Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elder Jacob Beckstrand Returns!

Two years ago Jacob left to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Fukuoka Japan.  He returned Friday night at 11pm.  He looks so great!  So happy and alive. We had a good sized crowd at the airport which was weird for the airport for that late at night but not weird for us.

Here we all are waiting upstairs at the lookout to see his plane come in.

Here is Brianna who was sleeping over so she borrowed Josh's shirt and joined the group.

 Here is his plane docked right in front of us.

And here is everyone straining to see a glimpse of him walking into the terminal.  Of course he and another Elder were that last ones off the plane.  I'm sure the airlines probably ask them to wait so the other passengers can get off and out of the airport, knowing that as soon as the families see them they will make a huge crowd that will not move.  It also is nice that the families don't have to get out of the way for other passengers.  A win win situation even if we have to wait for a couple extra minutes.

   David was asleep before we left the house so we weren't surprised to see this.  We left the sign by him on purpose so that the security guard knew who he belonged to.

 Here he is with the family.

 Today after the Homecoming we went over to their house for lunch and below are some fun pictures that are mainly meant for Shayne to enjoy. 
Together again after 4 years.
Just like it was 2 years ago at his Farewell.
Awesome picture especially Kali!  Nice Photo Bomb!
We are a happy family.

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