Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My #1 Son is 12

Happy Birthday Josh! Tomorrow is his real birthday but today I took him, George, David, Alex, Riley, Logan and Dex to Fiesta Fun to drive the Go-Carts and play golf.

They had a lot of fun. Then we went back to our place for pizza, oreo's and to play on the Wii. We celebrated today because tomorrow Daniel come home from his mission. So today is for Josh. We had oreo's because he'll have cake and ice cream tomorrow too. As part of Josh's birthday gifts we gave him a set of golf clubs and got him signed up for golf lessons from our friend Mike Sandberg 2 weeks ago.

He's been loving it and doing really well. He's watched Sloan golf and has always wanted to do it but we could never find an instructor until now.
Isn't this the cuetest picture. All these little kids' clubs. Josh is one of the oldest in the group.

The rest of his presents he'll open in the morning.
Happy Birthday Joshie or Squashua. I love you!

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