Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elder Beckstrand is home!

It's been two very short years. Not a lot for us has changed. But for Daniel it's a whole new world. He served in Argentina and looks exactly the same but a little taller. He was able to fly into the St. George airport so we didn't have to go far. It was really fun to see him. Do you see Shayne's sign?

We were quite a sight.

Joel's brother and sis-in-law, Stephen and Katie (On the far left) flew into town and surprised us all. We haven't seen them for 4 years. It was a great reunion.

Daniel got home at the perfect time: Marathon and conference weekend, Josh's ordination and Taye's baptism all this month.

Needless to say, Shayne was very happy.

It's great to have him home!

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R Clan said...

Welcome Home Daniel! That is so exciting. What an exciting time for all of you!