Monday, November 20, 2017

Kadin Hafen Allen

I don't even know where to start.  I guess at the beginning.  I met Kadin the second week I was married.  Joel and I were put in as Primary teachers and we taught the CTR 5 class, his class.  We LOVED that class.  Kellie was in it, along with Kadin, Julie Watson, Sela Sekona, Elizabeth Wintch and probably a couple others that I can't remember right this second.  They were the best class ever.  About 8 months into the year we told them all that we were going to have a baby girl.  Kadin was so excited.  More so than some of our family members.  He was so cute when we told him.  He went, right after church and told his mom that he wanted to buy our baby a dress.  That next Sunday when we showed up without a baby he was stumped.  He asked us where she was and we told him that it would be a couple months before she came.  He didn't understand what we were talking about because everyone in their family was adopted.  He said, "When my mom says that they are getting a baby she goes out and get one and brings it back home.  We don't have to wait."  It was the cutest thing I've ever heard.  The innocence of youth.  He was so adorable.  HUGE big brown eyes that looked right into your soul.  He was about this size, picture below in blue shorts.
 When Shayne was born, he loved her so much.  He always wanted to hold her.  Kadin, even when he was a teenager, was always smiling.  I don't think there was ever a time that I didn't see that amazing smile on his face.  oh wait.  After his last marathon.  It took it's toll on him and he was pooped.   This is Shayne giving his a hug and helping hold him up.
 When Kadin was in YM's I used to get him out of priesthood so he could come into primary and play the piano for us.  He was so extremely talented when it came to music.  I used to get reprimanded for it but I loved that kid and he never once said no to anyone that wanted to hear him play the piano.  This picture was about when we had Maria and Kile in our class.  Cute, cute kids.
 This is what the Allen Family looks like now.  What a great prosperity.

 Kadin served a Mission in New York City and was a wonderful missionary.  He has a huge testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and loves him dearly.  But, 10 years ago he was given some prescription medications that we very addicting and it lead him down a dangerous road that we couldn't get off of.  I remember seeing Kadin at some of his low times and worrying about him.  We prayed for him often.  Kadin went to a couple rehab centers and just when he thought he had this horrible disease kicked Satan would rear his awful head and gain control again.  Kadin married our neighbor Makayla Turner.  They live just down the street from us.  They were so good together.  9 months ago Makayla got pregnant.  She is due any day now with their son Arlo.  Kadin was so excited!  When he told me, they hadn't announced it to the world yet.  But, he couldn't keep it in anymore.  He was on cloud nine and was bound and determined to be clean and sober for his child.  Kadin loved babies little kids.  He was a great uncle to all his nephews and nieces.  He was incredibly happy to be dad.  On Saturday, November 11th,  Kadin could not fight the temptation any more.  He was high and went home but was reminded that he could not stay there while he was in that condition.  It was a rule that his parents had for many years.  He was found the next morning on the steps of the baptist church.  He had accidentally overdosed during the night.  This was his last Facebook post just 2 days before.

 He had a great testimony of the Atonement and used it.  But addiction is called that for a reason.  His wonderful wife posted this on Facebook later that day.  I can't even imagine the barrage of emotions that overcame her.
 The next day she posted this.
 The funeral service was awesome.  John, Keric and Michael spoke.  Kile, Maria and Krista sang a song and Janette gave the family prayer.  We all laughed and cried.  His casket had sheet music and treble clef's on each corner.  Makayla was given one of them to remember this day. 
 This is not how you want to take a family picture but it is beautiful.
 Kadin, you will be missed greatly by so many people.  Including us.
  This was Makayla's last post.  What an incredible woman she is.  Now Kadin can watch over her and Arlo and help them from above.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Miles od Smiles!

Miles turned 8 on the 4th!  He is getting baptized the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Texas.  We are so excited for him! We wish they were here so we could all be there to watch him but Grandpa and Grandma are going there to represent us all.  We love you Miles!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Kai's Ordination

 Kai was ordained to a Deacon!  Yep, he turned 12 years old on the 11th.  So crazy to think that David is next.
David and Luke that they were funny by pretending to sit on the bushes.  I told them that it looks like they are using the bathroom.
We are so glad that we can be here to support Brian's family in all they do.  It's important for cousin's to know and love each other.  It's times like these that the remember the most.  Especially when I make them line up for a picture!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Every year Burke Staheli puts up these flags in the park for everyone to remember the veterans and all they do for us. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Veteran's Day

Washington celebrated Veterans Day on the 10th this year because if was a Friday and the school's would still be in session.  This is important because the 5th graders in each elementary school get to march in the parade and also all of the marching bands.  George's band competition was right before this, but I couldn't stay for the p-raid because I had to get to work and since I didn't have any kids in it, for the first time in 10 years, I didn't feel like I was going to miss much.  So, Shayne took these picture's for me.  Turns out I did miss out on some great Veterans and an amazing spirit that was felt by everyone there.
 The JR. ROTC from each high school started off the parade.
  Snow Canyon Middle School
 Dixie High School

 We even had our own Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon!  We are getting fancy now.
 Snow Canyon High School
 Desert Hills High School with Mr. Winslow as their director.  We love him.
  Desert Hills Middle School
 Pine View Middle School
 Shayne said that these last three men had their own entries.  They all are WWII vets.
We are so proud of all of the people who did or are now serving our country to keep us free.  Bless you all!