Saturday, October 1, 2011


Joel is the man! He has trained like no other this year and wanted to go under 4 hours and beat his best time of 3:56. Well, he started out of the gate to fast and by the time he got into town with 2 miles left he died. Not literally! He's still alive and kickin'. Well, not kickin'. Maybe shuffling. I am very proud of him and of his dedication. Right before he reached us at the finish line my camera battery died, literally. I always carry an extra battery but didn't put it in in time so, I don't have any actual running photos but I do have after photos:

Matty trying to help Kyle out.

Joel catching his breath with a finish time of 4:20.37. His 2nd best time!

John & Kristal doing great!

Wells Family Photo

Beckstrand Family Photo

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