Monday, April 18, 2011


At the end of every year Dixie College has a D-Week. It is like Homecoming but at the end of the school year. All week long they have activities and on Saturday they white wash the D on the hill. On Friday they had the Great Race - a obstacle course that goes throughout the campus and then ends up at the football stadium with a huge B-B-Q and carnival. I took the little boys to it and we had a great time. All of the carnival was free so the kids ran from bounce house to bounce house, from cotton candy booth to snow cone booth and from dart game to golf. If was so much fun. They also had a guy doing balloon animals. He was amazing and so was the line that went to him. So, I stood in line while the kids ran and ran and ran around having fun. About an hour later we were up to the front and the boys all got these incredible things (not animals). Josh got a weird alien hat, Ben got an alien with a space pack, David got a twisty thing with hearts on it (because that's what Evan got) and George got a lazer gun to fight off the aliens. They loved it! After I took them all over to Jandy's house to sleep over. Because we were taking care of Gus and Lily while they were gone to State. It was a wild night.

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