Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey

I am sick of Turkey already! My loving husband always gets a turkey from work the week before Thanksgiving. And since we spend it in Lehi we usually put it in the turkey in our freezer and use it for Christmas. Well, on Friday Joel called me from work and asked if you could refreeze a turkey and of course I said no. Then he told me that he had forgotten to bring the turkey in the house after work last night and it was still in his car. If we lived up north then it would still be frozen but it was already halfway thawed. I told him to take it in his work and put it in the fridge until he leaves. So, we had turkey for Sunday dinner. It wasn't big but we still have leftovers. Leftover turkey before Thanksgiving! Yuck. I hope my Mom cooks a ham.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Granny Smith

This time of year I miss my Granny Smith. All three of my sisters have birthdays this month, one right after the other (20th, 21st, & 23rd). I share a birthday with my Mom in May (17th). Every year for my birthday my Mom would take me out of school and we'd go shopping and take Grandma out to Lunch. In November Granny always felt bad for me because all of my sisters where getting presents and I wasn't. So she'd always bring a little something for me. Nothing big just something to make me happy and make JoEllen and Paula pissed. Even today it still bugs JoEllen. She mentioned it on her birthday. He he he. It wasn't my fault Grandma loved me more. I can't help it if she had good taste!

David's Hair

Why is it little kids think that it's going to hurt to get their hair cut? I've cut David's hair a hundred times before and usually he'll fuss for the first minute and then find something interesting on the counter and forget about me. Well, not this time. This time he screamed the entire time. I wet his hair with a spray bottle and he started saying, "No Mom, No". And the first cut with the scissors he screamed "OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!" and he never stopped. I tried everything to get him to calm down or to try to get his attention somewhere else but as soon as he'd hear the scissors he'd start screaming OUCH again. Crazy kid. I was fine with him screaming as long as he sat still but as soon as I needed to cut by his ears I knew I'd need some help. So, Joel had to come in and talk to him. It worked for a minute and then we ended up just holding him down. My last 2 boys are out of control sometimes. I'm just glad that his hair has some wave in it and looks good long because it'll be awhile before I cut it again.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shayne the Super Swimmer!

My daughter Shayne is a Super Swimmer. She gets 100% of it from her father's side of the family. My family from Lehi, Utah, did snow sports. Joel's family from Long Beach, California, did water sports. I did take swim lessons when I was little but remember not passing my final test. My friends where all on the swim team but I couldn't (and still can't) even tread water. I can jump off the diving board while plugging my nose and doggy paddle my way back to the side. That's all. Shayne at age 11 was doing all four strokes perfectly. She loved it. I kept waiting for her to get bored of it but, when that first summer was over she wanted to keep going. Just her luck they started up a year-round team that next month and she hasn't stopped since. I told her that she can stop at any time and it wouldn't be considered quitting, it would be retiring. Well, this year she is a Freshman and even though they are in the Middle School they still get to compete with the High Schoolers. So, she tried out for the Pine View High School team and made the Varsity Team! There are about 5 Senior girls on the team that didn't like her because she made the team and others didn't. Once the team was made they had timed trials to see who was the fastest. Shayne finished before all but 1 of those Senior girls then they really hated her. But at their first meet against another High School when they killed them in their relay races because they had Shayne and when Shayne won all of her races and added a lot of points to the teams overall score then they decided that they had better start liking her and fast. She has one of those personalities that screams "I don't care if you don't like me because I'm going to like you no matter what." Shayne's goal is the 2012 London Olympics. She will be 18 years old. So watch for her on T.V. Here is the latest newpaper article on her if you want to check her out. www.thespectrum.com/article/20081119/SPORTS/811190321/1006


Welcome to my Blog.
I am mainly doing this as my journal because I haven't written in my journal for years. I think I started a new journal entry every time I had a baby. So, there are 5 entries in a journal somewhere that I've misplaced since we've moved. So, I will give this a try and I hope it works.

Dr. Mason Wells

I have the worlds best Dentist! Dr. Mason Wells. When I first met Mason he was 15 years old and in short shorts playing basketball. So, naturally when I went to see him as my new dentist 14 years later, I couldn't help but snicker when everyone in the office called him Dr. Wells. Dr. Wells was Mason's dad not Mason. But, over the next month I would quickly learn that Mason is not only a Dr. but the world's best. My daughter Sophie has braces and therefore she has one of those little mirrors that looks in your mouth to check them and keep them clean. Well my son, Ben, found her mirror and also found his fillings. He had about 5 of them already in his young life and he thought they were pieces of dirt. So he decided to pick at them until he got them out. Which he did. (future dentist?) Two fillings came completely out and two more where really loose. So, they all had to be redone along with other things. So, after 2 months of going back to see Mason every Monday morning Ben still likes Mason. That's saying a lot because Ben is a mess and doesn't like many people. Especially those who cause him pain. I have had 2 crowns done by Mason and they were painless and look amazing! If anyone is looking for a dentist or isn't happy with the one they have then I would highly recommend going to Hurricane Dental and seeing the world's best dentist, DR. Mason Wells.

My body's revolting!

What's the deal! My body is trying to cause a revolution and change back to when I was younger and not for the better! Try back to toddler stage with ear infections. Ear infections so bad for so long that you have to have tubes put in. Yep, that's me. Last year I had tubes put in because I couldn't get rid of my ear infections. My Dr. told me to grow up. So I started to and got stopped at the teens. Are you kidding me! I've already been through this stage once and hated it then. Why would I want to revisit it? When I was a teenager I was on Acutane. If anyone had bad acne then they know what I'm talking about. It's a very strong medicine. So strong in fact that you had to go back every month to get your blood drawn and your liver levels checked to make sure it wasn't killing your liver. And if that wasn't bad enough, if you were a female you had to have a pregnancy test every month too because Acutane was proven to cause birth defects. Nice. Well, my acne has come back with avengance and I am glad that I'm done having kids because I'm reconsidering Acutane. I remember someone saying once that a woman is her best in her late 30's early 40's. They lied. If this is my best then I feel Sorry for Joel who has to deal with my revolting body for time and all eternity.