Sunday, April 3, 2011


About a month ago I talked to Eric about how Satan wants us to fail and when we are getting close to something good he tries to break us down. Like when I get ready to go to the Temple something always comes up but I have to push through it and go to the temple to do what is eternally important. Eric called me up the other day and told me that he couldn't wait until June to get baptized (he wanted to wait for school to get out). He said it needs to be as soon as possible because Satan is working overtime on him. So, I said that we could cancel our plans for Easter and come then. He called me the next day and said that he had set it all up with the missionaries and that Joel could baptize him on Saturday April 23rd and confirm him on Easter Sunday, April 24th! What a great way to spend Easter!

Every year we spend Easter at my parents house because it's my Dad's favorite holiday. All the grand kids think he's the Easter Bunny. He always goes all out and hides hundreds of eggs and candy in his backyard and grandma hands out bubbles and bouncy balls and fun little toys. It's a huge tradition. Easter and Thanksgiving are our main trips up to Lehi. We never miss it. But this year we will. The kids were really bummed about not getting to do the hunt and to not get all that candy and fun stuff from grandma and grandpa. But after explaining that this will be a very special Easter and will be a great remembrance of the real reason of Easter they were no longer sad and are now getting really excited to go.

Shayne said that at Alex's baptism his girlfriend spoke about baptism and tried not to cry but her dad gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and cried like a baby. She said that Eric had better ask some of his friends from Arizona to do the talks because if she had to then she'd never make it all the way through.

We are blessed to have Eric in our lives and know that the Lord has great plans for his life. He is already a great example to his family and non-member friends. I will blog about it more when it happens. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

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