Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bryce Canyon 1/2

Bryce Canyon!!!!  The Beauty and the Beast (13.1 miles!)

 Every year for the last 6 years we have gone to Bryce Canyon in the middle of July so Joel can run the 1/2 marathon.  It started out being something Charles did and then everyone else tagged along.  This year Joel, Kyle,

 Mandy and her girlfriends, Brian, John and Kristal,
 Bishop Feltner, Dale and Jolene Ipson,
 Ben and Chelsi Kroff and probably 15 other people I know ran it.  It is 13.1 miles of straight down.  It can be brutal on your knees (or so I've heard).  Paula and JoEllen have both ran it and I have no desire what so ever to do it.  Maybe some year I'll run the 5K that goes along with it but in all honestly probably not.

The run isn't all that we come for.  We come for Tipi #6 that we sleep in EVERY single time.
 And the "world" a the park in Cannonville.

  I think it's the only "world" left in the world.  This year it did not dissapoint.  Watch this:
Then we all head back up to Ruby's Inn to walk around the little shops and find the best souvenir and take crazy pictures that are the same every year.
We also come for the great company.  These are memories our kids will remember forever with their cousins.  Next year we plan on staying longer and doing some hikin'.  If you want to see some incredible pictures of this weekend then go here: Wells Family.    It was a rainy weekend but we loved it.  The change from a dry hot spell where we reached 112 one day to a cool rainy day was in deed a welcome one.  Before we left we made sure to reserve our Tipi for next year!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beckstrand Family Reunion

We had so much fun at our Beckstrand Family reunion this year. It was up at Duck Creek and was so relaxing.  The morning we were all headed up we heard there was a fire up there but luckily it wasn't headed our direction and the wind blew north the enitr4e time so we didn't get any ash or even smell the smoke.  We went up July 2nd, 3rd and 4th and came back down to St. George to see the amazing fireworks in the SunBowl.  It was a great holiday.  On the 3rd, Joel and I had to leave to go back home so he could conduct a funeral for a lady in our ward but then we were able to pick up Shayne (who had to work the day before) and bring her back up to the rest of the reunion.  It was great for her to see her Johnson cousins that she wishes she could see more often.  We fished, hiked up to a waterfall, climbed down into an ice cave and, of course, we did the Eskimo Blanket.  A family favorite.  Another great memory that will last forever!

Danged Crookneck!

How does your garden grow?

 Here is our garden update... It has been OVERRUN with stinky CROOKNECK SQUASH!

Don't get me wrong.  I like eating it every once in a awhile but you only need to plant one and you get a million off of it so you give it to your neighbors.  Well we never plant it because we are the neighbors you pawn it off on.  I am grateful to you and  because I get it from you I don't need it in my garden.  So when Sophie, Shayne and I went to check out the garden after a week and a half (due to the incredible 3 days rainstorm we had and our trip to Bryce Canyon) we were surprised to see a garden full of crookneck!  I remained calm and called my parents.  I have never grown Giant pumpkins so I wondered (hoping, praying and trying to convince myself it could happen) if these little yellow things that look like squash were truly pumpkins that will transform into gorgeous huge pumpkins.  Much to my dismay, they laughed and said no.  You know when you fill up a water balloon and at first it just fills up the bottom and has a long skinny neck then eventually the whole thing fills up and it is a perfectly round water balloon?  Well...that was my theory.  Danggit!  So I hung up with my parents and after some heavy investigating we found a couple of the cutest watermelons you've ever seen!

  I got excited and decided that the crookneck had to go in order for my baby watermelons to grow.  So up came on of the biggest plants with about 7 squash on it.
Then Shayne pulled another one up and so did Sophie.  At first we thought maybe the neighbor (J'Neal Robinson) had planted them in our garden but we were there first!  So out came plant number 4 and 5.  A couple months ago I did a family Home Evening on a story from the New Era that an actual neighbor of mine from Lehi had written about how one year he and his Dad were thinning the crops in the garden when he noticed that a potato plant had popped up in the middle of the corn.  It was a healthy wonder plant but his dad told him to pick it.  After some pleading to his dad about how wonderful the potatoes will be his dad said, "Son this year it isn't a potato, it's a weed."  There are some things in life that are wonderful like having kids and getting married.  Things that the Lord had told us to do.  But if they aren't done in the right order then they are weeds that need to be picked.  Here is a link to the talk: This year it's a weed.  After the crooknecks were gone we were able to get a better look at what our plants really looked like.  PUMPKINS!  Real pumpkins!  They are darling!

I am secretly hoping this little guys turns out like this one of my dad's.

 And one cantaloupe! It looks like a kiwi.  Hey kiwi!  There's an idea...maybe next year.

 We were on cloud nine!  All we wanted out of this garden is enough pumpkins to show the kids that all of their hard work really does pay off.  Squash is fine to grow but if you want your kids to really love gardening then you must plant pumpkins.  Pumpkins take forever to grow but have the biggest payoff.  Halloween!  Everything else you just eat.  Kids don't really understand that you are saving money by growing something they are just going to eat in 2 minutes and then be done with it.  But they get to be excited for months to watch their pumpkin grow and contemplate which face will get the privileged to be carved on it!  So, I am renewed with faith in our little seeds that they will grow and turn out to be the veggie they were meant to be.  Not some stinkin' CROOKNECK!
p.s. I talked to J'Neal and she said that she didn't plant any crookneck there either.  Must have just grown there to teach us a lesson.