Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homecoming week!

This week is Homecoming week at Pine View High. It started off right with having no school on Monday for Labor Day. Tuesday was Paint the Town where the students go all around town painting store windows with Panthers Pride logo's and sayings. Yesterday was the P-raid and the Powder Puff Football game which Shayne played in. This is her and Madi pre-game before it got bad.

She was so fun to watch. She was one of the Captain's of the Sr. team. This is her at the coin toss. And I just want to say right now that Shayne gave my camera to Timmy Lunt to get the video off of it to make a Homecoming video and I still haven't gotten it back! So bare with the horrible picture's. Sophie's camera is all I had.

The Beckstrand came out in her and she was talking some major trash out there on the field. It was Jr.'s against Sr.'s and of course the Sr.'s won. At one point she was on the defensive line right across from the Jr. Student Body Pres. who is a friend of hers and she said, "Megan, if I were you I'd move." Needless to say she did.
Once again - crappy picture - Shayne is number 12.

This is her standing on the sideline waiting for her turn to go in on defense. Shayne can catch a football better than a lot of boys I know. The problem is they don't have a quarterback that can throw like a boy. So Shayne was on defense because she can run and she is tough!

This is post game when the boys where talking to them about how great they all are. Fun stuff!

Friday is the tailgate party and football game against none other that DIXIE High! We will win but, I love Dixie's coach. He's an old college brother of mine and friend of Joel's - Nale' Fakahua. Pine View's coach (Ray Hosner)is an old college friend of mine too. Not near or as dear to me as Nale' but it'll be fun to watch the two battle it out on the field. They battled a little in college too. On the field together for the SUU team and off the field in different frats. One from Sigma Nu and the other from Sigma Chi. Ah, the good old days.
Saturday is the Homecoming dance. Which Shayne is going to with her friend Kyle Wiggins. Who's Mom works with Joel at the BLVD. They have been in the band together and friends forever. It is also the day most of the students -including Shayne- take the ACT at the college. She also has VINCE LUSK'S baptism that night at 6pm! Woo Hoo! We are so excited for that. Vince's wife Lily has been in our lives ever since Shayne started swimming. We were even there when they got married. They are great friends of ours. Lily has always been LDS just not that active. Recently she started back up again and Vince felt the spirit right off the bat and now Shayne is giving a talk on Baptism at his baptism. She is bringing her date and Madi and her date. Madi is going with Enrique. I'm not sure if I've talked about Enrique before but he is another band geek and good friend. But not LDS. He and Kyle -who is LDS- are best friends and talk about our religion all the time. So naturally Shayne saw this as an incredible missionary experience. I love that girl! What a great example she is to all of us. It's like she is secretly trying to out do Daniel. So, we have a great weekend ahead of us. Watch for the next post of the Homecoming Dance and Baptism!

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