Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Piano Party X2

We have had a Christmas miracle at our house this year.  Our friends, the Condie's, posted on Facebook that they had a piano that they were getting rid of for free to the first person who wanted it.  So I hurried and told her that I wanted it.  Yes, we have a piano but, some of the keys don't work and I figured that it couldn't be worse than what we already had.  Plus I could give ours to Shayne and Konnor.  Well, it just so happened that it was about in the same condition as ours BUT...I like it a lot more.  It is much shorter and it really opens up the room.  It also turns out that Kevin has always wanted to learn how to tune piano's!  So he is going to practice on theirs and ours!  It's a WIN, WIN, WIN situation!  So we will see how it turns out.  Right now they both really need to be tuned BAD.  So Kevin needs to get on it. 
Old Piano on top.  New piano below.
 I used my flash so you could see the detail.  It has roses on the tops of the legs.  It is a 1977 Schafer and Sons Classic Spinet Piano.  It's a super shorty but it's beautiful. 

So I guess what I'm saying it, Merry Christmas Sophie!  We got you a new Piano!  Kevin will have it in perfect condition by the time you come home.  You're Welcome. 
Thanks Condie's!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ben's Basketball

This year Ben decided to do PVMS 8th grade Basketball instead of WCCC basketball.  He is now with all of his friends Monday and Thursday nights for practice and Saturday for games.  Except this week.  This week they had games on Wednesday because they had a tournament on Friday and Saturday.   Wednesday his games were at 6 and 9pm.  Gross huh?  To far apart to actually go all the way home.  The games are held at the old Green Valley Spa way out by Shayne just off of Dixie Drive.  So it takes us 20 minutes to get there.  So in between games we went and got pizza than went to the Phineas and Ferb house.  When we got there the rest of the team pulled up.  It was pretty cool.  They all just hung out for a half an hour messing around with Phineas and Ferb.  We were tending Chase and Logan Miller so they were with us too.
 Our first game on Wednesday we played against the Beckers team.  Since there are so many 8th graders that want to play we have to have 3 different teams.  PV Silver, Ben's Team; PV Black, Becker's team and PV Maroon, the other team.  We won by 4 points.
 Then we played another team and lost.  Then on Friday we played some team from Salt Lake and then a couple local teams.  It was pretty good.  There were about 8 teams and we took 3rd.  

 Ben is pretty proud of this one and the broken ankles he gave that Hurricane kid.  Hahaha!
  Look at the Becker twins, Dillon and Ian.  Dorks, aren't even smiling.
 The first half of the season is over.  Now they are going to change the teams up a little bit for the rest of the time and see how they do.  Ben is just glad to be spending time with his friends again.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

David's Christmas Band Concert

David had his 2nd band concert.  It was excellent!  It always amazes me how these intermediate school teachers can teach 60 kids 12 different instruments and make it actually sound like a song.  They played, then the 7th graders played.  The 6th graders did much better.  Then the High School Jazz Band played a couple songs.  They were just there to have fun and to get the little kids excited to continue on to high school band.  It was a great little concert.  I think David is really getting into the trumpet.  He practices all the time.  Ben never did.  But Ben was amazing at it and never needed to.  He also had braces and didn't like to play which is why he stopped. 
David is doing a great job and making some excellent memories a long the way!

Monday, December 4, 2017

SUU vs Weber State Football

On Saturday night SUU and Weber State played each other at SUU for the playoffs.  This is the furthest that SUU has gone in decades and we had already beaten Weber during the regular season.  It was super exciting and the place was completely sold out!  We went up and had a tailgate party with all of our friends and then sat by them for the game.  Ruben Tongisala, Nale and Oscar Fakahua, Joel Wilson and Lawerence sang the National Anthem.  They were amazing!  In college they had a singing group called Brown Sugar.   It was like they hadn't missed a day, even though it had been over 25 years! 
 This is Ruben's helmet from the 90's.  Oh man did we have fun.  As we pulled up he had Tone Loce playing and then more awesome late 80's early 90's music.  It was so great!  Oscar was on the BBQ grill making some amazing ribs and teriyaki chicken. There was a ton of food.  Best tailgate ever!
  Good friends, Good times!
 Then we went over to get ready for the game.  Candice, Ruben's wife asked Joel to record them signing the National Anthem.  It was funny because he acted like he was making a documentary.  It was great!
 This is them warming up.   With Jen and Candace standing by and Joel recording it all.
 I was looking at a picture that Joel sent me when they started singing so I didn't get it all but here's what I did get.  It was incredible. 
Then the team came out and the game got started.  We ended up losing but it was still so much fun to be there with life long, steadfast friends. 
 I was able to get Thor to come over and take a picture with him. I told him how lucky he was to have the uniform that he does because in 90-91 I had a horribly big costume that was so hard to move in.
 I miss getting picture's with the kids who thought I was the bomb!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Michael and Scott McClean's Fairytale Christmas!

The best play so far for Tuacahn!  I had read the book and wondered how in the world they were going to adapt it onto the stage.  They preformed it in the high school auditorium and it was OUTSTANDING!  The actors were great and the design and lighting were incredible.  We were the test audience.  We laughed so hard.   I can't wait to go back and see it when it is fully up and going.  Tuacahn plans on doing it every year and we are planning on making it a tradition to go see it every year.  Of course, Tuacahn had all their lights up.  It looked beautiful!  And we had our first of 2 Christmas miracles while we were there.  #1 Joel found the closest possible parking space!    My dad would be so proud.

 This year Tuacahn put in a ice skating rink.  THANKS  BRAD!  It's a plastic ice, just like in Disneyland when they put up Olaf's skating rink.  It is really weird.  It's warm and if you fall you don't get wet!  We didn't go skate but we are planning to this weekend.  
 I love this picture because it looks like there is snow on the hillside.
 We had a little time to kill before the show started so we checked out the gift shop.  It's always good for a laugh.  I couldn't afford a piece of lint from that place.  I don't know how they stay open.  I took a picture of the ATM machine because it was Fancy!  Just like this shop.  It should be the first indicator of how this gift shop is.   See the fancy peacock next to it?
 They did however have the cutest Santa's in the world.  They were about 18" tall and each one cuter than the next.  They were on sale for 89.99 each.  Down from 129.99.  If they were $20 bucks I'd buy one or all three.   
 I love this one.
 Then we went out and every single person was gone.  It was weird for a Friday night.  But I guess if Santa leaves so do the people.  So we sat in his chair and took our own picture.
 Then Brad came and got us.  We walked into the auditorium and sat down on the 3rd row.  They were still fixing a few things but it was incredible to just see the projections.  Brad had hired his best buddy from Disney, Jon Infante to do the lighting and projection.  It was fantastic with Brad's set design! 
 When they closed the curtain they even had this great projection on it and the snowflakes danced all around.    After that the show started and I couldn't take any more picture's so you'll have to go watch it for yourself. 
 On the way out we had Christmas Miracle #2. David had fallen asleep in the last 1/2 hour of the show and was tired so Ben gave David a piggy back ride to the van.  This is HUGE!  The only way that they touch each other, usually, is to hit or trip each other.   It has been a hard year for those two.  I think that as Ben gets more comfortable with himself, he'll start being nicer to others.   I just wish that would happen now.