Sunday, January 14, 2018

Basketball x4

So right during Josh's swim meet Ben had 2 basketball games.  Luckily we got out of the meet early enough to catch the last 3/4 of Ben's second game.  We are so grateful to friends who help out hauling our kids all over town.  After his game, we came back home, gabbed something to eat and ran to David's basketball game.  Immediately following David's game, Josh took him out to the shooting range because his scout troop was out there passing of a merit badge, while Joel, Ben and I went to Ben's next basketball game.  Game #4.  I am pretty sure that we lost 4out of 4 games.  But they did their best and played hard.  I wouldn't say that they had fun.  I think Ben just does it because he likes to go to practice with his friends.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned where Ben plays ball.  He plays at a facility called Nets On Fire over in the old Green Valley Spa indoor tennis courts that were transformed into 4 full sized NBA courts.   They even use NBA hand-me-down floors.  Which are AWESOME!!!  The owner use to play pro-ball and knows people so he got these "cheap". 
 It's a pretty incredible place. These are the only 3 shots I got of his game because we got there late. 
 Here are David and Joel getting ready for a fierce game of ball.  

 Broken ankles on one kid and an elbow to the other kid.  Yep, he's a Beckstrand.  Sorry.
If we can harness his energy for'll be fine.

 Here is Ben.  Watching David's game.  Messing with his signature, one knee pad.  Don't ask.  And texting.  That pretty much sums up his life right there.
 Then off we go to his last game.  It's weird because there are so many kids that he is friends with from different schools that when he plays ball he is usually playing against his other friends.  Like Malacki and Tallon were on this team and Daxton was on the team he played earlier.  All good boys from good families.

 His coaches are boys that graduated last year from PVHS that were on the Basketball team.  Our program is one that is to get them ready for the PVHS team.  Hopefully that will happen.   It will be interesting to see what sport Ben chooses to do.  His heart is not in basketball but his friends are.  David is full force in any situation on any field, court etc..with anyone.  Rugby tryouts starts next week.  Ben will come alive then.  It will also be fun to watch David's beast come out and be aloud to roar.  I think that they will finally bond over rugby because they will have to be on the same team and not compete against each other.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Last Home Meet & Sr. Recognition

Today we had our last home swim meet!  YAY!  I will never attend another high school swim meet as long as I live.  We are so entirely sick of Dani Caldwell and her control games and bullying that I refuse to let me two younger boys swim for Pine View High School as long as she is coaching for them.   Now that I got that off of my chest...

It was Sr.recognition night at the meet and they put posters up of all the seniors.  BUT, the Sr. got to choose which one.  I wish they would have asked the parents.

Yep, everyone else had these cute Sr. picture's and Josh put this one.  But really I don't mind.  It pretty much sums up how we all feel about this year of swimming.  We will celebrate, LIKE NO OTHER, when it is over.  The best part has been and always will be the friends that are made in swimming.  Swim team members that have to put up with the same crap that you have all season long make you bond so tight that you never loose that friendship.  We are eternally grateful for our challenges that make us stronger people and bring us around better and stronger people.
 Best group of kids ever.  But I also said that about Sophie's group and Shayne's.  Trevor Larsen, standing in the middle next to Josh, and I had a good talk about him going on a mission.  He is ready and excited.  His birthday is in June so he is putting his date of availability in July.  He has had some struggles but has grown up and he is doing it for himself and for the Lord.  He has come a long way and will be a great missionary. 
 These two...#thuglife
 We are so proud of Josh and the incredible leader that he is to his team!  He has shown class, poise, confidence, encouragement, friendship and love to everyone.  He wishes he could have done but Dani would have kicked him off the team.  We love you Josh!

After that the swim meet started and we were off.  Josh and Riley were in the 200 Free Relay and did a great job.  Riley didn't compete much this year but DID keep his grade up and was eligible the entire time!
 I was trying to take a picture of my kids and Kary Wawrzyniak got in the way.  We love that family.  That's one family that Josh has been working on.  They are a part member family and the 2 boys that swim are not members of our church.  So, Josh has been talking to them about it.  Their sister Maddie just got engaged!  To some kid that I don't know.  He looks nice though.

Here is Josh's IM.  I didn't get many good picture's because the lighting in the pool stinks.
 He wasn't happy about his 2:30 time.  He's been stuck for awhile now at getting any PR's.
 Next was the 200 Free Relay

 Luckily Mataya was there to kiss some caps!

 Then he did his backstroke.
 He did not PR but wanted to see where he would be since he had not swam it since the very beginning of the season.  He is still trying to figure out where he will fit into state.  Lastly, this is their 400 Free relay.
 I finally got a good dive picture!  Better late than never.
 Region in in two weeks.  We will see what happens.  It is all up in the air. So much drama that should never be there and that is never caused by the kids.  Just beyond belief.  If we can get through the next two weeks, we can get through anything!