Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at Navajo Lake

My dear friend Carla called and invited us up to her cabin right on the edge of Navajo Lake up Cedar Canyon. It was gorgeous! The cabin had huge windows in the front that looked right onto the lake. We watched a bald eagle fly around looking for fish! She had put some peanuts on the railing on the wrap around porch so we could watch the Bluejays come get them. The were so blue! David loved their mohawks. This is the picture he drew of one.

Joel took the kids to the lake while we got dinner ready and they used their slingshots to see who could make it out further into the Lake. They were having a great time until they noticed some ducks swimming by. Then it turned into a game of who can hit a duck. No one did but Joel came closest. It was beautiful up there and so quiet. Carla, her husband Donald and I took a hike while the kids played games and blew bubbles while Joel took a quick nap. It was a perfect day. Thanks so much Donald and Carla for inviting us up. Let's do it again soon!

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