Thursday, August 6, 2015

End of Swim Season Party & Ortho Swim Party!

So we had our end of year B-B-Q and swim party at the DSU pool.  Right afterwards we had our patient appreciation pool party out at Sand Hollow Swimming Pool for Dr. Christian's Orthodontics so we took George out there with us.  The kids were taking turns trying to throw the football into the basketball hoop and when Ben wasn't looking Kyle pushed him in.

Shayne threw the ffotball too and hit a kid walking by right in the head.  It was hilarious!
 At the end of the party one of the other coaches and some of the other kids tried to push Shayne into the pool.  Shayne has only gone into the pool once and that was on her last day of work when Chase basically picked her up and jumped in with her.
 Then off to the SHAC we went.  We played inside for a minute and then they boys found the slip-n-slide outside and took it over.
 Shayne came too.  She saw a bunch of the same kids that were at the other party too.
 The boys stayed on this for an hour.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the day and get in one last party before school starts next week.

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