Monday, September 12, 2011

Baptism & Homecoming Dance!

Vince's baptism was awesome! Shayne gave an amazing talk and didn't even cry. I thought she'd be a mess. I was.

Enrique said it was a good experience. He may not jump right into the font but one day he will remember this day and look back at it with new eyes and know how important it is.
This is us with Vince, Lily and Keona

Vince was confirmed the next day in sacrament meeting and it was great to see. Shayne and I were the only ones that went because Sophie gave a talk in our ward at the exact same time. So Joel took the boys to ours to support Sophie. Everyone said that her talk was great.

Right after the baptism Shayne and Madi changed into their dresses and headed straight to meet up with the rest of their group for dinner.

When she got home she said that it was the best dance so far. They danced forever. Most of the time they are at the dance for a half an hour then leave. She said they had the best group ever. Everyone was relaxed and comfortable and had a great time. I'm glad she hangs around such incredible people. I never have to worry.

Here is my Jr. year Homecoming dance picture with Jason Fisher. Back then it was a semi-formal which meant Sunday best. I guess gray Wranglers were Jason's Sunday best. Don't you LOVE the purple wagon wheel? I do!

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Dan and Katie said...

Oh WOW!! That pic of you is classic!!! You know, in Fredonia, gray Wranglers are like wedding appropriate....just sayin! And the back drop wagon wheel, wow- that is one amazing wagon wheel!