Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Region Cross Country

Region was held at the Bicentennial Park in Cedar.  I love this course because you can see the kids the entire time and it's easy to take pictures in such close quarters.  Here are the youngsters.  David didn't come this time.  So, it's just Ben.  You can see him and Gabe in the background.
 And they're off!
 Here's Drew.  He's super fast now.  Ben doesn't even try to keep up with him.
 He had a great run.  I am very proud of him for sticking the season out and committing fully to it.
 Next was the JV girls and boys with Josh and Miles.  Josh was having fun!
Even though it was his worse time ever.  I think he was just glad that the season was over.
 And then Emma came running across.
 Finally the Varsity boys ran.  George is on that team.  He usually comes in last or close to it but he still beats Josh by nearly 2 minutes.

 It was a great season.  I'm so glad that my boys are running.  I hope that they keep it up and stay healthy.

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