Sunday, August 20, 2017

DSU Back 2 School Carnival

Dixie State had a back to school carnival for the Alumni and their kids.  I don't think there was a single college kid there.  Not even running the booths really.  They were being run by the Deans!  It was held inside the Burns Arena which was different too.  As you walked in they gave you a card that had numbers and pictures on it that they marked off after you did each thing.  The first thing we did was got a free shirt!
 Then we played some games and then ate dinner.
 Dixie now has their own Cornhole set!

 Del Beatty was manning a booth.  It was pretty fun. 

 The student that has taken over Brooks the Bison this year is about 6 inches shorter than last year.  His shorts go clear down to his calves.  It's pretty funny.  Josh and George were taller than he was.  Hopefully he"ll gain some confidence too.  He was pretty subdued.  I need to give him some pointers on how to be a mascot and turn the mascots head to look at a camera.
 We played more games and then went back and started over.  By that time Kyle had taken over for Del.  So we did his booth.   Then it was over.  We got a lot of STUFF! 
 A growth chart, 2 Dixie State Flags, 7 Gliders, 3 Squishy Balls, 5 Sunglasses, 2 Paddle balls, 4 Stickers and 6 Tattoo's, 6 Lip Gloss, 3 Bison, 5 Cups and 5 T-Shirts!  We are set for the year!
 Then we went over to Kyle's office to help him change out some chairs.  JoEllen wanted to massage chair back home and Kyle wanted a different chair in his office.  So, we switched them out and went to cram everyone into the elevator.  When we walked over to get in, this is what we saw.  So we made them take that one down and get it out so we could put the massage chair in.

So they did and the elevator came back up empty.  We got in with the chair (this is Josh sitting in the massage chair) and when the doors to the elevator opened at the bottom, this is what we saw...All the rest of the kids on the other chair with George and Ben, blocking our way out.
 They thought they were so funny.  We piled the chairs in Kyle's truck and the kids too and went to the Wells' to unload.
  It was a fun end to a fun night.

FREEDOM or Prison? It all depends on who you are.

It's the 1st day of SCHOOL!!!!  Monday, August 14th, 2017 was the first day of school for my kids.  It was freedom for me and Prison for them.  One of them had written on the family calendar, PRISON STARTS, on that day.   It was pretty funny.  That day was also a milestone for us.  One of those, Never Turning Back, Never Going To Happen Again, type of days.  We were out of Elementary School!  We had graduated and moved on.  We no longer had little kids.  We were on to tweens and older.  Wow.  I have had fun going through these stages looking back on, last baby, no more diapers, all kids in school, first kid getting married and fun things like that but now I'm kinda scared.  Now I'm getting old.  Before I know it they'll all be gone and then what?  I guess we'll see.
David is now in 6th grade at Fossil Ridge Intermediate School
 Ben is in 8th at Pine View Middle
 Josh is a Sr. at Pine View High!
He got these fake glasses from our friend Libertee and he loves them.
At back to School night for Ben I took these picture's.  I forgot to take David's and Josh's.  I'll do it later and stick them on here.  Hehe.  Let's see if that really happens.  I told Ben to do his locker combo a million times so he'd remember it and he wouldn't and the first day of school, he forgot it.  Dillon and Ian Becker have lockers right next to him because they go in alphabetical order.

 Ben and Nick were trying really hard to act studly.
 But then Nick couldn't hold his excitement in any longer and Ben cracked up.

Monday, August 14, 2017

GIANT Slinky

While we were at Lagoon David and Jenna bought each other gifts.  David bought Jenna a dolphin necklace and she bought him this HUGE slinky.  He took it straight to Grandma's stairs.  It is nice and heavy so it only took 2 times before it went all the way down.  It was really cool!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Rollercoaster of a Weekend - Saturday Afternoon, Evening and Night!

The kids all had fun with their dad's and Konnor meanwhile, JoEllen, Shayne, and I got their right at 1pm just in time for the DSU ice cream social.  So we met up with everyone there.  It was perfect timing.  We told everyone to meet up at the entrance at 3:30 to head out to Katie's wedding.  Family picture's were being taken at 4:30 and we did not want to be late.

                         Cousins are the BEST!!!
Then we headed out.  We all took different routes and surprisingly we all pulled up to Weber State at the same time as Grandma & Grandpa, Steve & Juanelle and Brad & Ashley.  It was perfect.  Everyone changed their clothes, we took pictures and then Katie and Korey got married.  Katie's dress was gorgeous.  She bought the dress but made a robe type cover to go over it.  She was beautiful.
It took place on the front of the stage in one of the theaters. 
 A lady, who was a friend and teacher of both of them, preformed the ceremony.
Katie made the bridesmaid's dresses.

They read their own vows to each other.
 Then they were done.  The curtain was opened and the reception/dinner was on the main stage.  It was awesome.  We had pulled pork and rice with fruit and a Dole Whip machine that Tyler ate 5 servings of just while we were there.  It was so funny.  The cake, was of course, a personalize masterpiece.  It had a Butter Beer layer, Fun Fetti layer, and a Chocolate. Chocolate Chip layer with Chocolate chip cookie filling in between each layer.  Each cake Jan does is just like them.  That one is just like Katie.  Shayne's was a White layer,  Chocolate layer, and a Marble layer with buttercream filling.  Just like Shayne.  
Everyone had fun.  Even dad and Henry.  Brad and Jim Christian talked for hours.
Paula had the most amazing shoes on.  She said that she thought Sophie would like them.
Katie and Korey had a Snapchat filter made, so we all took pictures and used it.  It was fun.

It was a lot of fun.  Everything was beautiful.  We stuck around until 7pm and then other people started to show up for the reception and we thought that we were taking up table space.  So we said our goodbyes to the happy couple and changed back into our street clothes and headed back to Lagoon.
 By now it was starting to get dark and the lights on everything were turning on.  We all stayed together pretty much the rest of the time until the last hour.  Then everyone scattered to whatever ride they didn't get a chance to ride on yet.  Ben and I ran over to the Rocket Re-Entry that takes you way up high and then drops you, because Ben hadn't had the chance to ride it yet.  It was great but the line was long.  Then we met up with Joel and David on Wild Mouse.  My all-time most hated ride ever!  But it was too late, I had no choice, they needed a 4th person to go with them.  I closed my eyes and prayed the entire time, reminding Heavenly Father that I had a missionary out and that it would be really bad if her parents died right now.  Thank goodness the Lord loves Sophie and needs her in Florida.  By this time it was 10:45 and the rides were closing down.  So we ran to the wooden roller coaster because I hadn't ridden it yet.  No one was on it and we were afraid they we going to stop but they let us on.  When we got off we ran around and got on again, and again.  3 times in a row!  Then we were done and headed to the exit.  As we were walking out we saw the the line for the TERRORIDE was finally down to 10 minutes long, but closed.  It had been an hour long wait the entire day because it is celebrating it's 50th year and they made-over the inside and everyone wanted to see what was new.  Well, Kyle had talked the 13 year old who was in charge of telling people that the ride was closed, into letting his family be the last ones in line because we had traveled 300 miles just to ride this ride and hadn't been able to all day.  And as we walked by, bit by bit, Kyle grabbed us and shoved us in front of him.  It was great because we had all 17 of us together.    Kyle and JoEllen were the last ones off the ride at 11:15pm.  It was awesome!
This was us waiting for Tidal Wave.  JoEllen made the mistake of saying. "No Screaming!"  Then everyone was screaming, each side, even when it wasn't scary.  Look at Kyle.  He said he wasn't screaming.  It was seriously funny.  It was right after this that we split up.  I think JoEllen needed a break, and an Excedrin.
 I took the DO NOT STAND UP picture right at the top of the roller coaster before we dropped.  David was yelling at me to put my phone away.
 JoEllen took this picture from across the way.  I told her that it was perfect that we all have red eye.  We look like zombies.  Super creepy!!!  It was a perfect way to end the night.
The next morning we all got up and went to grandma and pa's sacrament meeting at 9am then packed up and drove home.  It was a wonderful weekend.  We were so glad that we were able to cram so much into so little time.  We are blessed with such a great family.  Sad to see Max leave it but happy to welcome Korey into it.  Welcome to the Family Korey!  Good Luck!