Sunday, October 25, 2015

Susan Komen 5 and 10K

 Yesterday was the Susan Komen 5 and 10K races.  We love this race because not many males run it so your chances of winner are higher and because they proceeds go to help fighting breast cancer, which is even better!  This is the pre-race picture.  You always have to have one of these. 
Here are the pictures that I got off the web site.  I thought this first one was super funny.  They caught Ben and David mid-air jumping back and forth trying to see who could go the furthest.  The next one has me in it.  I am crossing the street in the white capris.  The crowd was a little smaller than last year.
 On your MARK...look at the girl next to Josh, she's a little excited.  That's Amber Green.  She won the marathon this year and last.  I guess she loves to run.
  Get SET...
  GO! GO! GO!
The 5 and 10K all start together and they split off just south of the Heritage Elementary School so it's an easy place to go take pictures and watch.  George came down from his house, which is only a block away, to pace Josh.  Josh was the first one of our people to run by but about the 6th overall.  Apparently his shoe came untied and he had to stop and re-tie it.  But he caught back up to the front of the pack in just a few seconds.  Here is a picture of him running up to me and George starting and running off with him.  I just love that they are such great friends and help each other out.

Here's our awesome friend Austin Maunele again.  He does all the same races that we do.  He use to beat Josh every time but Josh now beats him.
 Then David and Ben came running up with Joel behind them.

It was a gorgeous morning.  A perfect day for a race!  In this picture you can see the arch where they split off from each other.  The 5Kers come back and the 10ers continue on up the trail.

 Then I saw Lorrie and one of the Red Rock boys run by so I took a picture of them and hurried and took one of the boys coming back on the trail and got in the van and headed back to the finish line.
 When I got there the other Red Rock kid was just finishing.  He did a great job.  Then David and Ben came running down.  They were together until the very end and then they sprinted and Ben won.
Here is my photo and if you look close you can see the photographer in it.  The picture next to it is the one he took.  He also took the one below and changed the color.
 Then came the first of the 10K runners.  Josh was the 3rd person to cross the line!

Then it was time for the awards.  Josh and I were going to head out for Shayne's Rugby game in Vegas just as soon as this got over so we wanted them to hurry with the awards.  David was really surprised to find that he took first in his age group because we knew that his friend Brian had beaten him by a couple minutes.  But come to find out that Brian was the 2nd overall Male to cross so that took him out of his age group!  Therefore David took 1st!  Ben, of course was surprised that he took 2nd.  He thought that he had won because he didn't see anyone else his age running.  Josh took 1st OVERALL male in the 10K!  WOOT!  He was passed by Amber Green and her running partner when he had to stop and tie his shoe.  It was amazing!  He got a ton of stuff for winning.  The most important one was the $100 gift card to the Running Center.  He was stoked.  We didn't know where Joel had placed because they didn't have his age group posted yet but right before we were ready to leave, David came running over yelling that Joel too had won 1st place.  David was standing by the results table and saw it.  So we waited around to see Joel collect his fun trophy too.  This was an awesome race.  Helped a good cause and had fun doing it.


Saturday, October 17, 2015


This years Trick or Tri was fun like always!  Josh and George raced each other and Joel decided to race with Sophie since Shayne wasn't racing.  For some reason I didn't get pictures of them swimming but here they are biking.  It's always a close race with these two.  It's fun to watch because you never know who is going to win even after it's over because of the different start times. 
Grandma and Grandpa were in town too so that always makes it fun to have a good cheering section.
Josh was ahead the entire time and kept pushing it so that George wouldn't catch him.  But he knew that 2 years earlier George still beat him even though he finished before him so he needed to finish strong.

Headed towards home.
Here comes George!

Done and happy for each other.  They went to check out their times at the kiosk.
Meanwhile, Sophie, who had just painted her toenails the night before to match her suit, and Joel, were getting ready to swim.

I love this Lucedore cap.
Joel in the mustache cap.
Sophie was, of course, out of the water first.  But Joel wasn't to far behind.

Joel caught her on the bike and stayed with her so they could run together.

Joel slowed down so Sophie could cross first but he still beat her time because of all the time he made up for on the bike.  It doesn't really matter.  It's just for fun and exercise.  I wish we had more money so we could do it more often.
Then they did the awards for the Sprint and George and Josh found out that a kid their age had split them and come in 2nd!  Josh took 1st and it moved George down to 3rd.  He was not happy.  This was the first year that they have competed in the same age group because George has been a year younger.  But he aged up in May.  So instead of them both getting 1st...

Next up were the little kids.
They all started at the same time and basically all got out at the same time.  But Ben was determined to be the first person to cross the finish line.  It didn't mean anything except the fact that he was in the front of the line but it was cool to him.  Joel helped Ben and David and Sophie helped Emily and Evan.

This year we bought a bike for David so he wouldn't have any chain falling off issues, and told him that we borrowed it from a guy at work.  Now we are going to keep it in  Joel's office at work until Christmas and give it to him then.
Ben, of course, was the first one off the bike and on to the run and he knew it.
But when he got to us Kyle said, "You'd better hurry if you want to catch that kid who's in front of you!"  And this was the reaction that we got.  He turned around and said, "WHAT!?!"   A little streak of fear ran through his body and he took off running and the he yelled back, "really?  Are you serious?"  We said no and he slowed down.  Oh man was it funny.
Here's Evan riding his bike.
Then David and Emily came running up. 

Evan was struggling a bit so JoEllen ran with him for a minute.

David finished strong.  I love the picture of Joel following him.

Here they are with David Barchee, the Wells' neighbor, whom we love, waiting for Evan.
So GREAT!  They are all such amazing athletes.  I am so proud of all of them so even doing it.