Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sullivan Family Home Run Derby

A yearly tradition that we've been fortunate to be adopted into.  The Sullivan Family Christmas Day Home Run Derby.  This year Mason won.  Joel never comes close.  I'm pretty sure that's why we get invited.  He's not a threat.  We love this tradition.  The boys ask about it right after we unwrap gifts.  Shayne and Sophie missed it this year because they went to see Les Mis in the movie theatre but Shayne texted me as soon as they got out to see if they had time to run over but we were pretty much done.
David keeping his eye on it.
Ben trying really hard.  I'll let you decide if the ball is coming or going.

 Every year the wives get into it too.  But this year I came really close to tearing my right rotator cuff and have been seeing my chiropractor to rehab it back into place and get it to let go of the tendons and nerves that it had pinched so I couldn't even throw a ball let alone hit one.  And Mandy had a PACEMAKER put in less than a month ago and isn't able to fully move her left arm yet. - Mandy is amazing and that is another blog in and of itself -   So that just left JoEllen represent the girls.  Look how well she did.  In that second picture she is looking off in the distance like, "how far did it go? I can't even find it?"  Because it was in the dirt.  But look at her grace and style.  The tongue sticking out counts for something right?
 And look at cute Matty.  We start them young around here.  JoEllen had a little Spongebob mitt that was perfect for her but she only kept in on for a minute or two.

 We had all the kids and JoEllen hit first and then the derby began.  The first round was 10 outs and the 2nd was 7.  After the first round Mason had 10 home runs and Spencer had 11.  By the end Mason had passed him up and took the coveted Derby Bat.  You can see him holding it in the last picture.  I took these pictures of Kyle and he finished before I realized that they were all butt shots.  So I went around to the other side for the pictures of everyone else.  You can click on any of them to see a bigger picture to see how awesome they all are.  I know you boys will.

 Here are the outfielders.  I must have taken this when JoEllen was hitting because when any of the men where up to bat the boys were usually out beyond the fence to get the home run balls.

 Here is our version of a group picture.  We couldn't get everyone to stop laughing at Matty giving Mason his victory back rub.  It was hilarious and she was so happy to do it.
 This is the real group picture including me, Mandy and the trophy bat.
Another great memory.  Thanks guys!

CHristmas Day!

         This is how every Christmas starts out.  It's my feeble attempt to keep them from peeking.

The kids convinced me to do the Pine View Christmas Tree one more time since it will be Shayne's last one for awhile.  (Everything is Shayne's last one for awhile!  They've been wearing that excuse out.)  The Pine View Tree was supposed to only be done the year a kid is graduating.  I had even gotten new blue decorations at the after Christmas sales to do an entirely new tree for this year but it didn't happen.  I also have this thing about the wrapping paper matching the tree.  I don't know why it wouldn't.  If you can get it on clearance after Christmas for 25cents then there is no reason for it not to match your decorations.

 Josh got his unicycle.  I had originally ordered it for his birthday in September but it went to JoEllen's old house in SLC.  If you want to read a funny story about it click here.  I thought that it would be one of those presents where the kid really wants it but then tries it once and can't do it or doesn't like it so it gets shoved to the side and never used again but this is what happened.  Watch the video.  Cock your head to the side so you can see it better.  Shayne recorded it with her phone.  Also, recently Josh moved into the little boys room and we made his room into a toy room.  His room was always flooding and he was constantly sick due to the mold.  It works out because when Shayne moves, Sophie gets her room and Josh will move into Sophie's room.  But until then Josh needs a little privacy and the little boys room doesn't have a door due to the fact that 3 years ago they thought it would be fun to stand on the handles, hang on to the top and swing the door open and shut.  It worked great and was so much fun until Ben started jumping on it and torn the door right out of the wall.  I was NOT about to run right out and buy them a new one to play on.  But I took pity on Josh and got a Christmas bonus at work so they got a new door.  I don't know who is going to hang it or when but there it is.

 This was the best surprise of the day.  Joel had complained and whined about getting a road bike and I convinced him to borrow one from our friend Dale Ipson to train with.  Meanwhile I had gone to the bike store and bought the one he had fallen in love with and was storing it in John's garage.  Poor John not only had to keep that secret but had to listen to Joel complain for almost 2 whole months before Christmas Day when after all of the present where opened I brought it out and Joel was totally surprised.  It was AWESOME!  I hope he doesn't expect that ever again.  That was a once in a lifetime kind of thing.  But it sure was fun.
 The boys got a Hotwheels track that they have loved playing with.  Ben also a cool Razor 360 it's basically a big wheel on casters so it slides around really well and David got a "big" bike.  His last one was a tiny little thing that he had to pedal a million times a minute.  Only in St. George do you get bikes instead of sleds and snowboards.  Look at that picture.  I'm surprised they are wearing long pants.  I guess it was only 8am.  Still kinda chilly out.

 Sophie got the Ipod Touch that she's wanted for 3 years and we don't have WiFi to run it so I had to text Josh Scott and ask him if we could steal his until we got figured out how to get it.  So she can now play with it in the kitchen by the window.  Hahaha!   Shayne got 5 pairs of sensible shoes that she and Sophie went to Payless and bought a month ago at the BOGO sale to use for her mission.  I don't know if you've seen Shayne's collection of high heels but they are awesome.  For her to buy flats, and 5 pair was very impressive.  She also got a new carry-on and a set of sheets a towel, washcloth, robe and purse all very boring but essential for her mission.  Shayne is also NOT a purse person.  She wanted a backpack but Sister Missionaries aren't suppose to wear backpacks.  She was bummed when she heard this.  She also got a great big book of everything on Australia that she couldn't put down.  She loved it all.

Every year we get a puzzle.  This year we try to do it but one of the little kids wrecks it.  This year I said, "Hey, I think we can actually get a puzzle done this year. No little kids."  I was wrong.  We got the card table out and did the edge first, the proper way to start a puzzle, then left to JoEllen's.  When we got back this is what we saw:
Stinkin' Cat! 
 She sat right on it and ruined our whole frame.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas Eve was over at Holly and Brian's house.  It was really nice.  We had dinner and then did our traditional acting out of the Nativity.  Since it was our month to conduct FHE, Joel and I were in charge.  I took all the kids down stairs and got them ready and had Sophie help me shuffle them upstairs when it was their turn to "go on".  It was just as beautiful as ever.  If you've ever done it yourself you know what I mean.   After, we watch a video called The Christmas Mission.  It's one of our favorite.  Then the kids played a white elephant game where you pass the present to the right or left whenever the story tells you to.  It was really cute and they had a great time. 

 On the way home we stopped my the Sullivan's to see Danette's newest decorations.  Aren't they adorable!?!  I love them.  Usually there is a fire going the the wood where Josh is. 

Then we came home to open new pillow and pillowcases from Grandma and Pa Shelton and all the kids got their stuff together to all sleep in Sophie's room together.  We threatened to tied the doorknob of her door to the bathroom door so they couldn't get out but I knew Ben would have an accident in the middle of the night so I did the usual...
 To get back into my room I had to go outside and around to the side door but it's the only way to keep them out until morning.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hiking in the little narrows AKA...Satan's Bumcrack.

This may not look to bad but...Brad is actually pretty close to stuck.  To even get him to look up to get this picture took 30 seconds of wiggling on his part to get his chest over to be able to see where I was.  He is almost laying on the ground right here trying to find a wider spot to fit through.  It was awesome.  I have never been so afraid and proud in my life.  Don't tell Ashley.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sophie's Christmas Concert

Sophie had her Christmas band concert the other night and Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand were able to come.  It was fun to have them there.  

Sophie is the first chair flutist and piccolo.  She has a purple piccolo.  It's awesome.

Mr. Martin is her band teacher and we love him.  He has been teaching for over 35 years and was diagnosed 6 years ago with Parkinson's Disease.  He struggles with trembling in his right hand when he stands and talks to people but when he leads the music he seams to have no trouble at all.  The kids all love him.  Shayne also had him and loves him and I'm sure Josh will too if he doesn't retire soon.  Also, this snow flake was hanging from the ceiling and was around 6 feet tall.  It was AMAZING!  Sophie can make small ones and I told her that next year it is her DUTY to make 3 huge ones for the front yard.  I can't wait!