 35-22.  It was a great 1st half.  We couldn't hold onto the ball in the 2nd.  Oh well, Homecoming is on the 28th.  We'll win that one.  Go Blazers!

Serving Others

Well, this Thursday and Friday was Fall break from School, used to be called UEA.  So we went and saw the movie Lego Ninjago.  It was hilarious.  We all laughed so hard, especially David and Ben.  It will need to be one of the first movies Sophie sees when she gets home.  We'll start a list today.  Saturday morning we helped out with the World Sr. Games for the Triathlon.  It was easy peasy, but they needed us so bad for traffic control.  We were all spread out on the street that leads to Jared's house.  Every person in their own intersection trying to make sure that the athletes didn't get run over when they were going by on their bikes.  It was really fun.  Until we needed to use the bathroom.  We were right by a church but it was locked up tight.  Luckily there was a break and JoEllen ran us to Ira's house.  Ira has a HUGE bison head and gazelle head in his house.  I took a picture to show Joel.  
 See how fancy we all are in our yellow volunteer shirts, like Sophie, and our NEON yellow traffic vests.  They could see us from a mile away.

 There were only 2 people we knew racing that morning.  Kay, one of Josh's morning swimmers and Kevin Lewis.  He does everything.  Swims, bikes, runs and is even on a basketball team for the games this year. He is one of our all time favorite people.  His son Shandon just got back from his mission in Oregon and spoke in our ward this today.  Shandon lost a bunch of weight and is happy and more of a spiritual giant than before.  He is amazing!  One more week of the Sr. Games.  I'm sure we'll go around and see where else they need some help and watch some fun competition.  It's so great to see everyone so active and healthy.  Taking good care of the body that the Lord gave them. 


Thursday, October 12, 2017

HAPPY 24th!

Shayne turned 24!  WOW!  I'm old.  She got a pair of Pixie Cove shoes from us and a nice fuzzy robe from Konnor.  She had a long week tending the Wells kids and the Shelton kids while their parents were off at business meetings in Park City and weddings in California.  It may be a little while longer before they have kids now.  It's been awhile since she's tended kids.  That was always Sophie's job and Sophie LOVED it.  Shayne is too much like me.  Poor thing.  But she loves her cousins and was glad to have the opportunity to spend time with them.  Josh and Ben even went out to Brad and Ashley's to visit while she was tending and Henry couldn't remember Josh's name.  He got Ben right off but couldn't figure Josh out.  Josh finally said, "Henry, I'm your cousin, Josh."  To which Henry replied, "Um, Evan is my cousin."  Josh said, "What is Ben?"  Henry said, "oh yeah, Ben's my cousin too. But Shayne's my sister."  Which made Shayne feel pretty good.  Usually we make the mistake of  saying that Shayne is their aunt because she's so much older.  So she was glad to be Henry's sister.   Shayne has also been helping out with the World Sr. Games in the softball department this week and next.  So with all that and work, she has been running around like crazy.  Happy Birthday to my first baby.  I love you tons!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Huntsman World Sr. Games 2017

Brad did another amazing job on the torch and caldron.  He had to literally, dig up the caldron from the ground and almost rebuild it because the WSG didn't do anything with it last year except leave it in a pasture to get ruined and rusty from the rain and a years worth of weeds and decay.  But luckily all us Shelton's know how to shine a turd.  One of our many lessons growing up in life.


It's breath taking!
 So starts the Sr. Games!  They have 10,883 athletes this year.  Many of them sign up for more than one event.  It's going to be a busy 2 weeks of keeping a sharp eye on the crazy old drivers while they are here.  Shayne is helping with the softball and the Wells' family and ours signed up to help with the Triathlon.  It will be fun.  We are too young to beat em' so we gotta join em'.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Josh's 18th Birthday Party!

After the 6am - 1pm marathon, after Matty's baptism and family dinner, we had a 18th birthday party for Josh up at the Bluff View Townhomes Club House.  It was great to have the cousins in town to help celebrate!  We didn't have a huge group show up but they were all good kids.  Kyler Scott didn't show up until the very end.  He just showed up long enough to be in the picture.  Shayne was the most amazing big sister ever and pretty much ran the show.  She organized Nintendo games in the TV room and move around games like Dip, Dip, Dip and Mafia, signs and other fun games in the main room.  Joel and I got them set up and then left for a couple hours.  We brought pizza and drinks back with us.  They had a great time. 
 Konnor and Joel played the little boys in Foosball and then went to soak in the hot tub to try to relieve some of the tension from the marathon.
 We took a group picture at the end of the night.  Then we cleaned up and the kids went to hang out in the hot tub.
 Cash said to tell you hi Sophie!
 Cash couldn't leave without trying to pin Shayne down.  I don't know why all the lifeguards try to test her strength.   He didn't beat her.  But she did finally say, "OK, get off."  Then he made up some excuse about why he couldn't get her.  It was funny.  He's a good kid.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's Great To Be 8!

Matty was Baptized a couple hours after the marathon!  It was a race of a day!  She was so cute in her white dress.  Her mom braided her hair all the way around her head. it was a perfect halo.  Emily gave a talk on Baptism and Evan gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  Both were amazing.  Matty and Emily sang the first verse of I'm trying to be like Jesus  and then everyone joined in.  It was a very special day.

 She had a ton a family and friends there to support her!

 We went back to her house to eat afterwards and her mom made this cool cake and #8 doughnuts on a stick!  It was really cool!