Monday, April 18, 2011

Bus Driver!

Last week Tuacahn found out that their Bus Driver would not be able to drive them to Tooele for the State Drama Competition and they did not have a back up driver. Missing State was not an option so Joel went and got his bus driving permit. He passed his written and driving test 2 days before it was time to leave. They were relieved and happy to have Joel. If you have ever been to Tooele then you know that their is nothing there. Which is good because Joel was able to get some well deserved rest. On the last day of State they were short 1 judge and asked Joel to fill in. He loved it and got and extra $50 for his work! Not a bad gig. He is also helping them out at the end of the month because they have the drama team going to Layton and the Orchestra going to Provo the same weekend and need two buses.

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