Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year's Eve Eve Roller Skating

The Wells Family Tradition that we love!  This year only Josh and I went because Brian was having a kids competition at his Ninja Warrior gym so Joel and the 2 little boys stayed to watch that.  Which was their loss because we had so much fun. 
 We call these, "Just hangin' around"

 Mason had just had surgery on his eyes and needed to keep these glasses on so that his eyes wouldn't hurt.  He looked blind.
 Someone got a great idea to see if they could skate under a table.  No one could, so they put they table up on chairs.  Super sturdy!  It was like Limbo on skates.  It was funny. 
 Josh and George were trying to perfect the hand skates.  It wasn't working all that well.
 So much fun!  Once a year we get to roller skate/blade and just have fun.  Thanks as always to Jillyn for taking us in as part of our family and letting us come.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day 2017

 Here is a sneak peak at what everyone got before they came upstairs. 
 Josh got a camera for his mission.
 I got a table top massage chair and a temple calendar like the one we sent to Sophie for Christmas.  It has some great temple's in it!
 David got a 3-in-1 sports table kind of like the one that he always plays with at JoEllen's.
 So, that morning laying in bed waiting for my parents to wake up was surreal.  I was laying in my old bedroom, now 30 years later, still waiting for my mom and dad to wake up so I can go upstairs to open my presents.  Except now I have a husband and grown up kids.  It was weird and funny all at the same time.
 It was hard to keep David down stairs until everyone was ready.  This was so much fun!

 Ben carried this stuffed cat all around Costco so Shayne went back in and bought it for me after we left so that Ben wouldn't know.
 Joel and Konnor's Twinner's Ironman t-shirt quilts.
 Ben's New Zealand All Black's Jersey
We all got our traditional slippers, that we love, from Grandma Beckstrand.  And I bought myself these cute necklaces in honor of my missionaries!
After we had cleaned up Christmas stuff, we decided to make the most of the snow.  We made this cute guy in the front yard and the boys made a great big one in the back yard.  You can't really call their's a snowman because he never got a face or anything.  He was just three balls stacked on top of each other.  That doesn't count.  We had a big discussion about it.  Boys stack snow.  Girls create snowmen.  Ours was so cute!
 By noon Sophie was on Skype and we were so excited.  Except we could hear her but couldn't see her.  It was a bummer.  But after 10 minutes Konnor fixed it and we could see her adorable face.  It was great. 
 It was so great to see and hear her but my 2 favorite parts were to hear her door approach in Spanish and to watch her be a missionary to her cousin C.J.  and testify of the importance of a patriarchal blessing and how that is the next step that he needs to take and how she asked him to make a commitment to her to get it done.  It was powerful.  I got teary eyed.  C.J. is awesome.  I love that kid.  He will be a great missionary one day.
 We had such an incredible time up in Lehi for Christmas.  We wanted to go do a bunch of stuff but sitting around just being with family was so just right.  The Christmas spirit was perfect.  We are so blessed.  We need to always remember that throughout the year and not just in December.  Thanks you all for making it so special for us.  We love you all!