Monday, October 4, 2010

Marathon/Conference Weekend (part 2)

This year after the marathon Sophie had a couple city Volleyball games at the rec center. It was fun to watch her. My parents showed up just in time to watch her serve for the last time to win their second game. They have a good team. Kashton Sullivan is on Sophie's team. He is Kyson's little brother. I think I've mentioned Kyson a few times but if I haven't then he is Shayne's oldest and dearest friend. They've done everything together and now Kash and Sophie are picking up right where Shayne and Kyson started. It's pretty funny. Anyway...

At 5pm we do phase 2 of the weekend traditions. The men go to Panda Express to eat dinner and then go to the Priesthood session of conference at the St. George East Stake Center together. The women go out to Tuacahn to eat at Jan and Andy's Renaissance Feast and then watch whatever play is going on in the Amphitheater. This year it was "Crazy For You". Which Brad designed the set and we were excited to see it. But when we left the feast it was raining and they were waiting 20 minutes to see if it'd stop before they'd cancel the show. Sure enough, they canceled and we didn't get to see the set. But I will be seeing it next week and will blog all about it. So don't worry. The Feast was so much fun. Andy is the King and anything he says goes. You must eat with your fingers and can throw coins at the beggars to keep them away from you. And for a dollar you can put someone in the stocks. There were a bunch of alumni from last year that kept putting Jan in and it took my Mom $5 to get and keep her out. All of the money goes to helping these kids raise money to go to New York in May. Which I did 2 years ago and it was AMAZING! The entertainment at the Feast is the 6 scenes that the school is performing at the Utah Shakespearean competition next weekend up in Cedar City. The kids are awesome! They will kick some major booty like they always do.

This last picture is of Sophie, Abby and Emily being silly.

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