Monday, February 19, 2018

Keegan Wawrzyniak!

Yay Keegan!  He qualified for Sectionals in swimming and is headed to see Sophie in Plantation Florida!  So they had a Bath Bomb fundraiser for him.  The Soap Lady from Salt Lake came down and had a sale in B-Dubs parking lot.  I'm pretty sure it's his aunt.  It was great!  I wish I had more cash on me.  Joel gave David $5 and he bought some to tryout.  It was hilarious.  I'm not a big Bath Bomb person but we LOVE the Wawrzyniak Family!  We hope that Sophie gets to wander over to the swim meet that weekend to find them. 

 David was in heaven.  He kept asking us if his skin was soft.  Even the next day.   It was great.
 I just needed to throw this in here for posterity sake.  One of Shayne's swim record fell.  It was a sad, sad day.  Erynn Swinson broke her 500 Free record that Shayne had set when she was a freshman in high school.  It stood for 8 long years.  Rumor has it that there is a freshman coming up that might break some of Shayne's other ones.  We;ll wait and see.

Bout's and Corsages

So George had Prom this weekend and JoEllen came over to make a Boutonniere and a Corsage for him and his date.  The price to order one from ANY flower shop in town is ridiculous!  Corsages run anywhere from $35 on UP!  and Bout's are never lower than $20.  Both of those prices are before taxes and f you cave a coupon.  It's super crazy and they are small and usually not very pretty.  So we have taken up making them ourselves.  JoEllen makes real flower ones and I do fakies.   I always use silk flowers on a nice bracelet so they can take the flowers off after and throw away if they want and have a nice bracelet to remember the date by and you can color co-ordinate it to the dress. 
 JoEllen likes to use Slap bracelets!  Also very fun.  Here we covered one of Matty's with Gray duct tape because the girls dress was gray.  JoEllen covered it with a fun see through pink striped ribbon to give it a splash of color.  Then we wired the flowers together and hot glued them onto the bracelet and then made a ribbon and tied it onto the bracelet just for good measure.  It seamed to work perfectly.  JoEllen got some GORGEOUS flowers from Smith's market place for only $5.  And the best part about using fresh flowers is that you get the rest of the flowers to make yourself a nice bouquet for your home as a thank you that you will never get from your son for making these for him. 
I am going to have to switch over to slap bracelets for Ben and David because I just googled them and I can get them in bulk for WAYYYY cheaper than a beaded bracelet!  Also, one of our friends just told me that she does magnetic boutonnieres!  It blew my mind!  I'm excited to try it. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Week 4 of Rugby

Three more wins makes us 12-1 for the season!  We scored a total of 109 points!  To the other three teams 27.  Yes it is easy to say that our team is dominating the entire league.  The first game was 36-15 with Ben scoring 3 Trying and kicking 3 conversions and David scoring 1 Try.  David is funny because he always scores in the first game and then is done.   The next game was 32-7 with Ben scoring 3 Trys and only kicking 1 conversion.  The next game was against our old team and it was freezing cold by this time and Ben still made 2 Trys and 3 conversions.  So Ben's total for the night was 54 points, exactly double the points of all three teams put together.  The very last play of the game he got a break away and the other kid on our team named David who is a 6th grader and new to the sport was trailing him so right before he crossed the line he passed it back to him so he could score.  It was great.  It made me proud to see him do that.  I was grateful that he thought of this kid because I knew that he hadn't scored yet this season and we only have two weeks left.  We have had the coldest week so far this winter.  It's been really weird.  But Ben was glad that he could wear his new Rhino Rugby parka!  He also said at one point between games while he was sitting by us as he noticed the line out rope shake that it was so cold that even that was shivering. 

A Valentine from Florida!

I got FLOWERS from Florida!  Happy Valentine's Day to me!  Thanks to a member and dear friend of ours, Claudio Boyette, sent me and some other mom's of the sister missionaries, flowers for Valentine's day.  It was such a surprise and they are GORGEOUS!  The florist delivered them to our neighbors house and when I got home from work she brought them over.  She said that she wanted top keep them because the Lillies were so amazing and her daughter is named Lilly.  Lillies are my all time favorite flower.  They are beautiful, huge, and they out live most other flowers.  This flower arrangement is amazing!  The card says, Happy Valentine's Day is the Wishes of your daughter Sophia Beckstrand.  It was exactly what I needed that day.  Thank you Sophie and Claudio!


Mr. PVHS this year picked this darling family in Burke Staheli's Elementary that has a rare form of MD.  Here is the info. This year's beneficiary is the Free family.  Ray Free is a Kindergartner at Riverside Elementary who was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  This is a genetic disease that is characterized by muscle weakness and degeneration.  After Ray's diagnosis, his younger brother was also tested and was also diagnosed with the same condition.
 Josh was in Mr. PVHS as the Swim Team Rep.  Which was funny because they didn't tell him about it until it was half way done.  So he didn't have time to really do anything about it. Thankfully Heidi Gilmore was already getting a fundraiser concert together for him.  But the Drama rep. and the Choir rep. wanted to do that too so, they combined all three kids together to help out with the concert.  Here is the poster that the Choir put together.  I think that the Drama and Swim team had posters too but I didn't see theirs.
  It was really a great concert and I was impressed with everything except for the fact that the stupid kids from the swim team didn't help Josh out AT ALL and that the Drama and Choir kids hid the Swim Team bucket under the table of the concessions so that no one could put any money in it at the concert.  It was so mad!  Mr. Staheli was wondering where the bucket was so that he could put money in it and so was I.  Finally, I found the mom of the girl who was in charge and she found it on the ground pushed under the table at the very end after it was all over. BBUUGGGGG!  Josh made $198 for the fundraiser.  He was fine with that.  It meant that he didn't have to perform a talent and that he didn't come in last place.  He came in 3rd to last!  Woo Hoo!  2 kids did worse that he did.  I'm just glad he had fun.  He did perform at the talent show however.  It was awesome!  So did Miles.  Miles rode a Hoverboard while playing his bagpipes.  It was funny.  The high school ended up raising over $13,000 for the Free Family!  It was awesome!  PVHS has done this for the last 8 years and has raised over $90,000.  What a great tradition!!!
I didn't go to the assembly because Josh wasn't performing but I also didn't know when it was.  He did do a group dance that I didn't get to see but here are a couple picture's that I pulled off of the PVHS Instagram page.  Apparently it was Star Wars Themed.  I'm just glad he went as a Jedi and not Princess Leah like that other kid did.  Yikes!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy 14th Birthday Ben!

Ben woke up to some fun gifts. Some headphones and facemask for snowboarding that he's wanted from his brother Josh.  Your welcome Josh.
 Some new socks and a new DSU basketball from his dad.  Some guitar picks and a Fender travel bag for his guitar from David.  It has straps so he can wear it like a backpack and take it to school for lessons.

He got a birthday card from Sophie with Valentine's in it that made him smile!  That's huge!  And he got 2 new pair of rugby shorts and this All Blacks shirt from me.
 I always like to have a big surprise gift at the end and this year it was a RHINO RUGBY parka!  He won't be getting a swim parka like his older siblings because he's just not that into it.  But Rugby is a different animal to him.  And Rhino, well, Rhino is his call sign/spiritual animal.  If you  look him up on Instagram you have to look for the Rhino Rugby symbol.  I got a screaming deal online for this and knew that he'd love it.  I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't grow out of it but I didn't want it to drown him either.  He was pretty stoked but it is 73 degrees here already and too hot to wear it.  We are hoping that his games next Thursday are FREEZING!  Or at least chilly. 
Turning 14 in our church means moving up to a teacher in the priesthood.  If you want to learn more please click on the link on the side of my blog where it says: What I believe, The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter Day Saints.  On Sunday our family came to our ward to help and watch Ben be ordained to the office of a teacher.  It was very special to have my family there.  
 We always love to take one of all the priesthood holders that are there to help make this day so special.  Josh, Ben's brother standing next to him in the bow tie, had his interview with the Stake President this same day to turn his mission papers in.  So, in a couple weeks we should be finding out where he will be serving on his mission! 
For posterity sake I'm going to name everyone in this picture.  
Back row: Brad Shelton, Jared Beckstrand, Joel Beckstrand, Konnor Young, Kyle Wells, Michael Beckstrand.  Front row: David Beckstrand, Joshua Beckstrand, Benjamin Beckstrand, Henry Shelton, George Wells.
After this my side of the family went back to my house to have a bbq/birthday party for Henry and Ben.  Ben's birthday was on Saturday and Henry's is on Monday.  10th and 12th.  So they opened birthday cards from the Wells' and were so excited about their $5!  And we gave Henry a bouncer so he could bounce around like Ben.  They had a great time.
They are so darling.  14 and 4 years old!
Later that evening we went over to Jared and Angey's for FHE with the Beckstrand side of the family.  It's always fun to get together with everyone.  We ate dinner and grandpa gave a great lesson on Christa love for us.  Then we had to hurry back to our church to David and Ben's scout court of honor.  They both received rank advancements and many merit badges.  Ben thought it was a end to a really good day.