Sunday, July 28, 2013


Every year the YW/YM have a water kickball game.  This years was just as fun as all the rest.  It was neat to see the 2nd generation playing...Andrew Jackson instead of Alex, Sophie and Josh instead of Shayne, William, Logan and Sterling instead of Jessie, Anna and Natalie, Taylor instead of Nikki and Traxton instead of Tayosha and Tayson.

There were some great slides and some epic fails.  Notice were Lishelle ended up.

Not even close to the end.

There were a lot of different styles of kicking.  I'm not sure what Josh called this.  
Daniel bunted and Riley BOOTED his!

The water pressure for 4 hoses from one faucet wasn't the best to keep the Slip N Slide's going on their own so we had a couple people help out.  Ray was doing it the right way.  Ben...not so much.

 Damion had just gotten his cast off his arm and I was worried that he'd hurt it again but he didn't.  He had a great time.  Look at that smile.

This was the best kick of the game.  Andrew kicked it really hard right to Daniel who tried to catch it but it bounced right off his shoulder and Andrew was safe at first.

Fun was had by all.  More great memories made!

 Here are the Miller twins!  They just turned 1 year old!!!  This first picture with Jalee is Brooke and the next one with Sophie and Taylor is Abbie. They are the cutest little girls.

Brooke and Sophie!


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