Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dr. Mason Wells

I have the worlds best Dentist! Dr. Mason Wells. When I first met Mason he was 15 years old and in short shorts playing basketball. So, naturally when I went to see him as my new dentist 14 years later, I couldn't help but snicker when everyone in the office called him Dr. Wells. Dr. Wells was Mason's dad not Mason. But, over the next month I would quickly learn that Mason is not only a Dr. but the world's best. My daughter Sophie has braces and therefore she has one of those little mirrors that looks in your mouth to check them and keep them clean. Well my son, Ben, found her mirror and also found his fillings. He had about 5 of them already in his young life and he thought they were pieces of dirt. So he decided to pick at them until he got them out. Which he did. (future dentist?) Two fillings came completely out and two more where really loose. So, they all had to be redone along with other things. So, after 2 months of going back to see Mason every Monday morning Ben still likes Mason. That's saying a lot because Ben is a mess and doesn't like many people. Especially those who cause him pain. I have had 2 crowns done by Mason and they were painless and look amazing! If anyone is looking for a dentist or isn't happy with the one they have then I would highly recommend going to Hurricane Dental and seeing the world's best dentist, DR. Mason Wells.

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