Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation!

Ben has officially graduated from all day Kindergarten! Woo Hoo! His teacher Jennifer Burrell and her helper Camille Salisbury were AMAZING!

They had a cute little program and then went back into their classroom where they were given their diplomas and Mrs. Burrell gave each of the kids there own piggy bank where throughout the year they had earned pennies and nickles to go toward college. He was so excited to get it home and continue to put money in it. Washington Elementary has a huge I'm going to college" program. Every teacher picks the college of their choice and Mrs. Burrell's class were the Boise State Bronco's because that's where she graduated. It was a fun year and he learned a lot. Thanks, Mrs. Burrell and Mrs. Salisbury!

p.s. Shayne is writing to Mrs. Salisbury's son, Blaine, on his mission. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ben's Baseball

This year Ben was on the White Hills baseball team. He really enjoyed it. I may finally have my baseball player!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fundraiser Cakes

For our Young Men/Women's fundraiser this year we had a dinner and auction. I made these to auction off. Sophie helped.

Not the prettiest sight you'll see

This is a picture of Joel's toe after I hit it (accidentally!) with a softball when we were playing ball at Christmas. Instead of falling off after a month it stayed on and continued to bleed under the nail. Last week I noticed that his nail was curling up instead of laying flat. So, I called Dr. Leon Reber and when we went to see him this morning he pulled the nail off.

It was really cool. David and I got to watch. (You know how I love that gross stuff) Now it should be able to grow out with out any problems. We'll see.

Sophie went to the Orthodontist today for what she thought was a routine appointment and we fitted for this!

She wanted to cry. She has to wear it whenever she isn't in public. It's too give her a bigger overbite to compensate for when she grows so she doesn't have to go through what Shayne is now. Sophie's not sure that it's worth it. All this ugly stuff has got to make Joel and Sophie prettier right? Well, not them personally, but his toe and her teeth.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


WOW! People are crazy! On Saturday May 1st we had the honor to volunteer at the 1st Bike Aide Station for the Ford Ironman Competition 2010 in Southern Utah. It was AWESOME! After the athletes swam 2.4 miles in Sand Hollow Reservoir and got on their bike we were the first people they saw. We were at mile 13 of the 112 miles that they had to bike. Which happened to be only a mile and a half away from my house.

Burke Staheli, the principal of Washington Elementary and a good friend of ours was in charge of the entire Aide Station. It had 5 tables - Gatorade, Water, Food, Gatorade and the Water again - and each table had 10-15 people to man it.

We were on the first table and had the most incredible view. We could see the bikers coming down off of the Coral Canyon hill down telegraph, up the Washington Parkway Exit and over the overpass to us. Then they continued on down around the corner and we could see them for another mile. It was amazing! 2,000 people. Big, little, skinny, tall and even a few that were a little hefty.

We were to start yelling "Gatorade, Gatorade!" And when someone nodded or held there hand out we started to run along side of them holding the bottle form the bottom so they could grab it and not have to slow down. We were there from 6am till 11am and it seemed like a half an hour total. We were having so much fun and were so busy that we didn't notice the time until it was over. We had about 4 people that we new personally participate in the Ironman and later that night around 9:30 we got to see a couple of them cross the finish line after they finished the 26.2 marathon. It was amazing and inspiring! I can't wait to do it again next year!!