Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joel's 41st b-day!

Joel's birthday was spent traveling to Phoenix. We had his birthday dinner at Arby's with the kids around 8pm and went back to crash at our hotel. His idea of spending his birthday in a hotel room does not include his 4 youngest kids but this year it did. Joel is the most amazing person I know. He works hard and wishes he had more time to play hard. His children adore him and so do his co-workers. He is dependable to a fault. Never says no and always has a smile and kiss for me when he gets home. I am truly blessed for having nailed him down and had him sealed to me forever so he can't get rid of me. I love you Joel! Happy Birthday!

Incredible Easter Weekend!

This Easter weekend we traveled down to Phoenix to baptize Eric. John Utley and Bri Roberts, fellow swimmers and friends of ours, came with us. Shayne drove her car with the 3 of them and Sophie and we took the van with the little boys. It's a 6 hour drive from our house in Washington and seemed even longer with 3 little boys going crazy the whole time. We got to Eric's around 4pm on Friday and then went to check into our hotel and relax for a minute before it was time to help Shayne get ready for another PROM! Eric's Prom just happened to fall on that Friday so John and Bri went together and Shayne's date was Isaac Flater. A guy she met last time Eric was in town. Isaac is a really nice guy and Shayne was glad she was going with him and not a stranger. I will post some pictures of the dance as soon as I get them from Eric. The rest of us got something to eat and camped out in our Hotel room which David loved and wants us to move into. Yikes!

The next morning we met everyone at the stake center at 9:30 and got ready for the baptism. Joel and Eric had both forgotten a towel so Eric called his friend Taylor and asked him to bring a couple when he came. Besides that everything was wonderful. The talks were great. The Elders Quorum President talked on baptism and then Taylor's Mom talked on the Holy Ghost. The baptism was the highlight. Joel baptized Eric and then they hugged and cried while standing there in the font. Which made all of us cry. The spirit was so strong. You could tell that the Lord has wanted this to happen longer than any of us. We were blessed to be a part of it. Then we went back into the chapel where the missionaries talked on the importance of missionary work until Joel and Eric were finished changing. Then the Branch President talked for a minute and asked Eric to come up and share his feelings. It was an amazing experience.

After, we went out to eat at Chili's and Isaac and Hyrum (another friend) came with us. We had a great lunch and then went to the city park to play volleyball and goof around for awhile. My boys had all gotten rockets and gliders and things in their Easter baskets so we flew them around for awhile then joined the teenagers for some wicked games of volleyball. They weren't so much wicked but the picture's I took made it look like we were really good. It was more like hit the ball, chase the ball. Not a whole lot of Volley in there anywhere. But it was still fun. Then we retreated to Eric's clubhouse to swim and cool off. It was a good 90 degrees that day.

The next day we went to Eric's church at 1:15 and watched him be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. One of the missionaries confirmed him and Joel and 8 others stood in the circle. It was so touching. Eric will be a great example to his friends and especially his family. We are very proud of him and his decisions.

After sacrament we changed and headed home. We got to Hoover Dam around 9pm and pulled over so the kids could take a look. After that we went to Denny's and ate. By the time we left there it was almost 11 and we still had 2 hours to go. It was the longest drive EVER! But it was worth every second and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I think it'll always be a good reminder to us of Easter and the importance of it and the sacrifice that our Savior did for all of us.

Thank you Eric for letting us be a part of your life. We love you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Headstone!

Let me start by saying that I think that this is a genius idea!

My parents got there headstone put in the cemetery yesterday.

Awhile ago they went to the monument place and got it all ordered up. They were like kids in a candy store. We always kidded that we would put sayings on there headstone that said, He parked by the door and She could have made it for 2 dollars. My dad will drive around a parking lot until there is an opening near the door and many many times people would pull out right as we pull up. It happens so often that it's freaky. And my Mom will see something in the store and look at the price tag and say, "I could make the damn thing for $2!" And many times she does.

So that's what they put on the headstone except for the swearing part. The lady helping them said that they try not to do that. Ha ha ha! Then there is a picture of a sewing machine above my mom's name and a man standing in a garden over my dad's. My Mom can sew up a storm and has done humanitarian projects every Wednesday for the last 20 years. My Dad has had a huge garden from the time they built the house they live in. 30+ years. It used to be HUGE! But, now it's half the size because he doesn't have as many mouths to feed and he had to have a basketball court, swing set and tree house for the grandkids. He is an amazing gardener.

This headstone/bench is gorgeous and so much fun. Paula is disgusted with the whole thing and does not want her name in the cemetery but I love it! I guess I'm like my parents. Maybe Joel and I will start looking.

Kite Festival

Saturday morning I picked the little boys up from Jan's and took Josh to his 5th grade Bake Sale that I made this cute bunny cake and some bunny cupcakes for. The money goes to a scholarship fund that Burke Staheli gives to Seniors who are going to Dixie College and have graduated from Washington Elementary. It is an amazing program and this year they had 20 applicants so we were trying to raise more money for 2 more scholarships.
After that we had soccer games. Ben 10am, Sophie noon and Josh and George were at 2pm. While at the last game we got a call from Rogel's who where passing through town on there way back home from some Spring Break fun in the sun. When they got to our house we took all the kids, except Josh, Jake and George to the Kite Festival. Josh, Jake and George stayed at the Wells' with Kyle to help paint the tree house.
The kite festival is a big kite flying activity where the kids of all Washington County can take there 3 month reading calendar and get to pick a kite or book for free. It is a great way to keep track of how much your child reads and to get them to read. The kids had fun at the games they had and were able to get a couple little prizes. Then we walked around and looked at different booths and the kids got candy and otter pops. It's not a huge event but can be fun if you like to fly kites and there is enough wind to do it. Then we went back to my house and the Rogels went home. it was fun to see them since we will not be able to go up to Lehi for Easter and they weren't able to come down for the baptism.


At the end of every year Dixie College has a D-Week. It is like Homecoming but at the end of the school year. All week long they have activities and on Saturday they white wash the D on the hill. On Friday they had the Great Race - a obstacle course that goes throughout the campus and then ends up at the football stadium with a huge B-B-Q and carnival. I took the little boys to it and we had a great time. All of the carnival was free so the kids ran from bounce house to bounce house, from cotton candy booth to snow cone booth and from dart game to golf. If was so much fun. They also had a guy doing balloon animals. He was amazing and so was the line that went to him. So, I stood in line while the kids ran and ran and ran around having fun. About an hour later we were up to the front and the boys all got these incredible things (not animals). Josh got a weird alien hat, Ben got an alien with a space pack, David got a twisty thing with hearts on it (because that's what Evan got) and George got a lazer gun to fight off the aliens. They loved it! After I took them all over to Jandy's house to sleep over. Because we were taking care of Gus and Lily while they were gone to State. It was a wild night.

Bus Driver!

Last week Tuacahn found out that their Bus Driver would not be able to drive them to Tooele for the State Drama Competition and they did not have a back up driver. Missing State was not an option so Joel went and got his bus driving permit. He passed his written and driving test 2 days before it was time to leave. They were relieved and happy to have Joel. If you have ever been to Tooele then you know that their is nothing there. Which is good because Joel was able to get some well deserved rest. On the last day of State they were short 1 judge and asked Joel to fill in. He loved it and got and extra $50 for his work! Not a bad gig. He is also helping them out at the end of the month because they have the drama team going to Layton and the Orchestra going to Provo the same weekend and need two buses.

The Burger Place

Once upon a time there was a cute little Mom and Pop restaurant called The Burger Place. It was nothing fancy and as the name implies, they sell burgers as well as other greasy yummy food. This store had been in business for 15 years and employed many wonderful people over that time. Everyone loved the Burger Place. Everyone except the Washington City Council. They wanted the land that the Burger Place sat on to widen the road. We still do not know why they wanted the entire store. Why not just dig up the sidewalk and move it closer? We may never know. But what we do know is that last week the Burger Place met it's demise and was brought down into a pile of rubbish. It was so sad. I saw kids going over and picking up bricks and taking them home to have something to remember it by. Our cute little Washington. Our small quaint town that we were so proud of is now turning into a bigger city whether we like it or not. Construction has started and our little country main street is all torn up by big machines that eat up the ground like a hungry T-Rex that found a herd of small dinosaurs to feast on. It's so sad. And it will not end until January 2012! Oh the humanity!

Monday, April 11, 2011

She made it!

Shayne made it on Exec. Council! She is the Service Supervisor. She will be over every service project they will have. Which is good because they only do one service project a year. Tuacahn High is required to do one a month! So, Shayne is seeking now for things to do this next school year. She wanted to be involved in the say of what activities happen and she also wanted it to look good on a resume'. This position lets her do both!

She is excited and is taking suggestions on things that she could do. Got any ideas?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Exec. Council!

Shayne decided to run for Exec Council for next year. So, the first step was to get 2 teacher references. She took one into the Principal, Mr. Mees, and he said that she was the first person to ever give one to him to fill out and would be happy to do it. The next thing was to come up with a Spirit Week agenda. So she planned a weeks worth of activities and based them all on getting to know other kids in other grades and unifying the students. I thought it was genius. Then the next thing was to make 10 posters and 2 banners to hang up in the halls this past Monday morning. So, she instantly asked James and Jason if they could help her out. They came to her track meet at Desert Hills and planned when and what. Then Sunday night they came over and busted them all out. They were awesome and saved us a ton of time. It's amazing how James' mind eye can see things that we couldn't even imagine. When Shayne and I do a poster we have to prewrite everything in pencil to make sure it fits and stays straight. It takes forever and we are not creative. We would have just written it plain and simple and that's how they would have looked. She also wrote on her car windows. Here are some pics:

The 2 banners turned out awesome. Top 10 reasons to vote for Shayne and top top 10 reasons to vote Beckstrand.

1. Reads Mark Twain
2. Won't complain
3. Grandma's name is Elaine
4. Is not insane
5. Loves to entertain
6. Likes to go down memory lane
7. Great Grandpa flew Lindberghs plane
8. Will refrain from being profane
9. Won't give you a migraine
10. Hope you like this campaign

1. Loves Disneyland
2. Can do a handstand
3. Sometimes wears a headband
4. Likes to build castles in the sand
5. Wishes she owned a hotdog stand
6. In the summer gets suntanned
7. Can play a baby grand
8. Can shoot a rubber band
9. Bike has a kickstand
10. Will completely understand

It was really fun to help her put them up in the High School.

Wednesday she had and interview with the 2 advisers over Student government, the current Student Body President and our athletic director who is like the vice principal. They asked her all sorts of questions and told her that she did a great job. Afterwords, Shayne went to Seminary which she has with the student body president and he told her that she rocked her interview. So she was really happy.
Then today was the final thing. The assembly! She had to prepare a 2 minute talk to give to the entire student body. We weren't really sure what to do so we kept with the rhyming theme. But changed it a little like in the movie Private Eyes with Don Knotts and Tim Conway. If you haven't seen it then you are missing out. Here is her talk:

As you can tell from my posters, I like to rhyme,
I think it’s fun and you should try it some time.
I’m running for Exec Council because I love this school,
We all know that the students here are really awesome.

The unity and support that we give to each other,
Make us feel like a sister or brother.
Our classes are great and with a backpack,
We will learn and achieve cuz we’re on the right trail.

Our football team is so strong,
All that muscle just can’t be wrong.
Our basketball players are tall and lean,
Plus they’re so nice they’d never be rude.

Our golf and tennis could never be better,
And the swim team is wet and couldn’t get wetter.
Our cross country and track are number one,
No matter how fast they can’t be out raced.

And when it comes to giving us school spirit,
Dance and cheer are the ones to do it.
Our soccer team is top class,
They love to go and kick some butt.

Our wrestlers can rule on the mat,
They can lay there opponent out flat.
Baseball and softball just can’t be outdone,
I love when they hit a ball over the fence.

Band, choir, and orchestra bring music down the hall,
Our drama department has a great curtain call.
Pine View High School has great unity,
Join any club and you will find out.

Next year will be amazing just wait and see,
Don’t forget to vote for me!
Shayne is my name and I don’t mean to gloat,
But I’ll do a great job just cast your ballot.

Vote for me and we’ll have a great time.
And now sadly I’ve come to the end of my rhyme.

Right after the assembly they were allowed to vote. They have all of today to vote then the posters come down and they find out on Monday who won what.
I say who won what because it isn't all about votes.
50% in votes
25% interview and references
25% Spirit week assignment

The person with the highest accumulative points is the president. 2nd is Vice and so on. I do think that the final decision is up the the advisers.

So Monday we will find out what happens. She'd love to be president but just being involved would be fun.