Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Family Pictures

 Here are our back to school pictures.  For some stupid reason Washington Elementary decided to go against it's 30 year history of having pictures taken by Lifetouch Photography and have Bell Photo take their pictures.  They were awful because only did one background color...Bright BLUE!  We always hang a 8x10 of everyone's school picture and it has always looked to so nice barbecue no matter the smile the photo's all matched.  Not this year.  It's a good thing I have gorgeous kids. 

Then my wall looked even more off because Shayne's Sr. picture was still up and was 3 years old.  So as soon as she got home, we got new family pictures taken and this picture of Shayne now is up instead.  So I am thinking that next year we will forgo the 20 year tradition of school pictures (I used to take Shayne over to the school to get her picture taken every year before she was even in school), and just have Jalee take everyone's pictures once a year .  That way the background will at least match, right?

Jalee met us over at the Brigham Young House.  There were a million places to take pictures.

All those pictures eventually led to this.