Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's that time of year again...Staheli Farm time!

Every year I've been lucky enough to chaperone one of my children's classes to Staheli Farm. They learn about everything from how to raise farm animals, how crops grow and how to make a corn maze. It's aMAZEing. Hahaha. I crack myself up.

Every year it's about the same but this year Mr. Staheli told us the secret to his corn maze. He, his wife and 4 boys draw up what they want the maze to look like and when the corn is only 4 inches high they walk through the field and spray weed killer where they want the path to be. It kills the corn and weeds and the maze grows up from the ground. Cool huh?

He said that it takes a lot of math and time. I though that he just programs a tractor to just mow the corn down after they have harvested it. Come to find out that the corn they grow is a special kind of feed corn for livestock. It is meant to be harvested after it has dried up. Burke said it was like Corn Flakes for the cows. So as you went through the maze you could see all of the ears just sitting their waiting to be picked. It was really neat. This year is Burke's parents 50th anniversary so the maze looked like this.

Here is Lilly (our next door neighbor) and Ben watching the pig races.

Here is Mr. Staheli's Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is Ben's class.

Ben fell in love with the Bunnies. He has my love for animals. If they were for sale we would have brought the cutest black and white flop home with us. It was so darling!

It was a lot of fun. The Staheli Family Farm is a great way to kick off the Holiday Season.

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