Sunday, November 23, 2008

David's Hair

Why is it little kids think that it's going to hurt to get their hair cut? I've cut David's hair a hundred times before and usually he'll fuss for the first minute and then find something interesting on the counter and forget about me. Well, not this time. This time he screamed the entire time. I wet his hair with a spray bottle and he started saying, "No Mom, No". And the first cut with the scissors he screamed "OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!" and he never stopped. I tried everything to get him to calm down or to try to get his attention somewhere else but as soon as he'd hear the scissors he'd start screaming OUCH again. Crazy kid. I was fine with him screaming as long as he sat still but as soon as I needed to cut by his ears I knew I'd need some help. So, Joel had to come in and talk to him. It worked for a minute and then we ended up just holding him down. My last 2 boys are out of control sometimes. I'm just glad that his hair has some wave in it and looks good long because it'll be awhile before I cut it again.

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