Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ben's actual High School football.

So last week Ben had a DSU camp that went from 6pm to midnight and apparently he was the highlight of the entire thing.  No one has seen him play because we told him that he couldn't until he was in high school and he has just been playing rugby the entire time.  So, once they all saw how incredibly talented he was they were in awe.  We weren't because we already knew that we knew how to do everything.  But they apparently thought that he knew nothing because we didn't let him play tackle.  Um, he still played flag which actually got him way more playing time and gave him a WAY bigger understanding of how the game is played.  He understands the sport.  He doesn't just play it.  So, anyway, he was knocking balls away from kids and catching diving passes like crazy and the parents and coaches were going wild.  We weren't even there.  But we heard about it at this game the next week against Deseret Hills. Our friend Austin Turnbow, was on Deseret Hills team.  He was on Ben's rugby team and is one of DHMS's best football players. His dad is one of the coaches.  He's an awesome kid.  He and Ben are good friends.   
 So what 7 on 7 does is it gives those boys who play a position besides lineman a chance to hone in on their skills.  It also gives the coaches a chance to see what the kids are made of  and who would do good in what position.  So, it's touch football because their is no tackling.  So, everyone is just showing off at this point and that is what Ben does best. 
 But, I guess Ben landed wrong at the DSU camp after diving after a ball in the end zone and tweeked his lower left side back and hip so it was bothering him.  He was getting mad that he was slower that some of the other kids. 
 Apparently Coach Gifford noticed and took him aside and asked if he was aright.  We took him to see Dr. King and got him fixed up but he will probably have to go back again next week. He's pretty young to get messed up already.  
 But, this starts the football career that he has always wanted so here it goes.  This is the first step in the path of him making his millions so that he can hire someone to wash his dishes for him so that he never has to touch dirty dishes ever again!  He has summer football for 2 more weeks and then they have the month of July off and start up the real thing August first.  Yikes!  Good Luck Bud.  Don't Die!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Missionary Yard Sale #2

Last July we did a yard Sale for Sophie and we raised a lot of money for her mission.  So, since Josh needs to take $1000 with him ($500 for a phone and $500 for winter clothes) we decided that we'd better do another one.  Asking people for money is never fun.  But asking them to donate the stuff that they are just going to throw away or send to the DI anyway is easy and you will actually find that they would rather give it to you and \have you take it than have to move it themselves.  For example, Jared and Angey donated some things that we picked up, a chest of drawers, a freezer, a headboard/foot board set and a bike.  We earned about $100 from it.  There is no way that I would ever ask them for $100 but this way they got rid of stuff they didn't want and helped donated to Josh's mission fund at the same time.  It's a win win situation.  

We are very lucky to have so many cherished friends that helped us out too.  Everyday boxes and bags of things would end up at the house.  We had the back room completely full of things and the back patio was filled to overflowing.  2 weeks before our yard sale, I was walking Brad around my work because he was making a new floor plan for a fire escape exits and we found the notorious room that I had only heard about.  Sherman had a room that he kept personal things in and then he left the company and left it all there.  It had 2 Cruisin' World Arcade games in it, 2 Foosball tables, an Air hockey table and other little things.  So, I texted Sherman and asked him what his plans were with it and if I could have those items for my yard sale.  He said that he thought that they now belonged to the company and that if it was OK with them then I could have them.  Well, after a long road of miscommunication, it was OK'ed the day before the yard sale.  So, Brad brought over the Tuacahn truck and we loaded it all up.  We also had a pool table, 2 different Bowflex machines, a health-rider, treadmill, and a HUGE elliptical that was donated by Riley's rich girlfriends dad.  I'm telling you it, besides the double strollers, electric fireplace, 2 sectional couches, entertainment center, 2 big B-B-Qers, and our dining room set we were so full of stuff it was CRAZY! 

We started on Friday and were so tired by the time it started that we didn't even bring out the stuff from inside the house.  Slowly as the day went on and we had an empty spot on a table someone would go in and get something to fill it.  Friday night it looked like we hadn't sold a single thing.  When we woke up Saturday morning where were 5 more boxes of things that people had dropped off!!!  If it weren't for Shayne organizing the 38 bags of clothes and Erin Terry helping organize all the crafts I don't know what I would have done!

This was Brad's truck loaded up.
 Friday night David wanted to be the security watchman and sleep out on a couch to make sure nothing was stolen.  This is how I found him in the morning.  He had made a TV out of Joel's Ipad and a box.  Funny thing is, that Ipad is the only thing that I cared about being stolen. 

 He even notched out a place for his headphones. 
The next day was bigger and better than the first!
Jalee, buying back her toys that Josh donated.
At the end of the entire thing we ended up taking 32 black garbage bags of clothes to the DI.  It was like a loaves and fishes kind of thing.  I felt bad until I was reminded that those clothes will continue to bless more people around the world through the DI. 
 It was amazing and we had a lot of fun stories that happened throughout the weekend that told us that what we were doing were helping other out too.  We had one lady come that was really mad that she spent so much time trying to find our house.  She said that she never goes to yard sales but she saw that this one was for a good cause so she kept driving.  Then she told us that we needed more signs and where to put them.  After she calmed down she asked where Josh was going, when he said Montreal her face dropped.  That's where she was from.  Her whole demeanor changed and she said that that's why she was told to keep driving and not to give up looking.  Then she and Josh talked for a half an hour.  It was really neat.  Another time, we had forgotten to put out the 2 little kid camp chairs that Holly had donated until late in the afternoon and as soon as we did our brand new neighbors, whom we had not yet met, came over with their 4 year old and 1 1/2 year old who sat right down in them like they were meant just for them.  It was perfect!  They were adorable.  It was just what they were looking for.  And first thing in the morning a lady and her daughter bought Angey's headboard but lived in Hurricane so they went to go bet a bigger vehicle to come back and get it with.  They didn't come back until 3 hours later and they still couldn't fit it in the vehicle they brought.  But they just happen to pull up right as Josh and Traxten were going to the Lake.  Traxten had decided to take his trailer to put all the kayaks and paddle boards on so they put this lady's headboard on their too and took it out to her house that was right on the way to the lake.  She was very grateful and so was I.  The Lord was right on top of things to make sure she got there at the same time as Traxten. 
 We are so grateful so all the love and support that everyone gave us.  It was a lot of hard work but we saw the Lord's hand in all of it through our loving neighbors and even strangers.   That's why we were put here on earth and I hope we can remember that daily and look for ways to help other around us.