Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Biggest Loser Results

Well Joel came in Third! He thought he was 2nd but a guy on the graveyard shift, that he never sees, lost over 50 pounds. Joel could not have lost another pounds unless he starved. So, 3rd was great. His prize was $124. At the same time he got this check he was given a flier from the BLVD saying that the new suit store in town was giving all employees a suit package deal for $125. It includes a suit, shirt, tie, socks and a belt. How can you pass that up? If you were just made bishop you'd better not pass it up. So we went down there and the suits were all GORGEOUS! And from Italy. I saw a dark Chocolate brown one that had pin stripes and fell in love with it. Joel tried it on and it fit like it was tailor made for him. So thanks to Red Rocks $124 the suit was practically free! And we're saving the suit for Christmas so we save even more on not having to buy Joel something else. The guy who owns the store was telling us how he and his wife bring every boy, when they turn 16, in their district down here and give them the suit of their choice. So nice! They are great LDS people who just want the youth of today to have a fighting chance against Satan. People after my own heart! So if you need a new suit or know someone who does go down to the Bell Tower and talk to Robert Iverson. He'll get you all hooked up. They sell all of their suits for $99 and have a great missionary package for $599 that has a ton of stuff in it.

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