Wednesday, September 14, 2011


First of all why is it called spinning? I'm not a spider trying to make a web. And why is the seat called a saddle? It's definitely not a horse. A real saddle is WAY more comfortable than that thing!

Today was my first spin class EVER, and maybe my last. My good friend Katie Cluff is the teacher and talked me into coming. My first thought was, "Have you seen my legs?" My legs are huge and very define. Not that they have any strength in them but they look super strong. They are my Grandma's and they are just for looks. I think the main reason they are like they are is to hold up our huge upper body. In track my coach used to tell me to lean far forward when I run so I have to run extra fast to not topple over. Anyway, I went. And it wasn't bad. The seat did take some getting used to. The man guy next to me, in a nice way, told me that it was because I didn't have enough "padding". It wasn't a compliment.

About half way through the solid brick room we were in started to STINK! Not just a little either. It was getting bad. They have a bunch of ceiling fans but all that does is move the stinky air around. Then I realized that I was contributing to the sweaty smell. GROSS! For those of you that know me well know that I hate the heat here because I hate to sweat. I don't mind it if I am exercising but if you are trying to look nice and there's a bead of sweat running down your back it just ruins everything. Well, I was a sweaty mess. It was a good thing Katie turned out the lights too. She couldn't see me sit down 90% of the time. I did pretty good but could not get my butt off the seat. Or as sweet Katie would say "up and out of the saddle." It was a really good cardio workout and I guess I'll go again. I'm just glad winter is getting closer so I can wear longer skirts and long pants again!


Dan and Katie said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Oh Penny- you crack me up!! I know- the stench is terrible- and I got news for ya. Even if you have a nice squishy bum to sit in (like I do) it still isn't the most comfortable thing to do. Right up there with childbirth recovery ;) But- you did it!! And, I told you to listen to your body and you did!! So, good job!! Keep coming- that cardio is muy importante for women!!

Sarah Miller said...

Oh good night girl! You are pretty dang funny! And sorry for the smell, I think I contributed about 75% of it! Yes, I am a horribly stinky, smelly person....mostly when I work out (I hope). :) Keep coming! It's so fun to have you to visit with, especially since Miss Katie seems to think she needs to class instead of hang out with me. :)