Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sullivan Family Home Run Derby

A yearly tradition that we've been fortunate to be adopted into.  The Sullivan Family Christmas Day Home Run Derby.  This year Mason won.  Joel never comes close.  I'm pretty sure that's why we get invited.  He's not a threat.  We love this tradition.  The boys ask about it right after we unwrap gifts.  Shayne and Sophie missed it this year because they went to see Les Mis in the movie theatre but Shayne texted me as soon as they got out to see if they had time to run over but we were pretty much done.
David keeping his eye on it.
Ben trying really hard.  I'll let you decide if the ball is coming or going.

 Every year the wives get into it too.  But this year I came really close to tearing my right rotator cuff and have been seeing my chiropractor to rehab it back into place and get it to let go of the tendons and nerves that it had pinched so I couldn't even throw a ball let alone hit one.  And Mandy had a PACEMAKER put in less than a month ago and isn't able to fully move her left arm yet. - Mandy is amazing and that is another blog in and of itself -   So that just left JoEllen represent the girls.  Look how well she did.  In that second picture she is looking off in the distance like, "how far did it go? I can't even find it?"  Because it was in the dirt.  But look at her grace and style.  The tongue sticking out counts for something right?
 And look at cute Matty.  We start them young around here.  JoEllen had a little Spongebob mitt that was perfect for her but she only kept in on for a minute or two.

 We had all the kids and JoEllen hit first and then the derby began.  The first round was 10 outs and the 2nd was 7.  After the first round Mason had 10 home runs and Spencer had 11.  By the end Mason had passed him up and took the coveted Derby Bat.  You can see him holding it in the last picture.  I took these pictures of Kyle and he finished before I realized that they were all butt shots.  So I went around to the other side for the pictures of everyone else.  You can click on any of them to see a bigger picture to see how awesome they all are.  I know you boys will.

 Here are the outfielders.  I must have taken this when JoEllen was hitting because when any of the men where up to bat the boys were usually out beyond the fence to get the home run balls.

 Here is our version of a group picture.  We couldn't get everyone to stop laughing at Matty giving Mason his victory back rub.  It was hilarious and she was so happy to do it.
 This is the real group picture including me, Mandy and the trophy bat.
Another great memory.  Thanks guys!

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