Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sophie's Christmas Concert

Sophie had her Christmas band concert the other night and Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrand were able to come.  It was fun to have them there.  

Sophie is the first chair flutist and piccolo.  She has a purple piccolo.  It's awesome.

Mr. Martin is her band teacher and we love him.  He has been teaching for over 35 years and was diagnosed 6 years ago with Parkinson's Disease.  He struggles with trembling in his right hand when he stands and talks to people but when he leads the music he seams to have no trouble at all.  The kids all love him.  Shayne also had him and loves him and I'm sure Josh will too if he doesn't retire soon.  Also, this snow flake was hanging from the ceiling and was around 6 feet tall.  It was AMAZING!  Sophie can make small ones and I told her that next year it is her DUTY to make 3 huge ones for the front yard.  I can't wait!

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