Monday, November 14, 2011


Happy Veterans Day!
My cousin Jim is putting together a book of pictures showing what we were doing and where we were on this date in history. Here is what we did.
Our Day started out with the St. George City P-raid.

Josh & George held the banner for the High School band and Sophie played in the Middle School band.

Then we all rushed over to the Washington p-raid where those 3 were in it again and this time Shayne was also in it with the Exec. Council riding their scooters and Ben and David walking in their classes.

Every year Burke has each class carry signs and banners thanking the veterans for all they have done. So, all 5 of my kids where in the parade. I sat and watched with JoEllen and Joel. It was fun. Afterwards the city always does a veterans day program where they post 50 flags in the park and Joel, being the newest Washington City Bishop, had to give the closing prayer.

Later that night Shayne had a swim meet where she didn't beat any of her personal bests but did make it into the newspaper. Biff Lowery is an 80+ year old man who writes on all the swim meets. He gave Shayne the Fortitude of the Month award (something he just made up) for her hard work and determination to get back into the pool after spending time in the hospital fighting meningitis all summer long. It was good to see her name in the paper again even if it wasn't for winning. It'll be a long season but it will be fun and I will make sure that it will be memorable for all of us.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 Family Pictures

Our incredible neighbor Jalee Scott took these for us. She is an amazing person. We love that she and Josh bought the houses kitty corner to us. They are like family. Here are some of the boys:

The Girls:

Me & Joel:

And the whole group:

You can click on any of them to see them bigger. I think they all turned out great.
Now it's time to get the Christmas cards ready to put them in and send them out.


Here are this years jack-o-lanterns in order from Joel on down to David. We got creative this year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year was not one of my best but it is over and in the record books. David was Mario.

Ben was Waluigi.

Josh was a foosball player. I don't have a picture but picture in your mind him in his Real Salt Lake Jersey, soccer shorts and cleats with a pole through one sleeve and out the other. Foosball Player! Sophie I do have a picture of...

A Witch Doctor!
Shayne was in scrubs too with the letter I on her shirt...I (eye) Doctor!
Joel was the best of the best. Can you guess what he was? Not many figured it out.

The Iron Chef! Get it? Fe = Iron
I was going to be a tropical depression but time flew by and after I got everyone else ready there was no time for me. I was going to wear Hawaiian clothes and a big bottle around my neck that read "PROZAC". Tropical Depression.

JoEllen's family - Kyle-Glenda the good witch, JoEllen-smarty pants, George-Harry Potter, Emily - bumble bee, Evan-Mummy and Matty was Dorthy. Originally they were going to do a whole Wizard of Oz thing but it didn't happen. But look at how well the dress fits on Kyle!!!!

A good time was had by all and I hope I didn't gain too much of the 10 pounds I just lost back. Extra time at the gym this week!

It's not Halloween without Aunt Jan's doughnuts.

This time of year is full of traditions and this one starts them all off. The kids look forward to this more than trick-or-treating. We start off with Jan's bread bowls, which are amazing, and choose from her split pea or this year she had squash soup too or JoEllen's white chicken chili (my fav) and my cheddar broccoli. (Next year I'm taking pictures of the soup.) Then while we let that settle Jan and the kids cut out doughnuts and let them rise for a minute then she and Andy fry them all up to a warm sugary, artery clogging goodness that consumes your soul with happiness. The ultimate comfort food.

We also had some gummy eyeballs that David and Andy found amusing. Good times!


This had become a tradition with us. Every year Tuacahn has Odyessy Dance Theatre comes down and perform their shoe "Thriller". It's a bunch a fun/scary Halloween dance pieces that are so much fun. Before the show, during intermission, and at the end they have zombies wander around to scare the audience. Well this year I knew about half of them. This is me and Trevor Hunt one of my first Tuacahn kids. I've know Trevor for about 7 years and consider him a dear friend.

Here is Cole Chollet. The best hugger I know.

This is Christan Rojas. He was in The Wizard of Oz with Daniel 3 years ago at Dixie High and worked with me a Tuacahn during the summer of "Annie".

This is Tino Smith. One of our all time favorites! He was a dancer in the show so he wasn't all zombified.

This is Kendall Zadunich. She is currently a Sr. at Tuacahn and the nicest person.

This is Frank. He has been the summer shows too.

I don't know who this girl is but she liked Spencer and Mason a lot.

It was fun for JoEllen, Kyle, Joel and I to watch Mason, Mandi, Spence and Shana because it was their first time there. It was a really good night.