Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1988's 25th Reunion!

1988 was a great year.  The Big Hair bands and the New Wave music ruled the world.  It was also the year Joel graduated from High School.  I love to go to his reunions because they are so much fun.  He graduated with a great group of people.  5 years ago at the 20th reunion they decided to do a combined reunion with Pine View High because around 1988 was the time that it opened up and they were still really good friends with the kids that went there.  So, they had a basketball game.  Our boys team against there boy team.  It was awesome.  This year it went into 4 overtimes!  It was hilarious.   I wished Joel had played.  Then they would have won without going into any overtimes.  But it was great to watch and everyone was so supportive. During the time outs they did 80's music trivia and I won a $30 iTunes gift card!  The next morning they had a 10K with Pine View High and a lunch in the park but Joel had to get ready for Bryn's wedding so we weren't able to do that.  But later that night we had a night out at the Marriott with dinner dancing and games.  Pine View had there dinner at their High School.  This is Mark Muskgrave singing to Mr. Roboto by Styx.  It was awesome.  We also had drawings for prizes and Joel won $100 in cash.  It was really fun and great to see everyone again.  I can't wait until his 30th. 

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