Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ordinations and Graduations

Today, Sunday 5-20-18,  David was ordained as a Deacon.  It was great.  We did it right after church.  Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand, Jared and Angey, Brian, Holly and crew, JoEllen, Kyle, George, and the rest, Brad, Ashley and the two littles were all there.  It was great!  The Scotts came in and so did Riley, Brother Jackson and Brother Robinson.  In David's circle were Joel, Grandpa, Jared, Brian, Kyle George, Brad, Josh, Riley and Bishop Turek.  It was really neat to have those older boys in there.  Joel gave him a beautiful blessing and hopefully it will help him remember that he needs to in charge of his temper and be calmer.  

But as soon as they were done, David came and sat down and so did Riley and George.  Then Josh took David's place in the chair to be ordained to the office of an Elder and Brother Jackson, Robinson and Josh Scott went up and took the three empty spaces in the circle.   Joel pretty much lost it right after he stated Josh's name in the prayer.  It was another beautiful blessing.  I have no doubt that Josh will be a great missionary.  After this they both went back up to the bishop's office to get their temple interviews!  Now David can go do baptism's and Josh can take out his endowments.  Big days ahead! 
 Shayne giving Josh a hug.
George had to hurry home right after because he was getting his patriarchal blessing.  I'm so happy for him.   These boys are such great examples to these younger kids.  Then later that night we had Josh's Seminary Graduation!  Here is a list of all the kids who graduated from our stake...Notice Riley Allen and Kyler Scott!!!  Both graduated due to Josh's positive influence. 
 Ben had to show everyone that he was taller than Josh now.  For awhile now Josh's hair was making it look like they were the same height.  But now you can really tell. 

Josh's Mission Hair Cut!!!

Saturday 5-19-18    I have been waiting for this day for a LOOOOONG time!  Our friend Autnmn came over and cut Josh's hair for free.  It was great!  It went from this...
 To THIS!!!!
 That's a lot of freaking hair!
 Now he can get ordained to an Elder and graduate from Seminary tomorrow.  YAY!!!

David's Scout Campout

Friday 5-18-18    David had a great time camping out and making tinfoil dinners.  Joel drove him up to Red Cliffs Campground and Josh's car overheated before they got all the way there so they had to stop and wait for someone to come get them.  It was pretty pathetic.  I will be glad when we sell that car in 2 weeks at the yard sale.  hopefully someone will buy it!   Sister Hoff brought up some antifreeze and Joel was able to make it back down the mountain. It was super crazy.  But, David had a lot of fun and was glad he could go.  He wasn't to happy about putting everything away when he got back home though. It's always for to go and just have fun but it's never fun to clean up afterwards. 

End of Season Soccer Banquet

Thursday 5-17-18    For my birthday, JoEllen took me out to lunch and Josh took me to his soccer banquet for dinner.  It was great.  He was given a team ball, his Sr. Banner, and a certificate for BEST IN CLASS, for outstanding play and grades in the classroom.  I am very proud of him and all of his hard work.

End of Season Rugby Party

Monday 5-14-18     Every year we have an end of Rugby Party at the Snow Canyon High School Pitch.  The Alumni come and play barefoot and all the kids sit around and watch.  It's kind of weird.  Then we eat and then the coaches give awards to the Varsity boys.  Which doesn't ever pertain to us, yet.  And we don't really know anyone, so we just entertain ourselves.  This year we knew a couple people but it was still about the same. It wasn't until it was over, the sprinklers came on, and every went home that the fun began.  All the 7/8th graders played a barefoot game against the JV/whatever Varsity kids didn't have girlfriends to go to or their own cars.  It was awesome.  As I was taking the chairs to the car I stopped to take these amazing pictures through the mist of sprinklers.  I thought they were great!  They sure were having a great time!  Ben said that he forgot that rugby could be that fun. 
Then I went around to the other side to see what they were really doing.  It was getting kinda windy and those kids that were running into the sprinklers were really cold! 
We really wish that Pine View had a rugby team that Josh could have been on.  He will have to play for DSU when he gets home from his mission like the girls did.
 Then finally at 9:45 Jay Day needed the canopy's brought in so we called it a night and everyone went home.  I just think that no one wanted to stop because then it would really be over.