Monday, April 23, 2018

Early Mother's Day/ Birthday Present

I decided to finally go buy me some rose bushes.  I had hoped that Joel would buy me some over the years but it never happened.  Women get these crazy ideas in there heads from watching to many chick flicks when really if they want something done they just need to go get it done themselves. So while the boys were off at a Saturday Rugby Funday, I went to Star Nursery and picked them out.  I wanted yellow and yellow/red mixed roses but they didn't have those so I got Pine View Roses.  White and Maroon!  It hadn't hit me until I was looking at them that Joel had taken the van and left me with Josh's car and I needed to get 4 rose bushes and 4 bags of dirt home.  So, I carefully loaded the ladies into the car and seat belted them in.  There was no way that they would have stayed safe otherwise.  Then I packed 3 of the bags in the front seat and one in the back.  And we were off!
 In Southern Utah you have to buy dirt because NOTHING, but weeds, grows in this awful red dirt.  So, naturally, they charge you an arm and a leg for it.  These 4 bags almost cost as much as the roses.  I had the lower 3/4 of my weeds out and all of my dandelions trimmed when Josh got home from work.  So, I made him shovel out some weeds and dig the first hole closest to the hose before he went in to shower and go back to work.  Notice that there are still some weeds up on that end.  I had the last rose bush planted and then Joel and the other two boys finally came home.  I had them dig my last two holes for me and spread out the remaining dirt to cover up all the red crap.  Looks nice huh?
We did this right before Chase and Steph's wedding and then when we got home David went out and planted everyone's seed card's and put their name card by it to mark the spot.  It is super cute!

 I can hardly wait to see what grows!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Joel's 48th!

Joel turned 48 today!  He got the same thing her gets every running shoes, shorts, and a new pass to the Utah state parks.  The only difference was that he had 10 minutes between meetings so to hurry the time along I didn't wrap anything.  Nice huh?  If you know me, you know that it was killing me inside.  He did get 2 new things...#1 an electric razor.  Now that he has to be clean shaven all the time and he only has three whisker this will also cut down on time.  #2 A postcard from Sophie.  It made his day.  He was extremely happy to hear from his missionary on his birthday.  He also got a blue tooth neck headphone thingy for running and biking.  I didn't get a picture of that.  Anyway, he had meetings starting at 6am until 8:30 pm.  It was a busy day.  We were glad that he had 10 minutes to come home and open his gifts.  We are so happy that we have him for eternity!

Big Brother Chase's Wedding!!!

Chase and Stephanie got Married on Saturday!!!
Steph looked gorgeous!  Her dress was so pretty it had this flared tulle skirt that went over her dress that was a solid pencil shirt lace dress that was absolutely beautiful.  She took the tulle off for the reception to make it less formal.
Her parents met her halfway down the aisle and walked her the rest of the way which was nice to be able to see her walk by herself a little bit.
You should have seen Chase's face.  He couldn't stop smiling.  He was so handsome.  I felt like a proud mom.  The day was perfect.  It was held out at The Ledges Golf Course Club House.  Her colors were Gray, Blue Gray and Yellow.  The ceremony was very solemn and dignified.  Their friend who preformed it did a wonderful job.  He used a lot of scriptures and even had every bow their heads for a prayer.  It was one of the best civil wedding I've been to that wasn't one that Joel did.
They did a shawl and bead ceremony representing several different things like being wrapped in their love and and eternal bond that binds them together. 
Then they did the rings and said their vows to each other.
They kissed and that was it!!!  They did it!!!  WOO HOO!!!
Right after that they took a break while the wedding party took picture's.  The rest of us had appetizers and drinks served to us and checked out the cute planter box that held everyone's placement settings.  It was darling!  It had everyone's names alphabetically.  Once you found your name, it had a table number on it and on the back of the card it said that the card itself was made out of seed paper and if you took it home and planted it wildflowers would grow and it gave directions on how to plant it.  It was so amazing.  So totally Stephanie.

They also had a doughnut bar for you to munch on while you waited for dinner to be served.
We found our table and then the questions started.  Ben and David could not stop with the questions.  Ben couldn't figure out how the seeds could get into the paper and David wondered how they cut everyone's name out of wood.  It was super cool.  Everyone's name place was carved from wood.  So was their cake topper.
Inside of each napkin was a schedule of the reception program.

Ben was in Love with his name.  David still couldn't figure out why their were so many forks.  So we had a quick lesson on etiquette.   It was a super funny time.
These two are meant for each other.  I can't wait until they have kids!  Oh my heck they are going to be so CUTE!
They were served first so they could eat and they walk around and take picture's with every table.  We were sitting right next to Chase's family table (because we're his other family) so I hurried and took this picture while the photographer took this one.
Shayne and Konnor were at the table next to us sitting by a friend they knew.  The food was delicious.  The boys all had steak and Joel had chicken and I had salmon.
They actually had the dances with the mom and dad before dinner was served.  It was great.  Chase and his mom danced to Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses.  It was awesome!
Then the servers came around and filled everyone's campaign glasses up.  When they came up my table I hurried and told her that we don't drink at this table.  So she put my glass back and left. I looked over at Shayne and they were pouring her Sparkling Apple Cider.  I told her to tell her waitress that our table needed some too.  They made sure that everyone in the room had one or the other so they had something to drink for the toasts.  The the questions started up again with the boys.  So we hurried and explained what was going to happen and what they needed to do.  They thought it was super fun.  Sparkling Apple Cider is Ben's all time favorite drink.  It was hard for him not to gulp it all down on the first toast.  
After the toasts were made we had a little break before they were going to cut the cake so we attacked the photo booth.  The booth would spit out 2 copies and one copy would go to Chase and Steph's wedding book and you'd write something next to it.  After we did a couple of those the kids just went crazy.

Then it was time to cut the cake.  The cake topper is the two of them in Chase's truck, "Big Red". These two were so cute together the entire time.  It was adorable.
Next was garter time.  I think this is the first picture I have of Stephanie's dress without the tulle.  Chase had no problem getting her garter off.  Another thing that brought up a bunch of questions!!!
Chase getting ready and tossing the garter.  A kid from Snow Canyon that Shayne knew caught it.  He was the one singing and playing his guitar all night.  He was in the band that Aaron Potter played with in high school.
Now it was Stephanie's turn to throw the bouquet.  Her bouquet was made up of wild flowers and baby's breath.  It was pretty. 
Last thing of the night was the money dance.  The bride and groom put on these shirts and people pinned money onto the shirt to come dance with them.  Stephanie had a big line to come dance with her so we all danced with Chase. It was hilarious. Chase is such a goofball.
First Shayne, Konnor and Josh went up together.
Then Joel and David went.
Then I went.  After it was over they had one dance for all of the married couples.  So we went out there.  After one minute they had all those who were married less than 5 years leave the dance floor. They had Chase and Steph stay on the entire time.  Then a minute later, those less than 10 and so on until it was just us dancing.  26 years!  Chase didn't believe us.  Until Joel asked him how old Shayne was and he said, "Oh yeah."  His own parents even got divorced a couple years ago.  It was really sad.  I hope that we can be a good example for him.  After we got off the dance floor I asked if anyone took a picture of us dancing and they DIDN'T!  Shayne is always complaining that I am never in any of the picture's but if I don't take them then who is?  So Joel took these picture's of Chase and I dancing and David asked me to dance at the very end and Joel took another picture.  I think they were feeling guilty.  But look how good I look in these photo's!  Woot Woot!  Oh Yeah! Oh well.  It a great wedding.  I was so proud of Chase.  He has come a long was in the last 10 years.  I feel bad that Sophie missed it but I know that she loves her big Brother and wants him to be happy.  We love you Chase!  Welcome to the family Stephanie even though you've been with us for over a year now.  Thank you for putting up with him and loving him as much as we do.