Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The Healing Wall"

The city of Washington was lucky enough to have the traveling Vietnam Memorial replica come to our Veterans Park this week. I have always had a place in my heart
for this memorial.

My cousin Susan Smith was happily married with 2 young boys when her husband Jim Chipman, an Air Force pilot, was shot down and never found. Her youngest son Matt was just a baby. During High School Matt and I became good friends and I always felt bad that he didn't get to know his father especially because of the sacrifice he gave us. The summer before my Sr. year I went to Washington D.C. with JoEllen and my parents to see this memorial in person. I can't explain the feeling that comes over you as you walk towards it. By the time a volunteer helped us find Jim and make a rubbing of his name I was in tears. The spirit is so strong there. I have been lucky enough to go a second time to D.C. later with Joel to show him this amazing sight. A couple of years ago the traveling wall came to the Dixie Center in St. George and we took the kids over to see it. Josh was really affected by it and has had a love for the military ever since. I wouldn't be surprised if he chooses to be in it.

Washington Elementary (Burke Staheli) loves to have the kids involved in all things like this, so today when the military had a program in the park to dedicate the ground Burke made sure that his 1st and 4th grade classes where there to sing songs and read poems. I am lucky enough to have Josh in 5th and Ben in 1st so I got to see them both. I think that it is very important for our youth to know of these incredible Heroes who died for them. These veterans should never and will never be forgotten.
If you would like to read more about Jim click here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


On Sunday David decided to dress himself for church and he did an amazing job putting on his suit, except he didn't put a shirt on underneath and was strutting around like he was so cool. I told him to go show his Dad how good he looked. Joel laughed and told him to go put a shirt on so he did. Buttoned it up himself and everything!

He looked awesome in sacrament meeting!

After he told Joel he was too hot and they went into the bathroom to change before Primary.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is my nephew Sloan.

He and his Dad Steve were down here this week for the 4A Golf Tournament. Sloan was the ONLY kid from his High School (West Lake) to qualify to come to state and he is only a Sophmore!

The state championships where a little messed up this year thanks to Coral Canyon backing out at the last second. So 4A had to share SunBrook Golf Course with the 3A Championships. So, there were a lot of groups that didn't get to finish the first night and had to go back first thing in the morning to start up where they left off. Sloan's group was one of them.

Sloan was awesome to watch. The first day I took Ben with me to watch and after Sloan was done he gave Ben the ball he'd been using all day. Ben was in Heaven. He and Sloan are birthday buddies and he really looks up to Sloan. He was so excited and showed it to everyone when we got home.

Sloan ended up with an 88 after the first round. The second round was much better and he hit a 79 and was hurrying to finish before it was too dark. Overall Sloan took 4th in the singles category (High Schools that only had 1 kid). It was a new and fun experience for me. Until now I'd only ever went to a range to hit balls once and that was at Fiesta Fun, not even at a real course. I am really proud of how well Sloan did. He's an amazing kid.

p.s. My pictures turned out really good! I love the second one and the one of his feet watching the ball go in the hole.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 17th Shayne!

17 years ago today Shayne broke my tailbone and entered the world. I should have known she'd be a pain in the butt! Just Kidding that is the only time she has ever been a pain. We have been so lucky to have her in our family. She has ALWAYS been so responsible and hard working. She is a Jr. this year and is the Captain of the Swim Team, Sec. of the French Club, a member of HOSA and loves to play her trombone in the school band. I am so impressed with her strong willed personality (I wonder where she get's it?) and her leadership among her friends. Shayne is a big supporter of positive peer pressure and has been for as long as I can remember. She's never been afraid to yell at someone on the bus for swearing and always stands up for the underdog. Shayne we love you so much! Keep up the good work!
Joshua 1:9

She's going to love these picture's!

Dixie College's 100th b-day!

Happy 100th Dixie! This weekend we a fun one. It was Dixie Colleges 100th Homecoming and it was packed with fun stuff. Friday at midnight JoEllen, John, Joel and I ran the first annual DSC Midnight 5K. Kyle didn't run because he was helping out at the water station. Kyle was the one who designed the course and helped get it all ready. This was my first 5K ever. It was pretty fun and JoEllen was very nice to stay with me. I don't have any pictures of this on purpose. John took 4th place over all and Joel did really well too especially since the marathon was just last week! I thought that I'd be stiff or hurting somewhere from that run but I was really surprised at how well I feel and I hate to say it but I'm excited to see when the next 5K is.

9 hours later (10am)we were at the Homecoming P-raid. Shayne and Kyle were in it and it had over 100 entries. Shayne was of course with the PVHS band and Kyle was on the Alumni float because he is on the committee. The kids all got balloons and a ton of candy!

Right after it got over we went to the alumni house to have a B-B-Q. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and cookies. Kyle had a blanket set up under a tree in the backyard of the alumni house and we just relaxed and had a good picnic. It was nice to have the kids all fed before we even got home so I didn't have to do anything.

At 3 & 4pm Sophie had Volleyball games. They had them outside because the weather was so nice and because the World Senior Games Basketball games were going on inside the rec center. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Sophie loves to play and is getting really good at it. It'll be fun to see if she decides to do it in High School.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy, fun, marathon/conference weekend

The first Saturday in October is always reserved for the St. George Marathon. This year we had Joel, John, Charles and Kyle run it. Our tradition is that Friday night all of the families go up to the Wells' cabin in Pine Valley for a big Carbo-load pasta dinner. Then someone stays behind to take the runners to the starting line at 6am. Well, this year it was me. It worked out great and was really fun to see all of the runners at the start getting ready. But, I had exactly 20 minutes to get down to the Bluff St. Park to start the Mayor's walk with all of our families. It was a super close call. Thank goodness the cops in this town don't care about anyone else except the runner's because I was flying!

I pulled up to the park and Shayne gave me my running shoes and my Mayor's Walk t-shirt and then they said "GO!" David took off running like a crazy man. I yelled at him to stop and come take my hand so we could walk together but he said, "Mom, I gotta run!" So, I said go ahead and then took off after him. Shayne ran with me thank goodness because I was sucking air about a half a mile later. So, she ran with him another mile before he got tired and stopped to walk. I caught up to them right before the last stretch to the finish line and when he saw it he took off running again. As he crossed the line he jumped like he'd just won. It was so cute. But, I didn't get to walk with any of my family. I was right in between the runners and the walkers and was all by myself. Next year I'll either have to run the entire way with him or convince him to walk with me. After the Mayor's walk they always have hot scones and water and juice for everyone who participated. So here's a picture of us eating.

The day was HOT. We didn't need jackets at 7am and by the time Joel crossed it was nearing 100 degrees. All of the boys ran at a slower pace than they had planned but the heat sucked the energy right out of them. John crossed first and then Charles. Joel was next and ran a 4:28.26. He was happy but overheated. Kyle came in right after Joel. We have a communication system set up to make sure we don't miss any of the boys. JoEllen sits up 2 miles away on the diagonal and calls as soon as she see someone. Then Shayne plays with the High School band 1 mile away and she calls when they reach her. Then we know that in the next 10 minutes they'd be coming to us. It works out really well. As soon as Shayne can see Joel coming she gives her friends (Enrique and Cameron) her trombone and runs the rest of the way with him. The officials frown on it but because she had her Marathon Volunteer shirt on they let her run. She got a lot of running in that day.

After they all cross the finish line the runners get food, ice Popsicle, etc... The kids all love it because they all get a Popsicle. Here is a picture of all of us with ours.

The collage is stolen from Jillyn's blog. The picture's were taken up on the diagonal at Shana's parents house where JoEllen's station is.

It was a great marathon and we are all so proud of our men. I can't wait until next year!

Marathon/Conference Weekend (part 2)

This year after the marathon Sophie had a couple city Volleyball games at the rec center. It was fun to watch her. My parents showed up just in time to watch her serve for the last time to win their second game. They have a good team. Kashton Sullivan is on Sophie's team. He is Kyson's little brother. I think I've mentioned Kyson a few times but if I haven't then he is Shayne's oldest and dearest friend. They've done everything together and now Kash and Sophie are picking up right where Shayne and Kyson started. It's pretty funny. Anyway...

At 5pm we do phase 2 of the weekend traditions. The men go to Panda Express to eat dinner and then go to the Priesthood session of conference at the St. George East Stake Center together. The women go out to Tuacahn to eat at Jan and Andy's Renaissance Feast and then watch whatever play is going on in the Amphitheater. This year it was "Crazy For You". Which Brad designed the set and we were excited to see it. But when we left the feast it was raining and they were waiting 20 minutes to see if it'd stop before they'd cancel the show. Sure enough, they canceled and we didn't get to see the set. But I will be seeing it next week and will blog all about it. So don't worry. The Feast was so much fun. Andy is the King and anything he says goes. You must eat with your fingers and can throw coins at the beggars to keep them away from you. And for a dollar you can put someone in the stocks. There were a bunch of alumni from last year that kept putting Jan in and it took my Mom $5 to get and keep her out. All of the money goes to helping these kids raise money to go to New York in May. Which I did 2 years ago and it was AMAZING! The entertainment at the Feast is the 6 scenes that the school is performing at the Utah Shakespearean competition next weekend up in Cedar City. The kids are awesome! They will kick some major booty like they always do.

This last picture is of Sophie, Abby and Emily being silly.

Marathon/Conference Weekend (part 3)

Sunday! On Sunday we do part 3 of our long weekend traditions. In between Conference sessions we all go to JoEllen's and eat a huge B-B-Q lunch. Then Mom and Dad and the Rogel's travel home. It is a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. This year we even tied a quilt during the last session of conference. We usually only do that during Easter Conference. If you are wondering what this Conference thing is that I've been talking about then please click on the tab at the top right column of my blog that says, "What I believe. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." You can also check out these fun web sites:

Or if you want to ask me anything about my religion I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bishop's Birthday

Wednesday was our Bishop's birthday. Our YW president made a quilt for him and the girls all wrote their favorite scripture on it. It turned out really cute.