Monday, April 28, 2014

D-WEEK 2014

We love DSU!  This year D-Week included the ringing in of  the new Clock Tower.  It was pretty cool.  There was a ceremony and we took all the kids to listen to a couple speakers and hear a couple singers and eat ice cream bars and pop corn and watch fireworks and listen and watch the Clock Tower go off.  It is located right next to the new Holland building.  It looks like an Olympic torch.  At night it is lit up with all kind of colors and rings every hour.  Friday night they had the traditional carnival that our kids LOVE.  I guess Joel always had to work because he said this was his first time ever being to it.  So we showed him around.  The kids had a lot of fun.  So did we.  Joel now tutors 2 days a week in the computer lab on campus and loves it.  It has finally gotten him away from the Blvd.  It will hopefully lead to bigger and better things for us at DSU. 


 This is Ben's all time favorite thing to do at the carnival.  He'd stay here all day if he had an audience.

 David's going to be a good little pitcher.  He's got great form for not ever being told what to do.

 Can you see where the ball went?  Pretty good huh?  Joel went next so that he wouldn't be shown up by his kids.

 By the look on David's face I'd say he did pretty good, even though the Speedometer only says 65 MPH.

A fun night with a fun group of people.  Just look at this picture.  I took 3 of them and this was the best we could do.  Look at Matty.  She's hilarious.  She looks drunk off snowcones.

They played a few more games, hit the photo booth and mega slide then headed home.  

One more big thing that happened this week was that Kyle was made Dean of the Business Department! 

Dixie State appoints new dean of business, communication

ST. GEORGE – Dixie State University announced last week the appointment of Dr. Kyle Wells as the new Dean of the School of Business and Communication. Wells will assume his new role on July 1, replacing the retiring Dr. Philip Lee, who had served in that capacity this academic year.
A native of St. George and Dixie College alum, Wells graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Utah and is a licensed professional engineer. After working for several years as a consulting engineer, he returned to school and earned an MBA, specializing in finance, at the University of Arizona in 2002, and completed his doctorate of philosophy in finance at Utah in 2008.
Wells spent one year as a visiting lecturer at the University of New Mexico, teaching banking and finance before returning to Dixie State, where he is currently a professor of finance and chair of the Udvar-Hazy School of Business.
“I’m grateful for the opportunity, but I know it will be challenge,” Wells said. “We have a great group of faculty and adjuncts and I hope to continue the successes that we’ve had. My primary focus is on our pending ACBSP accreditation.
“I also have a soft spot for student placement and hope to work closely with businesses to develop opportunities for our students,” Wells said. “I’m a product of this institution and know what our students can do if given opportunities to develop professionally. Our students have gone to large companies and competed and succeeded with the best.”


Sunday, April 27, 2014


This time we decided to do the Spring Time SHAC TRI.  Last time we did the TRICK OR TRI at Halloween out at the SHAC.  It started at 9am and Josh and Sophie decided to do the Sprint Team Competition.  Sophie swam and Josh biked and ran.  They took 2nd in the Co-ed category and  4th overall.  Joel did the Sprint by himself and was determined to catch Sophie and Josh.  He did and beat them by 2 minutes.  The Rogels were on Spring Break so they decided to come down and let Jake and Tyler compete and have fun with their cousins.  George and Jake did the Sprint too.  Jake used Kyle's bike and did awesome and came in 2nd place in his age group followed by George in 3rd!  Great job guys!!!  Bryant Karratti came in first in their age group and beat them both by 10 minutes.

Here is Jason.  It was his first Triathlon and he was super excited.  James and Sophie ended up in the same lane and it was fun to watch them pass each other in the water.

George Swimming


Sophie was up and out of the water before I could get a picture of her.  Here is their transition.


Then out came the rest.

 I like this picture.  Paula taking a picture of her son trying his best (like all good mom's do) and Charles yelling at Jake to try harder (like all dad's do).

 Then it was off the bikes and off on foot.

 Charles pretty much followed Jake the entire way.

JoEllen and Kyle fought over who was going to hydrate George.

 And High Five's were given out to everyone!

Here is our friend Shawn Jaca.  He was at the back of the start line to get into the swimming pool so he was still on his bike as our guys were running.

This is his son Truett.  He's such a cutie.

 Everyone at the finish line!  Woo Hoo!  Another fun memory with the cousins.  I love times like these. 

Here are a couple cool pictures that the city took:

Here's Shawn with his kids Truett, Kayleigh and Kobee.  And James got a medal for 2nd place in his age group!  He rocks.

Then later in the afternoon at 2pm the Kids Sprint started.  Ben, Emily, Tyler and Evan did it.  David did the Beginning Tri because he just isn't that good at swimming yet.  His started a half an hour after the last kid was out of the pool for the Sprint.  He was so sad.  He didn't even want to do it.  He wanted to be able to catch up to Evan but knew that he couldn't because they made them wait.  Last time they didn't.  They let the Sprint Kids go first but the Beginners just went right after.  Oh well.  He did great and will have a goal for next time. 

Emily was the first one out of the water and then Ben.  But we only got a picture of Em because I was watching the wrong kid in the lane next to Ben when Ben went running past me and said, "hi mom!" otherwise I would have missed him all together.  I so decided to just stay outside and watch them all at the transition on to their bikes so I didn't miss anyone else.

This was also the only transition that we have pictures of because I stayed with Sophie and David in the pool and Josh took these of Ben the he headed down to the finish line to get pictures of them all finishing.


Here's Ben.

Emily's race to end.

 Tyler's run to the finish line.                                                             

Here comes Evan. 
Then it was David's turn.
                           He popped right out of the water and took off out to his bike.                               
Joel and Sophie helped him with his transition and off he went.
He had a great bike and then he was off on his run.

He did a great job and I was very proud of him for giving it his all and for not giving up.
I can't wait until next year!