Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring Break 2018!

We did NOTHING!  Basically.  Josh had 2 home games so we didn't go anywhere and we don't have money to do anything so we did yard work because the grass that I work so hard to keep nice keeps dying.  Monday, I told the boys what crabgrass I wanted pulled up and then I went to work and came home to it looking close to the same way that it was before I left.  So, Tuesday I made them a HUGE chore list to do inside the house while I went to work.  Most of it got done before the soccer game.   Joel tried to fix the sprinklers the next day and it ALWAYS frustrates him.  I've asked him a million times to teach me how to do it so I can just fix them when they break but he won't.  So, the lawn and I are at his mercy of when he can fix the sprinklers and then I have to calm him down afterwards.  Friday we did go to the park for a picnic with the Wells' before Josh's other game.  Vernon Worthen Park has redone their park so that they have a new playground, trail and parking lot.  It's really nice.  It's always fun to have some time off with the Wells family.  We don't do it as often as we should.  I think that we should probably schedule a once a month thing like the Beckstrands so that the cousins can play together more often.  Saturday I trimmed the Oleander tree near my bedroom door and then started on the grass to figure out what the problem was.  I didn't understand why, after I baby it so much, it keeps turning yellow and letting the crab grass take over.  Then after 2 hours of working on one spot I found them.  GRUBS!!!  Dang little grub worms had eaten all of my lawn roots and that's why it died.  BUGGG!  Literally and figuratively.  So we stopped everything and went hiking.  I will have to deal with them later.  We met up with the Wells kids at the Narrows (Satan's Buttcrack).  The kids ran up through there about 5 times.  Joel and I stuck around for as long as we could but it was still another work day for us.  We has to take a dozen Red Rock kids down to Vegas to see a Cubs game.  They were in town for Spring training at the 51's field.  It is the one perk that Joel and I get to do every year together.  It was a cold day in Vegas. Weird.  But it was a great game 11-2 for the Cubs over the Indians.  
Ben figured out how to pump the swing to get them higher.  He said that it was a good ab workout. 
 It was a lot of fun!
 Joel pushing Kyle and Evan.
Josh had 2 games.  Tuesdays was against Desert Hills and Fridays was against Canyon View.  We lost to Desert Hills 4-0 and we lost to Canyon View in double overtime in the last 10 seconds!  3-2!  It was horrible!

Hiking Satan's Buttcrack


It was a great and well needed date.  Now back to the daily grind of regular life and back to school!