Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday!

Dixie College celebrated it's 100th year with an amazing Homecoming week. They had reunions and all kinds of programs throughout the week and on Friday night they had the Midnight 5K. John, Joel, JoEllen and I ran it last year and it was a lot of fun but this year JoEllen and I hadn't prepared so we helped out instead. It was much funner this year. We directed traffic and joked about how are arms were getting tired. Daniel & Katie Cluff and Sarah Miller ran it too. Along with John, Brian, Mason, Spencer and Laynee. It was quite a family occasion.
Here are some pre-race pictures. Notice how helpful JoEllen is:

Here they all are running except my camera was dying and the picture that I took of Spencer and Laynee said it was invalid so I'm trying to see if I can fix it. It was the best running picture of the night. It was so dark that I was basically just shooting at moving objects hoping something would show up. So here's what I got. I wish they were better and when I get Spencer's picture fixed I'll add it on.

The next morning, at 8am, Dixie had a breakfast in the Town Center and since we had to be to the p-raid by 9 we decided to do breakfast too. Here was the line and a cool picture I took through the fountain:

Then we went to the p-raid. Here we are keeping ourselves entertained by making paper hats, cranes and airplanes out of newspaper I brought. Mason, Mandi and kids showed up right after we took this picture.

Right before it started Shayne got a call from Enrique saying that their flag holders didn't show up and they wondered if Josh and George wanted to do it. So they ran down to the start and got shirts on and looked like they were meant to be there.

Sophie was in the Pine View Middle School Band and was so proud of herself for keeping a straight face while we were screaming her name.

Here is Uncle Alton being recognized by being one of the past Presidents of the college.

This Lamborgini was in the parade too and Josh wanted to make sure that I blogged about how cool it was.

After the parade we went to the Alumni House where Kyle was b-b-qing for the tailgate party. It was so much fun for the kids. They got to play in a bounce house, slide down the massive slide and rock climb.

There was a college girl there spraying everyone's hair red and the kids loved it. They were also passing out necklaces and we teased Jack about what he did to get all of his.

It was a busy but super fun day.

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