Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Incredible Easter Weekend!

This Easter weekend we traveled down to Phoenix to baptize Eric. John Utley and Bri Roberts, fellow swimmers and friends of ours, came with us. Shayne drove her car with the 3 of them and Sophie and we took the van with the little boys. It's a 6 hour drive from our house in Washington and seemed even longer with 3 little boys going crazy the whole time. We got to Eric's around 4pm on Friday and then went to check into our hotel and relax for a minute before it was time to help Shayne get ready for another PROM! Eric's Prom just happened to fall on that Friday so John and Bri went together and Shayne's date was Isaac Flater. A guy she met last time Eric was in town. Isaac is a really nice guy and Shayne was glad she was going with him and not a stranger. I will post some pictures of the dance as soon as I get them from Eric. The rest of us got something to eat and camped out in our Hotel room which David loved and wants us to move into. Yikes!

The next morning we met everyone at the stake center at 9:30 and got ready for the baptism. Joel and Eric had both forgotten a towel so Eric called his friend Taylor and asked him to bring a couple when he came. Besides that everything was wonderful. The talks were great. The Elders Quorum President talked on baptism and then Taylor's Mom talked on the Holy Ghost. The baptism was the highlight. Joel baptized Eric and then they hugged and cried while standing there in the font. Which made all of us cry. The spirit was so strong. You could tell that the Lord has wanted this to happen longer than any of us. We were blessed to be a part of it. Then we went back into the chapel where the missionaries talked on the importance of missionary work until Joel and Eric were finished changing. Then the Branch President talked for a minute and asked Eric to come up and share his feelings. It was an amazing experience.

After, we went out to eat at Chili's and Isaac and Hyrum (another friend) came with us. We had a great lunch and then went to the city park to play volleyball and goof around for awhile. My boys had all gotten rockets and gliders and things in their Easter baskets so we flew them around for awhile then joined the teenagers for some wicked games of volleyball. They weren't so much wicked but the picture's I took made it look like we were really good. It was more like hit the ball, chase the ball. Not a whole lot of Volley in there anywhere. But it was still fun. Then we retreated to Eric's clubhouse to swim and cool off. It was a good 90 degrees that day.

The next day we went to Eric's church at 1:15 and watched him be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. One of the missionaries confirmed him and Joel and 8 others stood in the circle. It was so touching. Eric will be a great example to his friends and especially his family. We are very proud of him and his decisions.

After sacrament we changed and headed home. We got to Hoover Dam around 9pm and pulled over so the kids could take a look. After that we went to Denny's and ate. By the time we left there it was almost 11 and we still had 2 hours to go. It was the longest drive EVER! But it was worth every second and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I think it'll always be a good reminder to us of Easter and the importance of it and the sacrifice that our Savior did for all of us.

Thank you Eric for letting us be a part of your life. We love you!

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Dan and Katie said...

Wow!! That is so awesome!! I don't even know the kid and the pictures of you all with him brought tears to my eyes because I couldn't help but remember the amazing families like yours that have helped and inspired me along the way. Neat story!