Saturday, August 22, 2015

Parker's Baptism

Yeah Parker!  He was baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
on August 22nd 2015!  We are so proud of him!  We love you Parker!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

1st day of School 2015-16

HooWoo!  It's about dang time!  Usually I hate when school starts but this year I couldn't wait.  I took pictures of Ben on his way to 6th grade at Fossil Ridge Intermediate, because he left about the same time I did.  Shayne took pictures and Sophie and Josh, 12th and 10th grade, on their way to PVHS.  And Joel took David's picture on his way to 4th grade at Washington Elementary with Mrs Stephenson.  Ben had her 2 years ago.  It was really good for him.  We know David will be fine.

  Sophie and Brianna always seem to match on the first day of school.  They are both Super cute!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cross Country Season

So the cross country season has started and one of the fun things about it is that they have a youngsters team that consist of anyone in 6th-8th grade.  So, Ben has been running everyday after school with them.

One of the first races was the relay race.  It was pretty fun for them. All of the local school have the races at the Bloomington Park.  So we were there a lot.
Miles Gilmore
This is Gage Holt that was on Ben's relay team and David keeping up with him, having fun.

Josh was his anchor leg so he didn't have to pass off to anyone.

Drew Wells ran on Desert Hills' kid club team against Ben.  They were a close race.
Since this is the first race of the season the coaches give out funny awards to the best runners and this picture was to the runners that are Shayne's grade that were there supporting the new kids. 

Cedar City Invite at the Bicentennial Park, was the next race and it was fun because George and Emma and Laynee all raced.  It wasn't a race for the youngsters.

Here are Emma and Laynee right next to each other.

Cute Cousins.
George raced with the Varsity team so he and Josh never ran against each other.  It was fun to see Josh run along side George and cheer him on.

Pine View Invitational.  Here are the youngsters.  Ben is in the black and white tank on the end and David is behind him in red.

It was a super close race.

Then it was Josh's turn.  It was fun to see Ben cheer him on.

Another day, another race.  This time David was determined to beat Ben, and he did. 
Drew is super fast.  Just like Laynee.
Here's JoEllen cheering David across the line.
Ben is a great athlete and competitor.  But he wasn't happy that David beat him.

The boys were next.  They did a great job.

Pine View Meet in the rain.

David beat Ben again.

Sweaty hair.

Cedar City High School.  This time they got actual numbers to wear.
Josh and the boys were playing a hacky sack game before their race.
Here are the youngsters.
On your mark, get set. GO!!
Ben and Gage stayed together for a long time.  Doing so helped him beat David.

Good sports.
They both were happy with their times because they both got new personal records.
Ben's was blurry but it says 13:54.3.
Coolest bunch of JV boys ever!
Here are the girls.  It was so much fun when we had both Dixie and Desert Hills there.
Here's Shana, cheering on Laynee.
Emma's time.
George, with Ben cheering him on.