Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Girls Camp!

This year was the first year since 2006 that I've been to Camp Little Thunder up on Cedar Mountain.  Other years there has been too much snow and we've had to go to Hatch on the Turners property.  I loved it there too but Cedar has those magnificent Aspen trees that I love so much.  They remind me of American Fork Canyon that I grew up in.  This year was not much different than years past.  Different leaders, same spirit.  I love these ladies so much.  We are a team, one heart, one mind, one common goal to help these young women make righteous decisions that will lead them back to our Heavenly Father.  Girls Camp wouldn't have been possible without all of their hard work.  Thanks Ladies! 



Playing the sound game!

Now the girls...

They are all so awesome!  They all have their own set of problems but each one is amazing and has the potential to become a great woman who can achieve anything she put her mind to. 

 And we can't forget the hair!


TWINS! Paige and Joel wore their ARMY shirts the same day and didn't realize it until later. 

Sophie was so tired on day 3 that she laid down under that picnic table and fell asleep while were doing a craft.  You can't see it but she has a waterballoon in her hand ready to defend herself from Madi.  Those two were constantly teasing and fighting with each other.  Madi said she was sad that Shayne wasn't there and that it just wasn't the same.  So Sophie took over for Shayne and they had a great time together.

 Madi took this picture for me.  I thought Julie looked like Russell from the movie "UP".  So cute!

 Sophie slept in the hammock one night.  She said it was great except for the condensation the next morning.

 Joel and Sarah were part of one of the night devotionals.  They gave experiences of times when they had to Stand Up for what they knew was right.  It was the best devotional of the entire week.

Here we are. It took us about 25 times to get a decent picture.

Here's a Sophie montage.  She's so cute!

The 5th ward ready for Flag Ceremony!

 These 3 goofballs are "hooting" and "planking".

These next set of pictures are called the CREEPERS.  Kind of like photo bombers but creepier.  What's funny is that I took these pictures in the dark and we didn't know what would turn up until the flash went off.
This is Sophie warming up.

There were a million more but this blog is long enough.

Inside the "bunkhouse"

Our theme this year was based on a talk from Sister Dibbs...I'm a Mormon...Know it, Live it, Love it.  Each day took on a different part of that.  We had many excellent workshops that the girls were able to participate in and crafts to help them remember what they did.  They were so much fun.  I truly appreciate all the hard work that Leslie Snow, Madi and the Stake did to make this year so inspirational to the girls.  Every year the theme of the church seems to come back to my favorite theme they did 5 years ago...Joshua 1:9  "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."

The part of this year where it says, Live It, focused on living what you believe even if you stand out and look different to those around you.  J'Neal Robinson came up and gave a great workshop on how you may look like a MORON when you are a MORMON because we don't do what the world says we should do.  But, we must stay strong and true to what we believe in.  Be Strong and of Good Courage.  I believe that the kids now a days are very strong and are not afraid to voice their beliefs.  I am very excited for this generation.  They are our future and we must continually support them and make sure that when they do stand up that we are there to help them hold their ground.  I love the youth!  I do!  I can't help it.  I want so badly for them to all get along and help each other out.  In our neighborhood it is pretty much like that.  I tell them all that they have to live this way, not just here at home but at school and wherever they are.  At All Times and in All Places. 

We always close our Friday night with a testimony meeting and it is the best part of the whole camp.  Everyone gets a chance to open up and express the love that they have for each other and for our Heavenly Father. 

I was so grateful that Joel and I were both able to come.  It was the first time since he was put in as Bishop that we've seen each other for longer than 12 hours.  It was much needed.  He helped out with the stake a lot but what a joy it was to see his smiling face whenever I needed to.  He and Bro. Knighton were able to give me a blessing while I was up there to get rid of one of my huge migrianes.  The medicine I had was not working and I knew I couldn't continue being there and help, instead of hinder the spirirt of camp.  I am so grateful for honest men who uphold their preisthood and honor it so that they can serve others and help in time of need. 

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