Saturday, September 10, 2011

Homecoming game

O.K. let me start by saying the football games were great but it's what happened at half time that matters most.
Pine View played Dixie and it went like this: Pine View Touchdown, Dixie Touchdown, Pine View Touch down, Dixie touchdown, Dixie touchdown, Pine View touchdown, Dixie touchdown. There was absolutely no defense what so ever for either team but it was super fun to watch. At half time we crowned our Homecoming royalty and I walked over to the side to see better when All Of The it comes.......BRETT ROBERTS came walking up the stairs followed by about 30 teenagers! Brett Roberts! He was nice enough to leave his seat and walk up to the top so his fans could talk to him. It was AWESOME! When I realized it was him I freaked out on the inside and then calmly went over to see what was happening. I asked him why he was here of all places and he said that his wife graduated 20 years ago from Pine View and they were watching the game as part of their reunion. I walked away and let the kids talk to him and texted Shayne like a maniac telling her to "Come here! Emergency! 911!" She came running up and asked what was wrong and I couldn't even explain it. It was pretty ridiculous now that I think of it but I was totally star struck by Brett Roberts. It was so funny. Once she figured out who I was talking about we found Sophie and Shayne tried to tell Sophie what was going on and she got all tongue tied too. It was crazy. So, I made the girls go up to him with me so I could take a picture and he was really nice.

Oh, by the way, I got my camera back from Timmy and it was a good thing because I was the only person with one. Other kids where trying to take picture's with their cell phones but no one had a flash and it was really dark out. Timmy is the kid kneeling in front of Shayne with the curly blonde hair and glasses. He was so excited that he got his picture taken with Brett and asked me for a copy of it. It was great!

If you have no idea who Brett Roberts is then go to You Tube and search for Kid History 4 and watch it. It's by far the best one. Then watch #6. I laugh so hard every time. I want to take partial credit for some of their fame. Kyle sent me an email one day with it saying that it was hilarious. He had gotten it from Lauri. It was so funny. I sent it to everyone I knew and posted it on Facebook a million times. The first time I saw it it had only 380 views. Now they have millions. It's so great. Check them out. It's very family friendly.

We ended up loosing the football game 33-35 but no one was really sad because it was such an exciting game to watch and even play. The boys did a great job and were so tired. Dixie and Pine View both showed great sportsmanship. I congratulated Nale' after it was over. It was a night to remember.

Now that was Pine View's fun night. Here is Desert Hills: It was their Homecoming game also. At half time they were up 32-0. BORING! Courtney was texting me keeping me update on their game when all the sudden I got this text that says, "Two guys just went streaking across our football field. Totally nude. Doing cartwheels."
Really? I was surprised and then I wasn't. If any school were to have streakers it would be Desert Hills. They have such a bad rep it's not even funny. My wonderful nephew Jaden goes there and is the Seminary President this year. He is amazing and has a lot of responsibility this year to set a good example. There is a lot of missionary work to do at that school. I always feel so bad for the good kids that go there because you never hear any positive things coming from that school when you know there's got to be some. They continued to win their game and by a lot but it's only a day later I don't remember how far they won by because I can only remember that their amazing game was tarnished by stupid kids. Crazy.

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Erin said...

It turns out that his seat was right by us. Kids kept coming up to get their picts taken & he felt like it was interrupting everyone else watching the game so he took his followers & headed up the stairs a couple of times. We sat & talked to him in between his admirers. Conner had a great discussion about film making the last quarter of the game. He was so nice. We didn't get any picts but I noticed Conner is in your group pict so yay!