Monday, July 16, 2018

Service on Saturday

This week was uneventful.  We switched rooms for Ben while he was away and the week was SUPER quiet by the way.  Then on Saturday John and Kristal needed help with the last load of things from their house in Vegas out to their new place in Logandale.  John is keeping his job but they had been praying about whether or not to staying Vegas and that day someone in their neighborhood got shot.  So they bought a house and moved.  They were just renting at the time.  Now they own a house in Logandale NV.  Which is nicknamed "Moronville" by the people in Vegas.  Which was another good sign to move there. When we got there a guy named Brother Jensen showed up not too long after to help and then a couple minutes later more and more men showed up.  It was great.  They were there just in time to move the piano in the house and to set up the Ninja gym.
 It was so great to see so many willing people come help out.  They will love it there I am sure of it.  We left around 2pm and made it home just in time to see our entire stake digging everyone out of the mud.  You see we have finally been getting the rain we so badly needed.  But it came all at once and flash flooded down main street and filled the homes.  We had this problem about 4 years ago.  So, we hurried home to use the bathroom after the long drive home, grabbed Ben and some gloves, shovels and the wheelbarrow and headed back down to see where we could help out.  We were there until it started to rain at 7pm.  There were about 28 people from out ward that helped out.  It was amazing!  Other wards had handfuls of people.  With all of the city workers from our city and the surrounding cities we had a good couple hundred people out helping clean up Main. 
 This was one of the houses up on top of main.  A couple of college kids live here and they were lucky that they didn't have a basement and nothing got into the house, except a little into the back storage room but it wasn't bad.  Just their back patio was covered with 6 inches of mud.  We needed to dig them out. 
Riley just kept saying how ready he was to do this all day long on his mission.  It was great.  What was even better was that he was already there helping before we got there.  We didn't even have to call him. 
 Whomever didn't have a shovel removed debris out to the front of the house into a pile for the city to come pick up.
 Look at their awesome faces!
 Big piles of mud everywhere.
 Then when that was all clean we moved down the street to the next house and kept going. 
 This is as we were headed down to Karen Jolley's at the end of Main.  We were told that her ditch needed to be dug out because the rain had filled it with the gravel from the road.  Sure enough, it was completely full.  If it were to rain again the water would have come straight onto her grass because the ditch had no place to drain to.  This picture was of the ditch cleaned out.
 This was part of our group. 
 This was the 11th ward.  Notice their bishop and Brother Jackson just standing there.  I had to give them a hard time.  Hahaha.  Karen was sitting on her front porch watching and cheering everyone on.  A little while later her grandson came and got some sandbags to reinforce her ditch with.
 This is a picture of the clouds coming in.  We got a report that Veyo was getting pounded.  But we were ready now!
 Here's a funny story about hero's and who you should consider your Hero is.  I was digging and digging and thinking as people past that if I looked really pathetic maybe someone would stop and help out.  Just then the fire truck came by and turned into the little fire station that they don't really use anymore that was right across the street from me.  I thought. "Yes! My hero's!  They are coming to save the day!"  Just then they got out of the truck and walked around and went inside of the old building. I thought, "Really?!!!"  Just when I felt defeated I heard someone say, "Do you need help?"  I looked up to see the Elders.  I wanted to cry for they were my real hero's.  I said, "Yes, please."  I gave one my shovel and gloves and went to get another one for the other Elder.  What a great lesson I learned at that moment.
 Here is Ryan and Ashley Chandler and their new baby.  She is adorable.  She was laughing so hard at her dad shoveling.  It was so cute.

   I just want to point out in this picture all of the gray part is the gravel that we had to shovel out and it was clear up to the top.  Then you'd get to the dirt and then you'd finally hit the bottom of the ditch.  It was a good foot deep.
These two even showed up after work with water and Gatorade for everyone.  Then grabbed and shovel and started to help out!  This was right where the ditch ended and went into the grate that goes under ground.  It was a mess. This is what I was working on forever.  It was really deep in this spot.  They are my heroes!    See the firetruck in the background.
 Then the city got the sand bag station going and the firefighters came out to help with that. See how well they are helping? 
 Here is another one of my heroes.  Katie Cluff. She was in a skirt filling sand bags!  She is tough!!!  And also so adorable.
 Mike Allen, another Hero.  ALWAYS willing to serve.  He's a stud. He was flexing for the picture.
 After it was over, we drove around to see what had been done.  You could see the sandbags but you couldn't see the people scurrying around anymore.  You could almost see the peace.  Before it was like when you scatter ants and everyone was running all around trying to get everything done as fast as possible before the rain started again.  But now, it was done.  And people were calm and safe.  Still muddy but safe.
 Everyone drove home but one man, one crazy man was walking his muddy wheelbarrow filled with 4 shovels more than he came with and a box full of peoples gloves and kids half drunk Gatorade's and water bottles home.  Joel refused to put all of this in our van.  He said that he'd just push it home since it was only a half a mile away.  Which is true.  However, it's all uphill!  That's why our ward doesn't flood!  But that's why we go help out the others.    He's is my favorite Hero.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Changing Rooms

This only happens when someone goes on a mission.  So, Ben, who moved into Shayne's room when Sophie left, has not slept one night in that room.  For some reason he does not like being in the basement.  So, after we dropped Josh off at the MTC we left Ben up in Lehi for a week to spend time with the Rogel's and while he was there we changed Josh's room into his.  He had ZERO say in what was going to happen.  They never really do anyway.  But I was pretty sure that he was going to like what I had in mind.  I printed out some Pine View High School Logo's and made them into over head transparencies.  Then the search was on to find an old school over head projector.  We figured that Josh Scott could get us one from Dixie High but he couldn't find it.  Then Joel brought one home from the church but it was ancient and didn't work at all.  So, we brainstormed and I asked him if his keys to the stake center worked for any church and lucky for me they did.  One of the other church's had a newer version than our church had and it actually worked!  So, over 2 days I slapped this Panther head up on the wall so it would be done by the time he got home on Saturday.  Lucky for us our ward was going up to Bountiful for Youth Conference and they stopped by Lehi and picked Ben up and took him with them Thursday and brought him back Saturday around 2pm.  So, starting on Tuesday night, we taped the lines out and on Friday night I was completely done with everything.  Saturday morning we got up early and went to Vegas to help John move so we weren't even home to see Ben's reaction.  But I got a great selfie from him saying thanks and that was all I needed.

When I started to take Josh's race bib's down I thought that I'd better take a picture of his room really fast.  At that point I had already taken down 14 bids.  So in this picture there is a start and end.  There wasn't before.  It just went the entire way around with his Triathlon bike bibs in the corner.  He also had his Who Is Your Hero Posters on the main wall.  He had Joshua, Samuel, and my favorite, Father Lehi.  I love those posters.  Ben had a Captain Moroni one that we need to bring up from his old room and hang up.  Anyway, It took me a good couple of hours to take all of these down.  Each one had at least 3 staples in it.  Staples were the perfect thing to use.  You couldn't even see the holes.  After I had them all down, I counted them.  173 BIBS!  Not including the bike bibs. Josh also had all of his medals his up and his plaques and ribbons from swimming.  It was quite the Ironman room.  But Ben definitely needed a change.  He like to do an occasional triathlon but he is different type of athlete. 
So these are the picture's I had to choose from.  And I picked out a bunch of different blacks with different sheen's and gray's and a silver.  We settled on just doing the head.
Then while we were figuring out how to get a projector we painted the stripes.  Shayne and Konnor came over to help put up the tape.  Konnor was a big help because he didn't need to step stool!  Then the next day I went to town painting. After it dried, we found a projector that worked, and we got the cat off it, I was able to trace the head and start the Panther!  Joel helped me a little bit with the Silver.  It was fun.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I finished it around 2am and was a little goofy so I took some fun selfies with it when it was all done.

 So, now instead of bib numbers everywhere around the top, the top is clear and the room is now a Panther Den.  With a clean white stripe in the middle. followed by a matching gray stripe and then a cool, rough edged, maroon stripe above and below.
 It definitely gives it a clean look.  Ben also got his very own Pine View Blanket!  Brand New out of the bag!  I had been saving 2 of them for the last 5 years.  One for Ben for when he was finally a Freshman and one for David when he reaches that stage in life.  It was amazing to see a new one.  So bright and colorful and SUPER soft!  He was pretty psyched about it.  He said it was SICK.  So, you point for mom.