Wednesday, May 28, 2014

David's Birthday

David turned 8!  Yep that means a baptism is coming up.  It also means he gets a birthday party.  We don't do birthday parties except for important birthdays like 8, 12, 16 and 18.  So David invited all of the boys in his church class and Kai, Luke and the only girl his age Mary to come over to the church for a "Ball" themed party.  We played kickball, baseball, basketball and the funnest of all...dodgeball!  It was really fun.  That morning David got 6 new dodgeballs from Josh, baseball plates, bat and ball from Ben and a new big bouncy ball from me.  He also got he own scriptures from Dad.

He got lots of fun stuff from his friends.

 Bring on the DOGDEBALL!

At first the kids played against the kids until we decided to do Joel, Ray, Ben and Sophie against the little kids.  That only lasted one game because Brian showed back up and we played Dad's against kids and the kids LOVED it!  The dad's had to throw left handed.  

Ray, Brain and Joel against 15 kids.

Good catch!

At the end Josh showed up and played on the dad's team for a couple games.  One the last game it was Josh against the little kids and the little kids won!  They all had a great time. 

 Right after the party we went home, jumped in the van and drove up to Lehi to talk to Shayne for Mother's Day.  While we were up there we had cake and ice cream with all the Shelton cousins.  Happy Birthday!

Happy Mother's Day!

 This year we decided to go up to Lehi and take our lap top so we could hook it up to my Dad's TV and everyone could see Shayne when we Skyped with her.  It was great.  We also Skyped on my Ipad with the Wells' family from Hawaii,  Joel's Ipad with Brad, Ashley and Henry from California and on my Dad's Ipad we were Skyping Andy, Sarah and kids from Texas .  It was awesome!  At one point Sloan Skyped Ashley on his phone so she could show Shayne her engagement ring and tell her that she was getting married.  We had the rest of us in my parents living room...  Jan and Andy...Steve, Juanelle, all the boys and Jenna...Paula, Charles and all the Rogel kids and Grandma and Grandpa and us.  It was CRAZY!  Crazy fun.  Officially everyone except Brady was there.  She had to work.  Don't you just love technology?  I do!  We were able to talk to Shayne for about 3 hours.  I was great.  She only has 4 months left.  It was a good way to get her motivated to work hard for the last part of her mission.  Her mission has ALWAYS been exciting for us.  We have never cried or missed her from sadness.  Even when we dropped her off at the MTC I think we were the only ones who weren't crying.  We have missed her when we needed someone to quote or guess a line to a movie but when it came to her mission it has always been a family adventure.  Our first Mother's Day was crazy because she had only been there a week and we were told that she wouldn't get to Skype.  So we just talked on the phone.  Little did we know that her bishop said that she could use his computer later that night because he wasn't going to be home so we did get to see her.  It was really nice.  But this Mother's Day was like a huge PARTY! 

 Andy, Brynn and Miles Skyping with Grandma and Paula while we were waiting for Shayne.

Andy Skyping with Brad.

Katie with the Wells fam.

Sloan holding up Ashley so the two of the can talk.

 Katie is holding up Baby Henry here I think so Shayne can see him.

Andy holding up Gus so Shayne can see him.

Katie taking a Selfie with Shayne.

Here is Sophie's Selfie with Shayne.  Sophie is the Queen of Selfie's.  I don't know how she does it but she cannot take a bad selfie.  I need to take lessons from her.

 Here is my attempt. YIKES!  Not only is it horrible but I got photo bombed by 2 people in the room and Ashley on the phone.

As far as Mother's Days go I think it will be impossible to top this one.  But I hope they try.