Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just wanted to see if Joel ever reads this. So this is for him. Let's see if he comments any time soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009


This week has been a busy one. Sophie and Josh along with there cousins George and Emily Wells are in the Tuacahn High School productions of "RAGS" that opened last Wed. It has been super fun and JoEllen and I have been taking turns hauling kids out there, supervising during and hauling them back. So, it hasn't been that bad except that Shayne had a huge end of season meet this weekend at the exact same time as the play. So on Friday I took Sophie to a birthday party at 4:30 and went from there to Santa Clara to drop Shayne off at her meet. Then ran to Little Ceasars to get some fast dinner for me and the boys. Well, I was trying to hurry and get them ready and eat at the same time and thought that the pizza tasted different. Not bad enough to spit it out though and since I was in a hurry I just swallowed it and moved on. I drove Josh over to JoEllens because it was her Tuachan turn and went to see Shayne's meet. I was there for her first event and then told her we'd be back for her next event and drove out to Tuacahn. I felt awful. I sat in Jan's office for a half an hour and then left to go back to the meet. Got there and found Shayne. She was just getting ready to swim and I told her that I didn't feel good and asked her to get a ride home. Well, as we were walking out I heard them call her up to swim next so I hesitated to watch her and then ran into the women's locker room and threw up for othe next 10 minutes. I will never eat Pizza again. Especially the ones that have been sitting there for who knows how long waiting for someone to buy them. I spent the rest of the night curled up on the floor of my bathroom. If you look back at my flu episode at Thanksgiving you can read exactly what happened. Except my leg cramps wheren't as bad this time. Joel came home and I asked him to give me a blessing and he and his father gave me a wonderful blessing knowing that I had a lot of things to do the next day. I woke up the next day and my stomach had finally settled. I was weak but better. It was my turn to take the kids to Tuacahn and Shayne still had her swim meet going on. I did the Tuacahn thing and didn't get a break to go see Shayne. I felt bad but cannot do it all, even though I wish I could. I love all of my kids so much and are so thankful for the priesthood and the wonderful men in my life who hold it in the highest regards. I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got roses today!!!! It's been about 15 years since I got roses. WOW! They are beautiful and smell so good. I love Valentine's Day. Joel even asked me out on a date tonight. I must have done something good. WOO HOO!!

Sophie's Audition

On Thurdsay Feb 5th, Sophie auditioned for Taucahn's "Annie". She was excited and her Aunt Jan helped her with a song to sing. She sang "Give my Regards to Broadway". And the next day they called to say that she had a call back. We were sooo excited. Well, she was excited. I was a nervous wreck. Call backs where right after my brother Brad's wedding, during his luncheon. So, we missed the luncheon. Thank goodness he knows all about auditions and was happy for Sophie. Well, I thought that since I worked for Tuacahn that they'd let Sophie be in the ensemble but I got an email yesterday saying thanks, but no thanks. When Sophie got home from school I was reluctant to tell her but when I did she said, "I thought so, but at least it was fun." So, I was relieved. It was a good experience for both of us. Now she knows what it was like and now I know that she can handle it. Even if I can't.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


WARNING!!! This will be a long blog!!!! WARNING!!!

This was an incredible weekend!

1st: Shayne went up to 4A State Swimming Championships on Friday. State was held up at BYU which usually is great for us because we just stay in Lehi but, my Brother Brad was getting married in St. George the next day and there was no one to cheer for Shayne because they were all down here. Thankfully her Grandpa Beckstrand drove up from St. George Friday just to watch her. We were all so grateful for his love and support for her. He even recorded her races for us. She swam the breaststroke part of their 200 Medley Relay. They were ranked 7th in the state and took 6th place. Then she swam her 200 Freestyle and was ranked 15th and took 8th. She was also named fastest female freshman in 4A. (say that 3 times fast!) We were excited for her. The next day she was swimming her 500 freestyle and her 400 Free Relay which she was hoping would take 1st. Unfortunately, the swim meet wasn't scheduled to start Saturday until 6pm and Grandpa wouldn't be able to stay to cheer her on. So, I was excited and sad for her all at once.

2nd: The next day, Saturday Feb 7th, my littlest brother Brad got married to an incredible girl from Ivins named Ashely Potter. They met at Tuacahn where I introduced them. So, Saturday my entire family, Parents, Jan & Andy, Steve & Juanelle, Paula & Charles, Me & Joel, JoEllen & Kyle, Andy & Sarah and Brad and Ashley where all in the St. George Temple together. It was AMAZING! The first time ever that all of my Dad's kids and there spouses were together in the temple. My Dad's dream come true. Although, there where MANY times through the years that he thought it wasn't going to happen. Thank goodness for the power of prayer. Right after the wedding everyone went to the reception hall to get ready for the luncheon except for Me and Sophie. Which brings me to #3

3rd: Sophie auditioned for Tuacahn's Summer Outdoor Production of "ANNIE" on Thursday and got a call back for 1pm Saturday. So, we ran out there and they taught all of the little girls a dance to "It's a hard knock life." Sophie was one of the first to perform. I was a terrible wreck! I was outside getting some support from friends that where there auditioning for the adult roles. I just don't understand why you'd put yourself through an audition. I don't want to be in a position where people critique me on purpose. I like to be the one in charge. I like to be the one that can fire someone, not the one who can be fired. I guess that's why I manage the actors instead of act. Actors are brave and I'm just not brave enough. Anyway, I was a real mess because I was worried about Sophie having enough confidence to not come out bawling her eyes out and worried about Shayne not having someone there to cheer her on for her last two events and worried because I didn't want to miss the program of fun of the reception or anyone to get mad because I wasn't helping out. I did shed a few tears while all this was going on in my head, how could you not? You'd have to be a robot to not be a mess right? Anyway, Sophie got done and said that it was really fun. YEAH!!! That's all I wanted to hear. Even if she doesn't get in (we'll find out on sat.) she will have had fun and that's all I care about. So, one down, two to go. We rushed back to the luncheon and everyone was gone. So went went to McDonalds, grabbed some lunch and went home to wait for a call from Shayne.

At 5:30 we ran back to the reception center, took some pictures and people started coming in. It was GORGEOUS! Jan did the incredible cake and Paula and our cousin Melissa did the flowers and centerpieces. Ashley's colors were dark red and cream. It was elegant. Two down, one to go.

We hadn't heard from Shayne until 11pm when we were back home. It was over and she was sad. She had added 1 second to her 500 Free but was ranked 17th going in and took 9th. She really wanted to do well for Brad since she had missed his wedding. But, she didn't feel like she had done as well as she could have. Her 400 Meter Free Relay team had broken the Pine View High School record 2 weeks earlier during Region by 5 seconds! That's a ton! So, they were ranked 4th and ended up taking 4th but they knocked another 4 seconds off of there time. (Side note: I still hold the Lehi High School record in track for the 4 x 100 relay team!) So, they were extremely happy about that but sad because the other 3 girls on Shayne's team are all Seniors and that was there last High School meet ever. I was happy that the day was over!!!!! I had never been so happy to go to church and just sit. I even looked forward to our CTR5 class.

4th: You thought I was done didn't you? I had one day off then back to work. I am headed up to Orem tomorrow for 2 days with Jan for Auditions for High School Musical 2 that we are doing this summer at Tuacahn. No rest for the wicked. At least all of my kids are happy and back to as normal as we get. I'll post some wedding pictures when I get back.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Denny's Free Breakfast!!

Sometimes I scare myself with how street smart/cunning/wicked (you choose) I am. Yesterday I researched the Free Grand Slam offer and found that Denny's had given every store 1000 coupon books to give to the first 1000 people who order a free Grand Slam. The coupons where buy one get one and 25% off different Denny's items. And each store was also given 500 rain checks to give to whomever couldn't wait around in the HUGE lines. So, Joel and I thought we'd give it a try. This morning we got the kids up and took off to Denny's. We have 2 Denny's here and they were both crammed with people. Mostly High School kids from Dixie, who I must say, get out of school early this week because of Parent/Teacher conference and could have come back at 11:00! I went in and put my name on the list and she said it was an hour and a half wait. So I waited all of 3 minutes and then went back up and asked for a rain check. She handed me 6 rain checks for free Gland Slam breakfasts and 6 coupon books. Then we went back home and made our own breakfast. So, we will be enjoying our FREE Grand Slam breakfast as a family sometime next week when the Denny's isn't crammed full and we can sit and enjoy each others company. Thanks Denny's!