Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scout Camp

 Our Pride and Joy and Pain in the Butts.  The Washington 5th Ward Young Men.
The top picture is before they went and the bottom one was when they were actually let loose in the wild.

The Bishopric and some of the leaders went up Friday night and brought Pizza.  (We are totally doing that next year for Girls Camp!) Look how happy William is.

 Josh was king of the watermelon eating contest and is a wonderful cook.

This tent has outlasted years and years of young men and young women.  I'm surprised the YM didn't have racoons or skunks in it this year with how messy it way.  YUCK!

 Caleb Shimbeck, who has his mission papers in, received his Eagle Scout Award while they were up there.  It was really awesome!  


Every year the YW/YM have a water kickball game.  This years was just as fun as all the rest.  It was neat to see the 2nd generation playing...Andrew Jackson instead of Alex, Sophie and Josh instead of Shayne, William, Logan and Sterling instead of Jessie, Anna and Natalie, Taylor instead of Nikki and Traxton instead of Tayosha and Tayson.

There were some great slides and some epic fails.  Notice were Lishelle ended up.

Not even close to the end.

There were a lot of different styles of kicking.  I'm not sure what Josh called this.  
Daniel bunted and Riley BOOTED his!

The water pressure for 4 hoses from one faucet wasn't the best to keep the Slip N Slide's going on their own so we had a couple people help out.  Ray was doing it the right way.  Ben...not so much.

 Damion had just gotten his cast off his arm and I was worried that he'd hurt it again but he didn't.  He had a great time.  Look at that smile.

This was the best kick of the game.  Andrew kicked it really hard right to Daniel who tried to catch it but it bounced right off his shoulder and Andrew was safe at first.

Fun was had by all.  More great memories made!

 Here are the Miller twins!  They just turned 1 year old!!!  This first picture with Jalee is Brooke and the next one with Sophie and Taylor is Abbie. They are the cutest little girls.

Brooke and Sophie!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Friday the 12th I had a small surgery from 10am - 12:30pm and then we went straight home, picked up the kids and headed out to Bryce Canyon.  I slept the entire way in the back seat.  Josh was at scout camp so Sophie sat up front and the two little boys sat in the middle so I had the back all to myself.  It worked out nicely.  But when we arrived to check into our regular Teepee at Ruby's Inn they had given it to someone else.  I was so mad.  So we had to go find a room at the hotel.  We are lucky they even had one.  Usually the entire region is sold out of rooms.  So instead of unloading all of the sleeping bags, blowing up the air mattress and putting up the cots we just took our bags in the hotel room and were done.  I think the Lord did that on purpose so I didn't have to lift anything.  I think it was good for my body to actually have a bed to sleep in.  So, after we were done we went down to the finish line so we could pick up Joel's packet and get ready for the Color Fun Run that Cannondale was doing to raise funds for their music program.  We had signed up in advance and I was even going to run it but couldn't because of the surgery.  So, the lady in charge was nice enough to let me throw chalk instead.  It was great because I was also able to take pictures. Kyle also threw chalk and got a ride from one of the officials and then they started handing out bags of chalk to the runner who instantly started throwing them at each other.





 Afterwards we ate the annual spaghetti dinner that they have there and then let the kids play on the "world".  I'm really not sure what this thing is called but we had one in our park growing up and we called it "the world".  I am pretty sure that this is the last one on the face of the Earth.  Our kids LOVE it.  This year Kyle, JoEllen, Joel and I were making bets on which kid was going to fall off first.  It was so funny. 

The next morning we got up early and I dropped Joel off at the starting line and then went back and woke the kids up to get ready.  It takes about 15 minutes to get to the end of the race regularly but during the race they close down one of the lanes and only let one side go up or down at a time so it takes at least twice as long.  We love to find the runners and take pictures of them.  Last year we got a late start and didn't even get to see Joel finish.  This year we saw everyone.  It was great and the weather was perfect.  No rain and it was nice and cool.     
This is the 1 mile marker.  Cute huh?
Dale Ipson - Austin and Jolene ran it too.
Aaron Potter - who got up super early (2am) to drive up from Ivins to run. 
Brescia and JD!

Here is Sarah who was happy her stomach wasn't bothering her like the last time she ran this race.

Mandy was the first of our friends to cross the line.  She was flying!
Joel - Happy to be done.
Here is the only picture that I have of Kyle running.  It's Sophie's fault because she was taking pictures while I was driving. And it was Kyle's fault because he changed shirts without asking our permission.:)  We were looking for a bright blue tank top.
Ray Miller coming in right behind Joel for his first ever half marathon!
Aaron finishing.
Here is Sarah almost done.  Good Job!

And JoEllen's yummy photo bomb of the traditional photo at the end of the race.

After the race we checked out of our room and went to take a little hike.  It was a 1/2 mile walk up to a cute little waterfall.  It was perfect.  Not to long and had some gorgeous views.  The kids found this little cave and we just had to get a picture.


After that we drove up to some lookout points to see Bryce Canyon at it's best.

 The views were incredible and we just had to find Thor's Hammer for Ben.  That was the only thing he cared about.

The kids had more fun feeding the squirrels than they did looking at the view.

Every year we make sure that we stop by the cute little shops and the the traditional pictures before we head home.  This year the had these Books Of Mormon hanging on the door.  They were in different languages and I just had to take a picture.

 Another year, another set of great memories!